Houston man charged with murder after fatal car crash

Damian West, 21, ran a red light at an intersection in northeast Houston and caused a crash involving five cars, according to police.


Author: Rafael


27 thoughts on “Houston man charged with murder after fatal car crash

  1. Officers nearly killed a PREGNANT WOMAN (JANICE HARPER) in LITTLE ROCK, with Overzealous PIT maneuver.  Give too much leeway and they'll chase for smallest of causes.  Innocent lives should be priority.

  2. If OFFICERS  cause the accident  during HIGH SPEED CHASE THEY TOO should  be subject to SAME CHARGES. Innocent lives don't don't distinguish between CRIMINALS & OFFICERS!!!!

  3. If OFFICERS  cause the accident  during HIGH SPEED CHASE THEY TOO should  be subject to SAME CHARGES. Innocent lives don't don't distinguish between CRIMINALS & OFFICERS.

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  6. The Murder Charge is an act by the Police Department to put all the gravity on the suspect to remove blame from themselves. Any other Department would know it's time to terminate the pursuit.

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  8. Why would you chase a car during rush hour traffic? Simply write down the plate number and pick him up later or on Saturday. All this could have been avoided. Stop trying to one up a person who is driving at that and let things decompress!!!!!

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