‘I strongly believe (Atlanta shootings were) a hate crime’: Rep. Judy Chu | ABC News

Martha Raddatz interviews Rep. Judy Chu, D-Calif., on “This Week.”

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37 thoughts on “‘I strongly believe (Atlanta shootings were) a hate crime’: Rep. Judy Chu | ABC News

  1. Judy Chu needs to do something about the Asian community, especially the HATE-CRIME and RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. It is in your hands now.

  2. You is lying I don't see no Asians getting beat up matter fact I don't even see Asians where do they live because they don't live by the black community and I know I never been in the Asian Community a day in my life and I'm from Detroit Michigan we're not the ones attacking y'all I don't see a lot of black people attacking Asians and I've been all over this country but I see Asian people attacking black people God not talking about that time when that Asian woman killed that little girl Natasha for just trying to buy soda and they talkin about sit down and have a talk with the Asian community we don't even see you people but at the beauty salon in the Chinese restaurant Chinese people don't hang in the black community like I said they don't even live nowhere near us they live in the White Community

  3. So, he murdered the Asian Americans because he supposedly hates Asians.
    If he didn't HATE the other 2 people he murdered, those sentences will be lesser.
    Makes perfect sense.

  4. I'm sick of the so called news and it's bashing of whites, violence against anyone isn't good but as far as the Atlanta case the man himself said he did it because of his sex addiction, nothing to do with any of the victims races, yet the so called news say, "A white man murdered Asians because of President Trump calling the virus the China virus and because of white supremacy" attacks against Asians are mostly black on Asian crime yet you hear nothing of that in this pandering world of biased news. I don't know one white person who hates or wants to hurt Asians, or anyone for that matter, only sick and hateful individuals want to hurt others, especially if they think the victim is weaker. STOP THE HATE, STOP THE RACIST WHITE NARRATIVE OR THE DIVISION WILL BECOME BIGGER THAN IT HAS BEEN IN 200 YEARS.

  5. This is some of the most terrible journalism I have ever seen. In Raddatz’s interview with Chu, she starts off with the acknowledgment that there is NO direct evidence of a hate crime as yet. Maybe there will be later, but so far, no. In fact, the killer has stated that his motive was sex-addiction, not race. This interview should have stopped here. But Raddatz then asks the great criminal mind Chu if she BELIEVES it was , in fact, a hate crime. Chu responds, oh yes. In fact, Chu “strongly believes” this was a racial hate crime. What is the evidence? Well, he was white. And there you have it. The standard critical race theory trope that whites are always the evil ones, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. RAcial guilt. Goebbels would have been so proud to hear that his theories have triumphed. Chu does throw in the red-herring argument that the perp could’ve gone to other massage parlors if he wanted to punish his temptors. But there could be a thousand reasons unrelated to race that he went to these particular Asian parlors and not others, such as familiarity with these establishments and unfamiliarity with others. Let’s see what else big-time t.v. News did to spin hatred of whites: QUESTION: In cases of crimes committed against Asians, which race commits most of them, by a huge majority? According to the FBI, most are Black-on-Asian, not white on Asian. Does Raddatz mention this? NO. My conclusion based on this report is that you are a left-wing propaganda ministry committed to woke spin, not a news organization. By the way, I totally support Chu’s legislation. I totally back her. But in order to work, everyone needs to remove the false narratives. You say you are about getting rid of hate. But this is the new systemic racism of the left. Martha, you are better than this. If you really are a reporter, be honest, not a partisan hack.
    Balls and strikes Martha. —Allen Salzman

  6. I call bull Cr.. How many different shooting has happened in us and nobody yells hate crime. All this stuff crazy. Americans have their places shoot up blowed up . Hate crime hate crime on white people For crying out loud we don’t hate you people. Yr the ones that hate US .

  7. You're an uncouth racebaiting douchebag. You don't deserve to be in office or receiving the people's money. You're an embarrassment same with ABC News NBC News CBS News CNN MSNBC all you douchebags and embarrassment to our country

  8. It doesn't matter what you believe, mam- it matters what the facts are. how about we address how there are apparently "too many" asians and whites at certain universities? THAT'S not discrimination?? 🤔

  9. Asian Massage Parlors Notorious AKA SEX PARLORS. Those women knew the risk in one! Just like street hookers in the 80's many got murder the same way but not by guns. Sicko even went further to buried the bodies in the back yards. Research real news and you know ! Same stories just different victims! Guy paid for sex and want a refund. Paid for sex is top dollars !

  10. Do your research Lady! The sin of "Asian Massage Parlors Notorious AKA SEX PARLORS , SEX TRAFFICKING OF ASIAN WOMEN, MURDER OF ASIAN WOMEN by the massage pimp in the shop. use drugs to keep those sex slave from running away, all done by parlors owners themself. Stop the cover up of the sins behind the Business!

  11. I can't believe that anyone would harm these women, they good people 😕 it really upsetting that this crazy guy could do this.may the fullest extent of the law,God bless 🙏 ,the families who lost a loved one 🙏

  12. The AAPI community is being assaulted by the Black American Community. Until a White man assaults someone no one is interested???? The Democrats will never allow a crisis get away. Anyone who thinks that Trump calling the the Virus the "China Virus" is the cause of increased violence is a FOOL. The Problem with the new bills from the congress is that the fine print is what will destroy the country….

  13. Stop the racist rhetoric, racially based attacks and crimes against innocent law abiding people and innuendoes in America. Racism in any form is totally wrong and a sign of ignorance.

  14. First, Trump’s rhetoric from his life before his entrance brought mountains of shame upon America prior to his nomination. His ignorant language and jesters during his presidency rallies was appalling. After his election, his negative speeches, innuendos, racist language and tweets incited more WS hate, fear and violence, police violence against minorities and peaceful protesters, delusional mindsets, and an apocalyptic atmosphere throughout America. He lost the election and began inciting .an attempted coup! Now he’s attempting to start his own Trump platform, (probably truthfully aTrump-Putin media platform). When will America stop Trump from verbally dragging Americans to the pits of Hell?

  15. I agree stop the hate. That serial killer brought of a valid point tho. Is it legal for a massage therapist to do sexual favors? Its a coincidence that most massage therapy is done by Asians but call it ALL out. Same with other oxymoron cultures in the black and white communities. If you want hate to stop, clean the inside of their own cup as well as the outside.

  16. While anti-Asian violence is real, blaming the labels ''China virus'' and/or the ''Wuhan virus'' is specious at best. Labeling a virus after its believed origin is nothing new…the Spanish flu, the Hong Kong flu, the Asian flu, etc. Given that new strains of the virus (the ''Brazilian'' variant, the ''South African'' variant, and many more likely to emerge) are still being named after countries of origin, as per this tradition. Had Judy Chu done her homework, she would have learned that
    ''spas'' that are fronts for prostitution, including the 3 in the Georgia attack, advertise their services (and are user rated) online in sites like RugMap, and nearly all are Asian owned and Asian operated, most predominately in, but not limited to, Georgia and Florida. Chu's labeling of this murderous attack as a ''hate crime'' against Asians is a disservice to Asians who have been harassed or attacked simply based on race or ethnicity. Her pushing of this narrative has a distinctly partisan political slant.

  17. It was a sick revenge crime- not a hate crime. The guy also killed two white people, or a white and a hispanic. He targeted the places he went to and killed the management. This woman is pushing liberal hate violence. Total bullshit.

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