How did US near 1 million COVID deaths? l ABC News

More Americans died in two years of the COVID-19 pandemic than in 40 years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.



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24 thoughts on “How did US near 1 million COVID deaths? l ABC News

  1. "If you're responsible for 200,000 deaths, you should no longer be president" -Joe Biden
    1 million deaths under Joe Biden: Crickets

    When do you resign, Joe?

  2. Because all of a sudden noone died from anything but COVID. It's all bullshit trying to make our ignorant president look like he's handling business right

  3. More Americans died from opioids in one year than the whole Vietnam war, nobody cares. No opioid execs have spent one single day in prison.

  4. Step one was disbanding all the people who we spent millions of dollars training to respond to all mass casualty events of all scope and size. These people were trained as a result of our pitiful response to 911.

    Step two was replacing them with a media driven public relations campaign that all politicians followed verbatim.

    Step three was the misuse of science, scientific discovery and the scientific process.

    Step four was hoarding all the n-95 masks

    Step five was telling people that wearing n-95 masks put them at risk of getting covid.

    Step six was telling them that every conceivable mask except the n-95 would keep them safe.

    Step seven was using junk science that was debunked over twenty years ago to convince people that an airborne virus only travels six feet from a host.

    Step eight was telling people to wear masks proven not to protect them from airborne viruses' while standing in the most toxic places imaginable.

    Step nine was never correcting any of this misinformation while blaming the pandemic on everything but this misinformation.

    Step ten was never charging a single person with negligent or intentional mass murder.

  5. Candidate Biden in 2020: I will take care of this. I will end this.
    President Biden in 2021: There is no federal solution.

  6. I’m so tired of people sneezing and coughing without covering their mouth or at least wearing a mask, then they say “Oh I’m not sick” like this don’t yet understand you can have Covid with no symptoms, stop saying “asymptomatic” and explained like you where talking to a baby that YOU still spread the virus if your not having symptoms and if your jabbed you still spread it. These pandemics last 5 years , everyone not wearing a mask 2.5 years in is a absolute moron.

  7. The deaths in the US could have been avoided. The reason we get into this very difficult situation is because the stupid CDC told people to shred the masks in May 2021. This is absolutely crazy because in May 2021, the Biden Administration had just announced they had enough vaccines for every American to take. Before everyone had the time to get vaccinated, the states trashed all pandemic restrictions to allow the virus to spread and mutate. Then we got Delta killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Then we got Omicron BA1, BA2, BA3, ………………that kept on killing. When Omicron first broke out in South Africa and in the UK, the Biden Administration tried to impose travel ban on South Africa but then quickly retracted because the stupid CDC opposed it. After one million deaths, there is still no end in sight. Biden should take full responsibility and step down.

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  9. KMOV Missouri: "The coroner, Brenda Bock, says two of their five deaths related to COVID-19 were people who died of GUNSHOT WOUNDS!"

  10. Really?????

    Even the CDC admitted to meddling with cases. On top of that VAERS shows over 1.100.000 only reported side effects from shots

    Not forgetting that 750.000 die from flu a year in US. Not to mention mainly already ill died from covid and covid deaths count to only 1% death rate per nation

  11. This has to do with the Republican Party mismanagement in the first place going against Joe Biden's mandates look no further than Texas and Florida they have laws against this

  12. We had so many deaths because of Trump. He didn't care about the pandemic. His supporters were also reluctant to wear mask until it started affecting their families. I have a few white neighbors whose mothers and spouses are no longer because of the virus. They refused to wear mask and get vaccinated. They thought this was all bs and well… theyre no longer here.

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