Hurricane Fiona gains strength after devastating Puerto Rico l GMA

The major storm, which is now a Category 3 hurricane, has left more than 90% of people without power and 60% without running water.

Hurricane Fiona updates:


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  5. I feel so so so bad. Is there any reason Why he said in the beginning… “ more than 90 % of customers are without water” ?! ( 0:200:23 ) THEY ARE INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO NEED OUR HELP! 🥺🙏🏼👼🏼🤍

  6. Maybe the crooked Government will get the pallets of water off of the airport runways!!!!! Let all of the past donations ROT on the runway!!! Watch the money now! They did this to their own people by mismanagement of infrastructure funds WAYYYYYYY back this started! Its so sad for the beautiful people of Puerto Rico. Heart BREAKING and was avoidable!

  7. Hey billionaires, I have suggested this problem solving solution. Build cargo ships and place them around the world. Fill these ships with shelters, fuel, water purifiers, generators, food, medical supplies. These ships start to travel to stricken areas from storms or natural disasters. 12 billionaires I think could save hundreds of lives each year

  8. My dad is on way he' goes in as a first responder but after the local first responders get it clear for them to land the FeMA crews. God be with all of you.

  9. Thank you for not pulling in Anderson Cooper and standing in what appeared to be deep water that lost my respect for that man that broadcast and that hurricane a few years ago

  10. Fort lauderdale welcomes anyone from pr who wants to move here. Then island is only going to get hit more..time to.move out. Come to Florida!!! Fort Lauderdale is amazing.and we can accommodate all of you!!!

  11. I have to ask. Who writes these things? Why did he need to say US territories govenor? Everything is so political, no wonder there is zero trust in the media.

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