Hundreds arrested after violent Hong Kong protests | ABC News

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports from Hong Kong where police said they arrested over 260 people in one day.

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  1. 一片了解一哥一早舖排治假記者,分析修通例4類人最震,一哥其實仲有絕招未出?CY踢爆反華基金長期資助一個政黨,因國安法急撤退?【假記者與黃NGO特輯】|陳穎欣Joephy Chan|2020.09.23 香港解密

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    財委會終通過1375億防疫抗疫基金撥款 泛民幾乎全數投反對票


    男子警總及跑馬地警署外擲汽油彈及襲警 被判囚四年四個月-20200519-TVB News


    China ambassador tells UK to back off Hong Kong Jul 03 2019

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    Who's behind Hong Kong protests?



    財委會終通過1375億防疫抗疫基金撥款 泛民幾乎全數投反對票

    警方破 TG群組!拘捕 擁有人!Telegram无法再隐藏?

    修例風波:涉煽動暴力 警拘TG群組「開掛之達人」男管理員 – 20200329 香港新聞 on.cc東網

    爆出更多黑幕!收钱影片!高收入呃公屋?鄭麗琼被捕正所謂 先撩者賤「元朗721事情前因后果 」媽寶男林卓廷帶隊挑釁被藤條教育做人 ​

    百人遊行指林卓廷引起721事件 林卓廷反駁是抹黑 – 20200112 – 香港新聞 – 有線新聞 CABLE News ​

    警方破 TG群組!拘捕 擁有人!Telegram无法再隐藏?

    修例風波:涉煽動暴力 警拘TG群組「開掛之達人」男管理員 – 20200329 香港新聞 on.cc東網


    721事件八個月 晚上元朗有人聚集 警方一度施放催淚煙及胡椒噴劑 ​


    721 元朗恐怖事件背後真相

    20190721元朗 2244後直播片段 – 實時同步及整合 ​


  2. So people say western media doesn’t tell the west about democracy fighters killing people but Chinese government doesn’t tell its people about tianiman square

  3. The arrested rioters should be sentenced to at least 100 years in jail,
    with no chance of early release , for causing so much problems for Hong
    I hope Martin lee and Jimmy Lai get arrested and then sentenced to life
    in prison or executed so that peace can return to Hong Kong

  4. They call the protesters "dangerous"
    But in reality it's the police state and capitalist economies that's the true danger by killing the people of Hong Kong slowly and directly with gunshots

  5. Foreign forces interfering, that means we will kill our own and you if u get involved they said that loud and clear !! That’s a threat !

  6. Thanks Carrie, not only have you negociated with China, but you're also risking the freedom of the independence of Hong Kong too.

  7. See the thing is is that if you were paining attention at 1 minute 50 seconds the gouvernment supporter was burned alive. The people need to stop hurting each other and focus on it's leaders IF they're going to do violence. And if they're doing violence, it needs to be organized so they can set up a better government. Don't get me wrong, I don't support the violence of the protesters, but I also don't support the violence of the government. I think that they need to take out the leaders in charge and put in new leaders that will make China a more free nation. This obviously will need to happen after this coronavirus os taken car of. One thing at a time. But the people of China can still take steps. I think they just need to not hurt regular citizens who just happen to support the leaders, because then their no better than the leaders them selves. That just what I have to say, not like anyone cares or anything. Especially since I'm not even from China, or even that entire continuant.

  8. It's pretty sad to see that the chinese really think the media is trusted in the west. Westerners don't blindly trust the media, except for the older generarions. A man got set on fire, by who? Not hong kong but some kids, two completely defferent things. A person or group of people don't represent the rest, and how do you expect justice to be done in hong kong in its current state. Also it does't matter what hong kong does, what matters is why. Hong kong doesn't trust china's government, and the rest of the world understands why. All this hatred for hong kong does nothing but make things worse. Why are chinese people using an app china baned in the first place. How about you get the freedom of expression and speach in your country before giving your opinion.

  9. Chief Executive] Carrie Lam just doesn't listen to the Hong Kong people We've come out so many times and they don't listen and make this situation worse."
    As we all know Hong Kong will never be the same again with you Carrie Lam on the job and i think it's best to step down
    and let the Hong Kong people put the city back together i was wondering whats going to happen next . I think it's time to say good night and don't come back please the H K people can't take any more

  10. US strongly condemns HK commie puppet gov and commie police dogs' brutality as its report below. US should send warships to rescue the front line freedom fighters in HK.
    美國國會及行政當局中國委員會 2020 Jan 8日 發表2019度報告


    報告又批評港府「秋後算帳」,起訴9名參與2014年佔領(雨傘運動) 的人士,其中「佔中三子」的戴耀廷、陳健民、及立法會議員邵家臻和社會民主連線成員黃浩銘被判刑入獄。報告並將仍在獄中的中文大學教授陳健民列入關注的政治犯案例,成為報告的首位香港政治犯。

    The 1.4 billion selfish, no-guts, timid, stupid slaves of china criminal party have to be fully responsible in letting the inhumane, barbaric, corrupted china criminal party exist for 70 years!!

  11. Stupid comment of protester on police violence, the reason why they (protesters) become violent.
    The police is suppose to be violent to make people submit to law and order.
    This is what men do to tame animals.

  12. Protester in HK is a joke, they murdered people and used violent way to against police. if they happened in US or EU, Police will shoot them for sure… HK police is nice to them!

  13. Im surprised the chief executive who made all this mess in the first place is still there. She should be ashamed of her self not only did she created angry kids and thinks that they have no say on the city but her statement doesnt really care about HK people wether pro-tester, pro-gov, or pro-lice. Her future is very dark.

  14. Who is building an extreme dictatorship in Hong Kong? Answer is not our chief Madam Carrie Lam and not the Hong Kong Police Force and of cause not the central government. Then Who?
    I am a Hongkonger, and my whole family live in Hong Kong for more than 100 years. Listen, I urge people around the world stop calling those rioters or mobs to be protesters, they are not protesters. In fact, they are mobs or rioters, majority of protesters were paid to protest, and some of them are being brainwashed, the foreign force uses cult’s steps and drugs to brainwash them. They were committing a lot of crimes in Hong Kong on daily basis. Plenty of evidences shown the foreign force supports those rioters to commit crimes in HK every day. Those so called protesters burned a man alive, killed a 70 yrs old man who was cleaning the mess of the blocked road those so called protesters made, beat up a pregnant woman, pull a taxi driver out from his taxi, stole the taxi driver’ money and stole his high end watch, beat up the taxi driver until he lost conscious and beat up a lot of ordinary Hong Kong people until they lost their conscious just because they had different political views from them, beat up a banker just because he said “We are all Chinese people”. Those so called protesters beat up an actress. Those so called protesters attacked police officers with iron bar, hammers, arrows and more than fifty thousand petrol bombs. Those so called protesters used chemicals weapons. Those so called protesters destroyed public facilities, subway/underground/MTR, banks, shops, cars, restaurants almost every single day. Those so called protesters blocked our airport and harassed tourists. Those so called protesters blocked roads every single day. Those so called protesters beat up university’s students and genuine reporters. Those so called protesters occupied two universities. Those so called protesters stole the SD cards from the genuine reporters. Those so called protesters bullied youths and children at school every single day. Those so called protesters raped youths. Those so called protesters are doxxing Hong Kong ordinary people’s privacy. Those so called protesters hacked bank. Those so called protesters harassed more than seven millions Hong Kong people every single day. Those so called protesters spread misinformation and misleading news every day. Those so called protesters disguised reporters and to be the barrier stood between those so called protesters and police officers during protest. Those so called protesters harassed and beat up Hong Kong aboriginals, women and elderly. Those so called protesters tried to poison the resevoir. I can’t reiterate enough how horrible those so called protesters actually did. People should stop calling them protesters. They were not fighting for freedom or democracy. In fact that majority of them were paid to protest and held foreign flags and they use cult’s steps and drugs to instigate the youths and children to go protest without their parents’ consent. Majority of medias keep silent and offer their dirty helping hands to spread misleading news. Tell the truth! 群魔亂舞、妖氣冲天、人神共憤!!!
    Hong Kong has freedom, and democracy. And before the unrest, Hong Kong was a peaceful place. Before the unrest of Hong Kong, our unemployment rate was 2.8%, according to the enconomics, 2.8% is a friction rate, it mean fully employment. And the rating of S&P was AA+. However, those so called protesters and their spirit leaders, the foreign force are currently depriving more than seven millions Hong Kong ordinary people’s freedom, joy and democracy every single day. And those so called protesters are promoting dictatorship in Hong Kong. In some extents, Those so called protesters and the foreign force are building up an extreme dictatorship in Hong Kong.
    I wonder is there an organization called Human Right in the world? If yes, what are they doing? And are we living in 21st century?!
    If you think you are not bothered as this unrest is far away from you. I can sure to tell you that these separatists/rioters are all around the world and they are betraying all the people in this planet. It is true and it is sad.

  15. Its so damn sad to see people believing a old actor and a 'ghost protester' we call
    Think about it please
    Fire proof hair?

  16. 2:07 "we are so angry about police brutality"
    Saying so while destryong the whole city.

    Go to USA young lady, if you really love democracy so much, you will be shot multiple times already by the cops from the so-called democratic country

  17. Rats kills innocent is democracy, police already very lenient, yet is called brutality, stop going schools, brains flooded with sewage water, probably also smells too much western farts.. 5 demands? Lol bunch of jokers

  18. I stand with the hongkong people no matter which side you guys are on. Hope hongkong finds its way to a better community.
    P.S. the violence in protests does not mean the protest itself is wrong. period.

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