Horror movies ‘still need to be grounded in some kind of reality’: Julia Stiles l ABCNL

ABC News’ Trevor Ault spoke to actress Julia Stiles about the psychological horror film “Orphan: First Kill,” a prequel to the 2009 film “Orphan.”

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30 thoughts on “Horror movies ‘still need to be grounded in some kind of reality’: Julia Stiles l ABCNL

  1. Just watched Julia in the Rivera series she’s such a great actress and loos good still. Mona Lisa Smiles, Save The Last Dance, along with The Prince and Me, are a few of my personal favorite films with Julia. Good interview overall I’ve seen the first, Orphan film now I’ll check then out when I can.

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  3. Horror movies are a condition of a pathological mind, what humans imagine, on some level is created in actuality! Horror movies cause stress, I cannot watch them, they disturb me so much, they would invade my dreams. The Exorcist did me in. And I still see the head pop out of the boat in Jaws.

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  5. There are so many underrated actors and actresses out there that deserve more attention and bigger roles than they’re getting.
    Julia Stiles is one of those people.

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