‘His Name Was George Perry Floyd Jr.’: Prosecution Delivers Closing Argument In Chauvin Trial

During the prosecution’s closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial, attorney Steve Schleicher began by speaking about George Floyd’s life and reminding the jury how he was the victim in this case.
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‘His Name Was George Perry Floyd Jr.’: Prosecution Delivers Closing Argument In Chauvin Trial


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34 thoughts on “‘His Name Was George Perry Floyd Jr.’: Prosecution Delivers Closing Argument In Chauvin Trial

  1. Thats deep!! may the lord have mercy on thst police officer because even in a isolate prison he will pay for it, maybe the same person working in there will make his life miserable, by not giving him what he need or request and he will die slowly like mr floyd or even worse unless he repent and come to God. Karma is real

  2. He was no saint he was a criminal if you are breaking the law and resisting arrest they do this its been done to me and the officer did wrong but I don’t believe this man should be doing life in prison for it I don’t know what this world is coming down to.what are we scared now everything is about one race this is insane all lives matter and we all bleed red it’s one race the human race

  3. O que fosse feio o que se trata de um quero do juízo do juízo não espera o crime e o escândalo de uma juíza ou não esperamos a defesa do que as pessoas a defesa ou a conduta e usando as partes íntimas dela para mim criminal dentro do FBI que eu tenho as duas imagens e as provas para comprovar o senhor e apresentar as provas

  4. Para o senhor entende porque eu busquei o apoio de todo tribunal de os senhores se unir a união de forças dos poderes e caçar e retirar o diploma dessa juíza criminosa que responde ao crime contra

  5. É eu que sou débil mental crime que ela faz e amizade e me acusa junto com o governo é eu o senhores que eu sou crime que a juíza fase de acusa junto com os próprios

  6. Para os senhores vezes para os senhores a juíza senhores dos tribunais de justiça não tomar as providências todos vocês vão cair pela própria responder o crime e o Scan do contra todos

  7. Para afirmar as suas palavras e concretizar a tuas todo esse clima eu pedi as cabeças na mesa como os tribunais e como honra da minha para firmar toda suas palavras pesquisar a medida da honra das suas Luiza me persegue e destrói o próprio tribunal de justiça e meu nome do escândalo que ela representa

  8. Congratulations to all brilliant Prosecutors. Justice is served at last. Kevin Chauvin killed George Floyd like that with no mercy & compassion. Chauvin deserved a guilty verdict. I hope this will serve a lesson for the rest of bad police officers.

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  10. The Only thing Chovuin is mad about is that he didn't get a chance to jump in his bronco and take off😂

    Chovuin had those I'm leaving the country eyes 👀

  11. What does it say about how well Black life has not been protected, when George Floyd's help came from a girl who used her camera under threatened attack by violent Police, because she was recording George Floyd being murdered by Police?
    And she is heart-broken because that was and IS all she could do to help; standing nearby like only watching, when she was powerless to stop Police from murdering George.

    Where are our protectors really? Who are they?
    While we have to protect ourselves and the Government Is attacking us because we are being forced to protect ourselves from our government protectors.

    Yes!!!!!! Ride the coat-tails of this young girls courage. Because Black life is in danger by the lack of protection we have been getting from government lawmakers, cops, and organizations.
    Black people are armed with cameras and under cops threatened attacks. And after using her courage to try and record a true record catching our protectors murdering us.
    Then all the so-called protectors" come out and stand in *front and pretend to act like they did something; besides being caught in the act of failing and attacking us.

    Watch it here they come now!

    If only George Floyd could give thanks to the young girl, and they could be together now and give thanks to The Most High YAH. But George is dead.

  12. Here is an idea, all police just stop responding to calls in black communities and y’all work it out on your own. Totally down to do that and see how it goes 🤣🤣🤣

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