Indianapolis Police Hold Briefing On Mass Shooting At FedEx Facility | NBC News

Watch live coverage as the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department holds a briefing on the mass shooting at a FedEx facility where eight people were killed. The gunman also killed himself at the scene.

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Live: Indianapolis Police Hold Briefing On Mass Shooting At FedEx Facility | NBC News


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20 thoughts on “Indianapolis Police Hold Briefing On Mass Shooting At FedEx Facility | NBC News

  1. Americans only have freedoms because they are guaranteed and guarded by our Constitution. Our Constitution is guaranteed and guarded by the citizens, and their ability to do so is guaranteed and protected by the 2nd Amendment.

    Our Founding Fathers knew that the Constitution would be only words on paper without the citizens' right and ability to defend and enforce it. The primary purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that the government could never take away the rights and freedoms of its citizens. Some of you need to look up the definition of "infringe". Your 2nd Amendment rights have been violated for many years already, and the leftist traitors are trying to take it away altogether.

    If we lose the 2nd Amendment the Constitution becomes powerless and empty like the constitutions of so many failed nations before. That is what our founders saw happening to others, and they fought, bled, and died to give us the means to guarantee our freedoms and Constitution forever. They gave us the 2nd Amendment.

    "Liberty or Death"
    -John Hancock
    (The man who defied a tyrant king against all odds in order to give life and freedom to a nation we now take for granted).

  2. "The scourge of gun violence" that we definitely can't do anything about legislatively. Why is America curse with this UNSOLVABLE problem?

  3. Biden Baal n Molech god wants lives..
    Under Biden USA like in a curse..they are part of many shooting were there under Trump..
    The dems pushing this for gun control…

    Seems like our options are "prevent it" before it happens, and "stopping it" the instant it does!

    Article from the AP
    — The former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis legally purchased the two assault rifles used in the attack despite red flag laws designed to prevent that, police said. A trace of the two guns found by investigators at the scene revealed that suspect Brandon Scott Hole, 19, of Indianapolis, legally bought the rifles in July and September of last year, officials with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Saturday.

    So since the shooter purchased the guns legally, you will never pass a law that will predict what someone might do with a firearm. Some lawmakers purpose a blanket ban on certain kinds of firearms from everyone good or bad. Laws like this that restrict or ban access to these firearms from people who are neither incline nor determined to use them unlawfully accomplishes absolutely NOTHING. For 31 years, gun free zones have claimed the lives of far too many people. The duration of any mass shooting is dependent on how fast you can get bullets into the bad guy from an armed counter response. It does not matter if that armed response comes from the police, security, or armed civilians.


  5. Such a threat confiscated his shotgun bc not trying to ban them but let him keep his AR. Bidun thinks all u need is 2shot shotgun bc hunting ducks u only use 3shots but ducks never do 4armed home invasions

  6. I urge police not to identify people by colors in a crayon box. We are so much more alike than further Covid separation by adding color labeling. Color labeling people is inhuman. Humans are not shades on the color wheel. Color labeling will end humanity.

  7. People are looking for a leader who understands each one of us who will come before us and help us all feel life is okay, and will return to an even better calm. People are separated due to Covid distancing. Add to that, we are being TOLD we hate each other by politicians and media. Fear is fuel. People are so confused they lash out uncharacteristically, especially people who have pre-existing struggles. Someone needs to rise up to lead and comfort the population. A leader..

  8. Brandon Scott Hall's dream road accident and 5 dead bodies. Why is there an accident in Russia? The police don't care if he killed himself or had an accident. 1 day and 5 corpses or USA 1 day and 8 corpses. Brandon could have run over 8 people with a car. Work for me in a FedEx warehouse. I can't have any money for the road, etc. A 19-year-old kid replaced me and worked and died. Half of the earnings are mine. 30 years old, a man gave a job and money to a kid is a pity. Half or no money and no job. The work is accurate my 8 corpses 2021.There is no forecast and no rescue of 5 or 8 corpses.

  9. Thanks for the Democrats creating these kinds of people breeding them and trying to make all these gun-free zones where people cannot protect themselves against crazy people this is the real world people Democrats are breaking the laws of our country you have the right to protect yourself against crazies

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