Inside A Florida Hospital During Nationwide Covid Surge

As Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths rise across the country, NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez goes inside UF Health in Jacksonville, Florida, a state which accounts for one-fifth of all new cases in the United States.
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21 thoughts on “Inside A Florida Hospital During Nationwide Covid Surge

  1. The Government policies are the reason people are dying of the wuhan biovirus. Too many bureaucrats and politicians making a mess of covid polices and making billions of dollars and also causing people to not get their regular check ups. Heard on the news this lady missed her regular check up for the past 2 years and when she went in this past October, she now has stage 4 cancer. It would be nice to hear more of those stories, maybe people would start protesting these government covid restrictions and allow people to get regular check ups with out fearmonger people by saying all the hospital beds are full of people with the covid cooties which makes people afraid to go into the hospital. The covid-19 is a biovirus created by China and unleashed upon the world has a survivability rate of 90%. China is the reason for this mess, not the "unvaccinated". The symptoms are mostly like a cold, I know, I had it and it was like a mild cold to the vast majority of people. Only reason this is being blown out of proportion is due the the Commicrats using it for their personal political gain, very sick mentally disturbed those people are. Tomorrow is promised to no one. You can live your life in fear hidden behind your mask waiting for Dr. Fauci BarSinister to tell you when you can leave your house and visit loved ones, or you can ignore the fearmongering and go visit the friends and family you have, cause you may die today or not, we never know when death comes for us.

  2. When will you put my health first UF? When will I get my much needed surgery? I wear a mask, I stay home, I am vaccinated. This will be the 4th surgery date, will it happen? Or will you let me die?!

  3. It's really just Propaganda. They use these obscure phrases like," they broke their patient intake numbers from last January." How many was that?

    "Cases in this hospital have almost doubled." Doubled from what and when?

    One patient is interviewed when they makes it seem like there should be lines out the hospital. They're keeping all of us in a constant state of fear and anxiety. This is the news now

  4. I'm all for people getting the vaccine, but that coporate journalist shaming that lady; I mean don't you have a war to promote or something?

  5. Isnt it funny there isnt much feedback from actual hospital personnel or vids and pics from actual individuals, and yet the news has it covered…..

  6. I wonder how many that are in the Hospital are vaccinated? U.K. said it was 60% on film then tweeted out they meant 40%. Still even at 40 % that's a large number.

  7. If schools are going unmasked, why not unmask everywhere in Florida including Medical facilities? This way we can really tell if it no longer exist.

  8. So let me get this straight
    — Unvaccinated people are making the vaccinated people sick and die
    —But the unvaccinated people are not dead or sick? They don’t make sense 😂

  9. Maybe hospitals basing their business models on out-of-pocket elective procedures was a stupid greedy move after all, huh? What happened to the study showing cannabis inhibits the growth of covid in humans?

  10. Well I rather be safe than, pleading to be vaccinated while being intubated, and being told it’s too late. But I also get it, if I was in that position, I also would be fearful that I’m might not wake back up.

  11. How many cases we hear where people say they regret goin to that party, they regret not taking covid seriously, they regret not getting vaccine…. Have some common sense and make good decisions I'm tired of your regret…

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