King Charles, Royal Family stand vigil as queen lies in state | ABCNL

At a special ceremony at Westminster Hall, King Charles was joined by his siblings to stand vigil around Queen Elizabeth’s coffin as she lay in state at Westminster Hall.

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33 thoughts on “King Charles, Royal Family stand vigil as queen lies in state | ABCNL

  1. ''Ordinary People' that's how amber heard described anyone who is not her in her interview with dateline remember? That's the level she thinks she is – royalty. Eugh. when you used that term, it just reminded me.

  2. 1) "We are so stupid that the people who divided us ages back still rule us".
    2) "None of us ever thinks on the lines of taking any kind of revenge against them while they continue to mock us and considered them selves racially superior."
    3) "We are so amiable that we keep falling for the same trick over and over again"

  3. She they cannot rightfully strip him of his military awards, but stripped him of his military role/titles, just like they denied him and his family security detail in order to hurt him because THEY COULD NOT CONTROL HIM.
    They thought taking away his rank would cause him to leave his wife and child and bring him back under their control. But, it all backfired on the royal family.

    In my opinion, Prince Harry became a king at that time. He said enough is enough and he stood up to ‘an organization’ that permitted his wife to be treated poorly. THAT is the type of man that William and “King Charles” will never be. !!

  4. May all our COLONIES (Ireland + Scotland + Wales + Canada + Australia + New Zealand + South Africa + Malta + Cyprus + India + Singapore + Malaysia + Sri Lanka…)
    kneel down in this moment!🙏 🙏
    May they continue understanding that without English guidance they are nothing!
    God bless KING CHARLES III & the superior ENGLISH EMPIRE! ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  5. The queen is dead, 👍🙂

    And we remember every horror.

    The concentration camps of Kenya.

    The killing fields of Malaysia.

    The rape and pillage of South Africa.

    The bombing of Dresden.

    The theft of Argentina's Malvinas Islands.

    The subjugation of Scotland.

    Massacre after massacre and repression on top of repression in Ireland.

    The humiliation of Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada and several other Caribbean states.

    The splitting of Nigeria.

    The strangulation of Iran and the installment of the vicious, tyrannical Shah (L.A.)

    The knighting of genocidal maniac Tony Blair, who was the British point man for the neocon nightmares in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The Bengal famine.

    The overall obliteration of the Southeast Asia Subcontinent. Indeed, in 45 trillion ways, the Raj was never dismantled.

    The bombardment of Hamburg.

    The division and bullying of Yemen.

    The trampling of Wales.

    The subversion of Egypt.

    The empowerment of the despots of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan and Oman.

    And speaking of Oman, lest we forget the crushing of the PFLOAG revolutionaries and the Dhofar Rebellion.

    The destruction and thievery in Myanmar.

    The extermination of Indigenous peoples in the Americas and what's known today as Australia and New Zealand.

    The plunder of Hong Kong and all of China, nearly brought to the brink of extinction by the Brits and their overlords, the masterminds of the Opium Wars–the Sassoon dynasty aka the Mizrahi Mishpucka aka the Rothschilds of the East.

    Elizabeth II (L.A.) may have died and gone to Jahannam (Hell), but her colonialist legacy of bloodshed and mass murder is alive and well.

  6. It is a bad start and a bad sign that HM King Charles has allowed uniforms for Harry and Andrew. The decisions and agreements were made IN THE LIFETIME of HM the Queen. So she will not be impressed. Although a dead person becomes unaware within a few minutes of everything in this world. And we know the cells of the body decay to dust – so there is no afterlife, just as there is no life before this, and we are dead particles till we become life itself. Our time here is too short for most to contemplate all we need to. But we must make our lives meaningful in order to succeed (hence rules, principles, religion or morality). It is important never to give in to yearnings for exubrance, as nature does not take kindly to it. The proof is in all the wealth gathered by the pharoahs, and in climate change. Over indulging is destroying the planet be it energy, meat, transport etc.
    M K Kiani 28 Bankhall St Glasgow UK

  7. I am very lucky to live in this era where I lived in the time of the queen or the longest-serving leader in the history of the leader of a country in the world, from Indonesian 🇮🇩

  8. 💔🇬🇧🌎🥀 they don’t like proud to the number of a proud don’t forget they’re grieving as well people don’t think I’m that TV people everybody but she’s the Queen to the world not just two out to us rest in peace

  9. It's sad! that the Queen funeral has been attacking on Prince Harry and Meghan. All the UK media's coverage that we see so far, is be attacks on Prince Harry and Meghan. This couple are in UK to pay respect to the Queen funeral, but it's sad. Sorry for the poor Queen who died peaceful, but the UK media's and Europe is been attacking Harry and Meghan. These suppose be about the Queen funeral, but very sad not so at all. This is why no one respect the Royal Family anymore.


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  12. King Charles🎩, 111 princess Anne prince Andrew prince Edward my condolence to you :all what great mother you "ll had queen Elizabeth 11 was a honor to million of people all over the United states to and London she absent from the body but present with God . This a bless moment to see all you"ll together as family on your mother home going Majesty queen Elizabeth 11👑

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