Hurricane Fiona strengthens to Category 3

Hurricane Fiona has strengthened to a Category 3 and pounded Turks and Caicos with dangerous winds and flooding.


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29 thoughts on “Hurricane Fiona strengthens to Category 3

  1. There are hurricanes and other disasters in the USA and all over the world. It is part of being at expense of nature. Hope everything goes back to normal soon!

  2. Wanna know the news before the news❓Some good sources: Words of hope, joy, redemption, truth and encouragement:
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  4. Stay Safe guys. After Bermuda, it will move up to Canada and near Greenland.

    Sad Fact: In Puerto Rico, Construction was still going on due to Hurricane Maria 5 years ago, and all that construction that was going on was destroyed again

  5. i m betting that this storm is of historical proportions, the biggest, most powerful storm to ever be on the planet earth, with epic rainfall never seen before. powerful winds comin' at ya 100's of mph……..billions of people will be directly affected totally due to……..wait for it………..climate change!!!!!!!……..yeah that's the ticket…….climate change…..right abc???……….

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