Judge orders release of more detailed inventory list of items seized at Mar-a-Lago l ABCNL

ABC News Senior Investigative Reporter Aaron Katersky and legal contributor Kim Wehle discuss the latest on the investigation.

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50 thoughts on “Judge orders release of more detailed inventory list of items seized at Mar-a-Lago l ABCNL

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  2. Extreme Republicans serve Trump. They DO NOT serve people of US nor Constitution

    Conservative Republicans must stand up against Trump and Trump supporters otherwise our Democracy is in peril

  3. Everything tRump whines about he gets his way. The Democrats are bending themselves into pretzels satisfying both The Cristo-Fascists and the Corporatists. This country really does have a two tiered law system. What a shame.

  4. Professor Roman looks at how MSNBC, CNN and CBS destroyed the rule of bringing honest news reports. Walter Cronkite is turning in his grave for all the deceptive, or bias and treasonous news…
    Trump was the best President ever…but these media's have defamed and made him dirty.
    Being an American…I am so ashamed of them all..
    If those documents were so classified…
    Why? weren't those classified documents secured by the Whitehouse security, or the FBI back then, prior to President Trump leaving the Whitehouse?
    There is no logic here whatsoever!! Trump should sue the government and get Merrick Garland fired!!
    Donald Trump is innocent.
    Again!! CNN, MSNBC and CBS. etc… is spreading deceitful bias etc news!!

  5. Could I get a nothing burger and a water?
    Would you like the combo or just the burger ?
    Just the burger please.
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  6. Why even report anything ? You didn't have a dam thing ? Just running your mouths ! But all you brain washed fools , take off and run with as the mainstream media has brain washed you all to do …

  7. So, let us take a look at this. The documents were at Mar-a-lago, the FBI has the folders that prove the documents were at Mar-a-Lago. The FBI raided Mar-a-Lago and they took “everything.” And now, the FBI is saying that they, the FBI, have lost a large number of the documents. I think the FBI has a lot of explaining to do. Consider, the original inventory documented by the FBI does not mention having taken boxes of empty folders, and now it is being reported that the folders were empty. So, now we have two lists; isn’t that rather convenient? The FBI created both lists; the FBI is responsible for any inconsistencies.The first list is what was submitted as evidence, the second list should be considered evidence of a lie and an attempt to obstruct justice.
    Like the FBI never altered a document to obtain a FISA Warrant?


  9. This happens when an ignorant judge who was favored by a criminal pretends to be a real judge. The documents in question are almost all top secret classified documents, and the reason of reduction by DOJ has always been to protect the national security. This judge doesn't know about "intelligence" community inside the government and doesn't know how the "classified document coding system" works. Her order clearly reflects her ignorance, adding another threat to the national security. It is unthinkable that one judge who has no experience in the federal criminals cases (her court takes only civil cases) is becoming arrogant because of Trump's appointment and ignoring the most sensitive issue of national security, by ordering DOJ to release more???

  10. It’s really easy to be anxious, aggrieved or any other emotion, but the evidence and process must be allowed to develop and follow it’s course.
    The immediate issue I see, is there are classified documents floating around – that nobody knows where they are or who’s seen or taken a copy of them.
    The ONLY solution in the short term is to isolate those people known to have handled the documents once they ieft the WH – there will be others… and keep them isolated at least until ALL the documents are returned or accounted for.

  11. So… I guess this Judge is NOT trying to protect President Trump after all. Or the insane plan backfired. Mr President WTF were you thinking??!! He's finished.

  12. The FBI finds many empty Top Secret Classified Folders…??? This means Don the Con has already cashed in…..Don the Con must have received more money for selling the originals instead of selling copies….!!!

  13. And he shouldn’t get anything else
    He just wants to go after whoever is on those papers
    He wants to make them pay for what he has done
    He sure is getting treated like he is special
    He is not
    Just lock him up already

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  15. I’ve said this before… While the documents were secreted away miles from Washington, the sitting Executive did not have this valuable information to do the business of the state. He and the country were deprived of this information by TFG blinding the government from these documents. Monumental disrespect and dangerous behavior against the country in my estimation.

  16. Law enforcement will be tracking down the threats made to Biden, FBI, DOJ and many more from Trump's MAGA mob of criminals. They think they can control America and spit on all laws. They have went to far this time. They will be tracked, arrested and face serious charges. This is what you are getting from Trump's MAGA mob. Trumpocracy keeps proving why America is in danger from these hoodlums. All I can say is remember Jan. 6, 2021 because this is what these hoodlums really are. Just as dangerous as Trump. Come November America will speak out loudly by voting for true Democracy. White supremacy, Nazism, hate and threats will not survive. Law enforcement will be watching comments here so they can track you down.

  17. Agent Orange: “I want my documents back that I stole fair and square!”
    DOJ: “Sorry. When we opened them, there was nothing inside.” 🤷‍♂️

  18. ABC didn’t even air the prime time speech, instead they played “press your luck” shows how much they care about Americans… all they want are views and knew that speech wouldn’t get any compared to a sitcom; sad. Also, notice ABCs videos they put out see all the videos with Trump in the headlines get like 86k views compared to their normal videos with 1k views ….

  19. Wouldn't it be great if Trump rose above the noise and offered to help with the threat assessment? These are service members lives potentially at stake. Is he absolutely sure none of those documents got into the wrong hands? Is that something he wants to bet on? He could show an interest in national security by saying, "OK, my mess, let me help you clean it up."

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