If abortion protections don’t pass, ‘we march straight to the ballot box’: Klobuchar | ABC News

Martha Raddatz interviews Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., on “This Week.”

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41 thoughts on “If abortion protections don’t pass, ‘we march straight to the ballot box’: Klobuchar | ABC News

  1. Are you not paying attention to the polls? No one likes democraps or any of their policies. You guys are fucked and it's glorious to watch !!!!!

  2. Regardless of how I feel personally, she is really full of crap.1) she says "my body my choice" and that "ted cruz" shouldnt be making health-body decisions but is leading the dem fight for politicians to make abortion legal which directly conflicts with what she just said, that politicians should stay out of it! 2) polticians cant be involved between a doctor and patient but has no problem on any covid mandate stemming out of political decisions! WHICH IS IT, AMY? You want it one way when its something you want, and another ways when its something someone else wants! 3) she has no respect for SC and wants to disregard it if it doesnt suit her purpose 4) she is ignoring what the decision is even about, that STATES get to make the decisions for themselves and there is nothing wrong with that since the Const doesnt involve itself with abortion. Abortion will still be legal in half the states so why are people so uppity and treating this like a national ban on abortion?

  3. Huh. People who didn't want to wear masks were called vigilanties, because they didn't want others making decisons about their body.

  4. A tumor is a lump of cells. A tapeworm is a parasite. If there's a heartbeat, there's a life. The woman provides the nutrition and sustenance, but that fetus has his/her unique DNA. When is the soul formed? That's what I want to know.

  5. “Isn’t this just reflecting the views of the majority of people in that state?” Yea, and look how well it worked out with slavery and civil rights before the feds stepped in

  6. The economy is strong and we the people can't make a change and make it better for a better future for everyone in the United States and other's …..yes everything is going up and we trying to make thing so down and gas prices going up and many other things going up and if I say send time more oil to lower gas prices and start forcing on supply chain and make it batter and the problems what's going on with them and I know Republicans don't want to help but I don't care but we the people can't make it and change it and make it batter if we willing to push are selfs to succeed in life and others to keep going and evolving to make a better future for everyone …we will not give up and keep going and keep punishing everyone who do wrong to people and others and anyone who thinks they above the law will get punished and to the ones who help them will get punished in all counts and anyone who follow them…
    No matter what one will stand up for all and stand for all for the truth and punish the bad and bring the truth to the ones who can't speak but can be heard and learn they ain't alone and everyone is with everyone if they willing to see it ..

  7. If stopping a beating heart or stopping a functioning brain is a form of birth control, than why don't these women just abort their own life before getting pregnant?
    One and done, I always say.

  8. If “75% of the people agree with us” on pro abortion then what’s the big deal with giving the decision back to the people of each state to vote on? Seems like 75% would keep abortion legal.

    Also extreme republicans? You mean as liberals are outside the Supreme Court and the supreme justices homes protesting trying to change their decision which… is against the law lmao

  9. Does anyone understand that The decision by the Supreme Court does not outlaw or ban abortions in any way ,shape, or form? All it will do is make each state decide what they want to do and let the voters of each state decide what is best. Where did they get this conspiracy theory lie that it would ban it ?

  10. So you talk about a patch work of laws. It's funny there are tons of laws that are different in many states. That's what draws people to states. So I say move to that state if you like there laws more. Some states have more taxes. So should we go after all laws that are different or just the ones that you find working to your narrative. Lets see which states do better pro life or pro death, 10 years from now..

  11. 2,000,000,000,000  Two billion ~ with a B ~ people are missing from this earth since Russia was the first nation to legalize abortion in 1920. That's an entire civilization, not including their progeny. And that's only those documented. The Bolshevik  revolution legalized no-fault divorce in 1917, then abortion for the sake of "women's healthcare" three years later. These two detriments to the family came to America in 1969 and 1973. In 1857 Dred Scott v Sanford (7-2) declared that SLAVES aren't persons. In 1973 Roe v Wade (7-2) declared UNBORN CHILDREN aren't persons.  Dred Scott is universally condemned as one of the most unjust and poorly reasoned decisions in Supreme Court history. Both of these decisions by SCOTUS relied heavily on non-legal arguments and read nearly identical. In 1868 the 14th Amendment overturned the Dred Scott decision. In 1973 the Roe decision denied 14th amendment equal protections rights to millions of human beings. The right to life is the most important civil right of all. Without it all others are meaningless because if one life can be devalued all life can. Abortion sends the message to children they were at one time considered disposable and a Mother's love is not unconditional.

  12. Anyone who supports Planned Parenthood supports RACISM, there original plan was to abort all black babies. So if you support them your a Racist.

  13. March straight to the ballot? Typical democrat… even now gop states are castrating voting rights. The dems have lost opportunities… all they do is talk talk talk while the gop is act act act.

  14. If abortion is overturned the next will be birth control and plan B. Married men get your lives together!!! What you do in the dark will come to light 😏😂😂😂

  15. NEWSFLASH: Overturning Roe v. Wade is NOT about abortion, it is NOT pro-life. It is the OLIGARCHS yet again creating DISTRACTION AND UPHEAVAL so they can keep CONTROL of "we the people," brought to you, of course, by your ever enlightened GOP. The greatest upheaval since the Vietnam War. It, like THE VW, is CREATED and intended to SLAP YOU DOWN, PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE, SHOW YOU WHO THE BOSS IS. (Pro-lifer's, it AIN'T about you.) Pro-lifers, you are just the convenient pawn. AND IT IS WORKING, isn't it. Creating UPHEAVAL. BRILLIANT, isn't it? Think about it. Overturning R v. W is the SUPREME (excuse the word) distraction from the REAL issues in America. Like wealth inequity and wage inequity. You heard me right, "inequity" not "inequality". Lets be clear. It is about FAIRNESS; it is NOT about "equality". ALL THE OTHER PROBLEMS would fade into the background, and would be handled, if THAT were corrected.

  16. Find and punish the leaker or fire ALL court clerk's immediately. Refusing to accept the law even before it's written and intimidating Justices at their homes is what truly endangers democracy.

  17. Insanity of the left and the right:

    Left: My body, my choice! Except for COVID-19-related mandates; restrictions on freedom and privacy resulting in extreme hardship are necessary to protect innocent lives and society! No, I don’t see any contradictions in my position. It’s basic morality and science!

    Right: My body, my choice! Except for abortion-related prohibitions; restrictions on freedom and privacy resulting in extreme hardship are necessary to protect innocent lives and society! No, I don’t see any contradictions in my position. It’s basic morality and science!

  18. Whichever liberal fool thought it would be so cute and so funny to leak something that came from the Supreme Court, can you live with what you did because this isn’t about any “abortion protections or rights”, this is an abuse of power coming from your base not republicans or better yet… I already know these liberal fools will say:

    “But if this was republicans targeting liberals, we would have the liberal media of ABC, CNN and NBC”… and I would say really?

    To bring it back straight forward, this liberal foolish leaker who thought it would be funny to leak, well when we catch you and arrest you, hopefully the inside of a jail cell will be way better than your law office

  19. This business of full term and partial birth abortions in my opinion is right up there with Putin. I see it as cave man like. Pure evil and something a modern society should be absolutely ashamed of. And that’s my view!!

  20. The abortion issue should be based on science. Medical science has determined that life begins at the moment of fertilization. At that moment all 46 human chromosomes are present. So when you abort after that point, you have ended a human life. That is a scientific fact. Also, it is incorrect to say My Body My Choice. The baby inside a mother is not part of the mother's body, it is a separate human being with a separate heart, brain, nervous system etc. The baby temporarily resides there connected with a temporary umbilical cord for 9 months. But it is not part of a woman's body. Please change your signage.

  21. Only reason this is brought up now is to sway votes because dumbocrats have nothing else absolutely nothing double cost of food double gas double electric rents out of site war on the edge but hey let's bring up 50 year old law for christ sakes these ppl are fking sick

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