Hundreds of people defy Miami Beach curfew orders

The city has now extended the restrictions for at least 3 weeks.



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33 thoughts on “Hundreds of people defy Miami Beach curfew orders

  1. Cheap airline tickets brings out the ignorant poor! I work in airport so I see it first hand. Pandemic hit airlines hard, so they trying to stay in business offering these cheap flights and every dummy and they cousin can fly now! Attention walmart customers, Buy 1 airline ticket get 4 free…..

  2. Like Steve Schmidt says and countless others like Bob Woodward and Robert Reich it only took 3 Million people to die Worldwide and 2 impeachments and a Terrorist Riot attack on are Homeland and Democracy and 550,,000 dead now in America since his most deadliest words in History on memorial day Let's Just Open it up pack in the churches and bars and fill the Beaches full of people that sent are Country to Great Depression Levels haven't seen in 120 years after his own CDC and World Health Organization and Fauci told him not to or it would be suicide for America and the World in 6 months and make us vunerable for the second wave of coronavirus that hit in November after he lost the election he rather focus on that than America and it's People and then family Generations were wiped out for the holidays in the fastest time in history that's killed more Americans than Hitler did the whole WW2 and changed are way of life forever specially the first Christmas in history having to where masks and social distancine from each other and even after that this Pandemic is still pushing are hospitals and resources to the breaking point and a new Deadlier Strain unleashed that's killing americans at 30 people an hour and no end in sight just more bodies piling up for the biggest Failure and National Embarrassment in History Donald The Coward Virus Trump

  3. Trump = Modern Health Economic Housing Catastrophe and Racism , Hate Divided Nation Bogus Conspiracies Bribery Lies Constitutional law breaker American Genocide almost a million dead now since that memorial day of 2020 when his own CDC and World Health Organization told him not to it would be suicide for America in 6 months in catastrophic ways never seen before in are Lifetimes and his Criminal Empire that stretches across the globe to Russia

  4. Between Trump's brainwashed people who don't wear masks and social distancine and congragate in massive crowds doing the wrong thing every time and this new deadly strain you wonder why history keeps repeating itself over and over again with the same results unfortunately

  5. Trump = Modern Catastrophe Racism hate Divided Nation Bogus Conspiracies Bribery Lies Constitutional law breaker Modern American Genocide and Criminal Empire

  6. Unfortunately in the year 2021 We keep never learning from are past catastrophic mistakes Just think people the what all these catastrophic events in history stood for from slavery to civil war to ww2 and holocaust to JFK and Vietnam to cold war to the biggest nuclear disaster in history Chernobyl to the fall of the Soviet Union to the 2 secret Genonides of Rawanda and Bosnia all the way 911 and the second worst nuclear meltdown in the world again Fukushima more past swept under the rug that effect us all in ways incomprehensible them the 2 most costliest war disasters of the 21 first century like iraq and afghanistan to isis to covid-19 now to come together and fight the evil and make a promising future for mankind how can we keep doing that if we fight each other over stupid bogus conspiracies made up to seperate us and make us more divided and hating each other for not wearing a mask a couple hours a day and social distancing to make America great again

  7. These youngsters in the US, man ! I swear to God, these young people and this new generation is the worst thing that ever happened to the United States.
    And this is why the COVID cases in the entire US keeps going up, 'cause they just don't care. They only care about their one-night stand drinking party.
    They risk their lives and their future over few nights of drinking and creating chaos and mayhem…pathetic people !

  8. You mean the people who voted biden are now doing exactly what trump supporters were doing?! Lmao as long as they get what they want, I guess we’re all safe.

  9. So I can’t walk outside without a mask , but I can race to go get vaccinated 👀 ? Once I get this shot I can give hugs 🤗? , but I can’t walk on the beach or on the strip. This mess is out of hand people better wake up. No I’m not wearing a mask outside in Florida heat slowly messing up my respiratory because a mask is suffocating all of my organs.

  10. Only 9% "positive" after a year? That's a pretty weak virus. The "superspreader events" touted by the media are 'way overblown. Where is the data? Every time there is a crowd situation, we are told there will be more contagion, but where are the studies after the fact? What ever happened to the much glorified "contact tracing"? Give us names, dates, numbers. You can't. There aren't any. It's all a hype. Shut up about "The Virus"!

  11. Mark of the Beast New World Order
    The Devil runs this world and getting worse
    2 Tim 3:1-5 In the Last days there will be difficult times. People will be selfish, greedy, cruel, violent, uncompassionate, no remorse/conscious, ungodly, hypocritical, etc.

  12. Miami now has the highest covid cases? They have the highest covid cases where ever they want them to be that week, because it is all bullshit,

  13. These people don't respect other people's families that have suffered and died and that's why we will hit a million dead by memorial day maybe even faster if the 3rd wave in europe gets invited by people like this that have already spread it around the country the last 2 weeks between airplanes and spring break bullshit following the old polices of the last president from last memorial day when he decided it would be a great idea to open the country in the middle of the worst pandemic in Modern History and let a quarter of Million people die in the next 6 months due to lies bogus conspiracies that brainwashed these type of people to do the wrong thing for so long endangering the rest of America along with it I mean even Trump's own CDC and World Health Organization and Fauci told him it would be a catastrophic Health Economic Housing mess if he opened on memorial day and he still didn't listen because he thought he knew more than scientist and the most experienced veterans of the world health organization and this is another reason why we're still dealing with the catastrophic leftover damage done last year that Biden and The American People have to clean up now plus also dealing with the new threats coming like the 3 rd wave in europe decimating the there population and causing there Health Economic Housing Crisis again on top of everything else they've been through to which once again last year italy a 3rd of there people were wiped out then what followed was us getting the same thing but on a bigger scale so all this adds up to one people is that in order not repeat the same thing over and over again and expect different results we have to correct the biggest problem today with the whole USA and it's People all have to do the right thing in order for it to work or the result will be catastrophic again in 2021

  14. Here We Go Again People half of the country doing the wrong thing for the rest of us defeats the whole purpose of the vaccines defenses working for everyone specially when they can't respect there fellow neighbor enough for the whole USA to get better and finally defeat this once and for all instead we keep fuking everything up the moment it starts getting better never really giving it a chance to really work the right way

  15. Armen and armond morad glendale pd thats why all my friends kept their mouth shut. Cause they got jobs as a police officers. Thanks to armenian cop joe and gamber and vartan and vargez and nazari. AP became lapd and not one of them has balls to tell the truth nothing but truth. About the torcher they put my daughters through. 10 years still have not found them.

  16. I pray armenians get treated the way 10 million armenians treated my daughter Yvette arzmanians and sister nathalie madadi and brother benji kane and mother jessica kane . and my name is artin arzmanians. Vs 10 million armenians . 10 years of v2k. Nero remote monoter. Gang stock. By 10 million Armenians. Ttuth nothing but truth sevan madadian 8 drug sales case dismissed the chief of ca

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