‘Jeopardy’ interim host scores rave reviews

ABC’s Will Ganss has the answer to the question: Who is Mike Richards?

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Author: Rafael


45 thoughts on “‘Jeopardy’ interim host scores rave reviews

  1. I don't believe he had that many "raves". Everyone knows that millions want Ken Jennings back. He is now the face of Jeopardy. We won't watch again ( after many years watching!!) Unless Ken is hosting.

  2. I have got to say that I really really like MIKE as the next guest host of jeopardy. He’s got what it takes! I would like to see buzzy bee guest host for a month too.

  3. I wish he'd drop that quote from Trebek at the end of each show. It's a perfectly lovely sentiment, and it was sweet the first time, but not every day!!! PLEASE continue to let Jeopardy be the rare place on TV that doesn't preach a message!

  4. Comparing Ken to Mike… love them both but I give the edge to Mike because he doesn't leave clues on the board as much as Ken, who loves to banter between clues a lot. Since each round is on a timer, there's often not enough time to read every clue. Mike, however, has pretty much cleared every board. The energy from both is different from Alex but great. Can't go wrong with either host.

  5. Ken Jennings was superior a superior host. Plus, we long time Jeopardy watchers know, love, and admire Ken. If anyone has earned the job, he has.

  6. Are these people bots or something? The guy doesn't really get the subtlety of being the Jeopardy host. Loud and definitely over the top. We have to mute every time he does his patronizing way way too long sign off. Alex knew, you say much more with less.

  7. I'm sorry, but I just simply can't get behind and support this guy. He was an executive producer of both the 1-hour and syndicated versions of 'Weakest Link' in the 2000s. To quote Mariah Carey, watching either edition, "was like going to work in Hell every day with Satan." I can also never watch 'The Price is Right' again. Not only do I not enjoy Drew Carey as host but also because I don't want to hear or see George Gray as the announcer and be reminded of 'Weakest Link'. His version of the show was especially terrible because people with erratic and gross behavior would team up against smart contestants.

  8. Mike Richards should be the permanent host. His voice, demeanor & genuine interest in people are assets. He has a presence & an elegance that Ken Jennings lacks.

  9. Yes, Richard is good and he's cute and funny, but he is tooooo animated! Need to tie his hands behind his back. He does not have that voice or calming effect as Alex nor the enunciation or pronunciation as Alex. He had perfect enunciation of foriegn words. This is not a comedy show, and Mike makes it like that. Maybe, it's because of the game shows he's done. Nothing against him, he's cool but not as a host. Heavens forbid do Not have those other of people vying for the job, e.g., Katy Curric, Dr. Oz, and others like. IMO I would prefer Jennings or Holtzhaur (probably misspelled).

  10. i like Mike. I think he has a good personality and gives additional information after the clues the way Alex did. He would be my pick of the 2, but he is executive producer so I doubt he will do it. James Holztauer, a former champion that played against Ken Jennings and Brad Rudder for Best of All Time would get my vote but I don'tt knoww if he will be in the running.. He came really close to beating Ken.

  11. Keep this guy and I'll start watching again. Never mind the "celebrity" hosts. They all bring baggage of some sort. They will always be identified by whatever their previous gig was or by whatever identity they may have had before. That's not what you want. Let someone new come in fresh with no baggage and make the show his/her own like Alex did.

  12. I thought Mike Richards did a great job. Good voice, moved the show along, and was interesting between questions. Ken is also good. Forget the celeb hosts. Let these two share the job.

  13. I find him very bland and unertaining. He doesn't do a bad job but he does not want to keep me watching the show. Out of the two filling guests so far I much prefer Ken Jennings.

  14. After one week he is so great how many friends and family commenting on his behalf let all the guest host do their job before a decision is made

  15. I like Ken Jennings but he "banters" so much between clues that we hear the buzzer with clues still on the board. Mike Richards clears the board 100% in the first four days.

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