LAPD: Tiger Woods’ car crash caused by high speed, hit tree

Los Angeles County authorities said speed caused Tiger Woods’ rollover car crash that left the famous golfer seriously injured on Feb. 23. Woods was driving over 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.


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29 thoughts on “LAPD: Tiger Woods’ car crash caused by high speed, hit tree

  1. Such an arrogant jerk. Driving someone else's car, in someone else's neighborhood, while other unsuspecting law-abiding drivers are on the road… and he selfishly acts like an arrogant child – with no regard for speed laws or others' lives. I knew excessive speed was the cause. Thank God he didn't take out anyone else. What a jackass… to drive on curvy, hilly area at that rate of speed. Unbelievably irresponsible and arrogant IDIOT.

  2. No special treatment in this case. Anyone else would have had the book thrown at them. Sad when you punch his name in, all his controversy comes up instead of his golf highlights.

  3. What NO speeding ticket ?

    I read where there wasn't even a police report on the wreck, just because no one saw it… doesn't take away from the fact that it did happened. There is a abundance of evidence.

    If a policeman is driving his patrol car and has a wreck he is taken… and given a drug test ASAP. That's mandatory with most Police Departments. Money talks and b***** walks. As the Democrats, like to say no one is above the law. If they said it one time, they said it a thousand times.

  4. What the??? He was driving over 80 mph in a 45 mph limit zone and no charges or ticket? Then they claim no favoritism? Wow.. that's all I can say is WOW!!! I lost respect for Tiger long ago with his womanizing. This just adds to the list.

  5. I love how its proven he was going 80+ mph in a 35, was 100% unaware he was even in a car crash, its been made pretty obvious he was on drugs of some kind since he thought he was in Florida when he was in GA and an empty pill bottle with no label was found in his backpack in the car, he was obviously doped out of his mind, and nothing will happen to him. Not one thing, no ticket, no court, no jail, nothing. Just a get well soon, hope you can come back here to play golf one day. If that had been me i would be handcuffed to the hospital bed and taken straight to jail the day i was well enough, and thats even if i didnt have any drug paraphernalia on me like he did, if i had drug paraphernalia on me at the crash i woulda been slandered all over the news as a wreckless drug addict before i ever got to the hospital and my license forever expired. Absolutely ridiculous the special treatment these people get.

  6. It's very interesting how in the US a billionaire sportsperson with star status and a history of documented substance and drug abuse does NOT get drug or alcohol tested after a self-induced , massive car accident and walks away with no charges at all. And NOBODY in American media has the guts to name the elephant in the room by its real name. The hypocrisy that permeates American culture these days is breathtaking. Is affirmative "non-action" at work here?

  7. Tiger Woods was either trying to kill himself or someone is trying to kill him. I think they’re trying to kill him to keep Jack Nicholas as the leader in major wins, notice I didn’t say greatest golfer. Not charging him with any crime, is merely a diversion.

  8. So they were able to prove how fast he was going, yet because no one is there he gets nothing? No special treatment, right. The fact that they mention it means he did.

    Remember, Bruce Jenner got someone killed and faced no charges.

  9. What Tiger changing careers, from golf to demolition derby. Isn’t over 80 mph a super speed or felony? Highway or city streets. What if there are kids on the street, 7am school time. Spokesmen for Hyundai, huh!

  10. When is somebody going to step up and say what's going on here with Tiger Woods the guy is suicidal and everybody knows that and when he kills himself the media is going to come out and take nobody saw this coming well I did the guy is suicidal.

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