House managers, Trump defense team debate whether to call witnesses

Witnesses may be subpoenaed to determine former President Trump’s state of mind on Jan.6 amid reports about calls Trump had with GOP lawmakers during the Capitol riot.


Author: Rafael


34 thoughts on “House managers, Trump defense team debate whether to call witnesses

  1. 2 impeachments…. 2 acquittals…… billions of taxpayer money wasted… thousands of government man hours used during "the worst pandemic in a century". And not a peep about how the average american is completely outraged about it but every second of the impeachment process was covered. Great news reporting guys!! Really shows how you care about the average joe!!!

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  3. In Myanmar, Soldiers are shooting to civilians in Myitkyina, Dawei and other cities. They arrest innocent people at night with arms. Please Help Myanmar People, (14 Feb 2021)

  4. Acquitted good bcuz it was base on hatred for President Trump ….those democratic demons will not get away with evil ! No weapon form against him will prosper and every tongue that rise up against him in judgment will be condemned ! Bcuz the demo demons don’t know the word of God it’s going to cost them big time
    Just wait and see … BTW people where’s the stimulus money we were getting so fast when Biden & Camel Kamala took office ? ? ?
    What are they doing about racism against blacks and minorities alike ! Talk about the Capitol being incited what about black people over 400 years??

  5. That word Insurrection has got to go. LOL I wonder who was the first person who thought of that? It took God's people praying to see the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Hallelujah. God promises to stop the wicked and rise up a standard against them just like Moses. President Trump should be Called Moses

  6. Body language looks like he's winging it. No confidence in himself. The pressure is on him. There's a spirit of attitude that the Democrats have that is very did grading like abusers use to abused women. They try to humiliate you degrade you. What happens when we see a man talking to a woman that way.? or anyone? they're not true things that the Democrats Said. I'm so glad that when you got the defense of trump it seems like intelligent news. When the Democrats accusers spoke there was scowling and frustration and clenching. Democrats are dramatic. If it wasn't for this impeachment I would have never known. I hope that people see and open their eyes. What's the real reason you hate Trump? Because he can have control to stop China. No such thing as Unity. Unity sounds like community community sounds like a road to Communism. I feel safe now. So I bet you there's going to be a new virus now should try to teach a lesson and Destroy America by keeping everybody inside. And teachers can't have shots. There should be a court thing about the shot because they're giving all the shots and they're going to say what happens? I think I'll wait if at all. I think I would rather die of the virus then live like I'm in Russia. Jesus said wolves in sheep's clothing. Democrats are calling Trump a wolf. He can't be the bad guy then. Because Jesus said the wolf will be looking like a sheep. make sense?? it's going to be nice watching Mike Lindell to and that poor Jerry Falwell Jr. Hearsay hearsay. Come on. It's like saying your wife is cheating on you. So you going home immediately and you ask her for a divorce. She's trying to explain to you but you don't want to hear it. Is she explains you call the cops on her. You tell the cops to look at how she's acting. Blind guides

  7. this guy shouldn't be an attorney. And you know what you can tell he is Jewish and Jesus Christ loved the Jews he's one of his own. Trump believes in the Bible and Jesus Christ. If God be for us who can be against us. I remember seeing President Trump stand up not say a word and just hold up a King James Bible. That was God moving through him. Moses setting the people free. Pharaoh trying to condemn him. God's judgement and they still retaliated. President Trump was defending himself in righteousness. I'm sure that he will have to watch every single word. It's dangerous. Nobody needs weapons all they have to do is have a Democrat. weapons of mass destruction in their tongues. Like knives the Bible says

  8. This is the first time on ABC News I really believe I was able to see what was really going on. Had it not been for this impeachment I would have never seen that he was innocent. The impeachment was an Enlightenment. If President Trump would have reacted to Biden is disrespectful after he won they would have shish kabob him even more. He just did not want to go to the inaugural nation which is his right. I was going to almost stay a Democrat the rest of my life. The impeachment was a smoke screen. Hunter Biden anyone? It's so obvious to the more evidence Trump head of his innocence the more Biden was announcing more money and fast for the Americans. he needs to go down to Texas because they lost their jobs they have the cleanest oil. It looks like Biden going to make everything a mess but we know that President Trump will be the president again and he'll clean it up real quick. I knew God would come through I didn't doubt it for a minute. Trump did too many things for God. Especially the biggest thing in the world since the first coming of Christ. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. This Is the beginning of the end. The only one that's going to run this world is going to be Jesus Christ and Moses is Paving the way President Trump. Take away the man's title try to strip him with all his dignity by slander and all the six things God hates and seven is an abomination. Real Christians know those verses and the spirit of God would convicted them to realize it. President Trump proved the election was stolen. If it were not so his attorneys would be on trial wake up hearsay Believers with no proof. Do you see how the Democrats lied to you. I was a Democrat until about 4 days ago. I couldn't stand Trump because of everybody that spoke today after the president was acquitted. He's not responsible for hatred. His attitude is totally different than how you portrayed it. Stop trying to brainwash America by giving them your views and put-downs. And people stop believing when people start putting down someone they're usually the one that's great. I never met somebody who was trying to debunk someone unless , they were the real deal!

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