Legal victory for Britney Spears

A judge has ruled she will not have to answer questions from her father’s legal team. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt has more.


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31 thoughts on “Legal victory for Britney Spears

  1. Britney was worth $600 million BEFORE the conservatorship. She is worth $60 million AFTER the conservatorship. Somebody help us understand this level of math.

  2. I honestly believe that britney had postpartum depression and had a nervous breakdown with all the paparazzi hounding her, Instead of helping her, the people around her took advantage and exploited her. I wish her nothing but the best in her new found freedom

  3. Even if Britney needed someone to control her life, shouldn't have that person been better than her, and not a loser like her father?

  4. Who throws that B.Spears song in and talks so fast about Jamie. Dad is assuming credit for her bragging rights and being there? How f'ing cool is that! -ALOHA P.S. newsman,vi like u tho y we gotta see ur ass for a min. every frikkn time we click omgosh. I'll think about it.

  5. Can you imagine having frauds so beyond illegal you have no knowledge it exists and when you pay law firms to investigate they have knowledge but lie to you and say they do not. Even beyond absurdity of illegality perhaps the people responsible are not even known to you! It’s like when people say scientology is bad, but if they have in issue with you they tell you…. Their is no worse more disgusting more toxic poisoned spiritual abuse than what this country presently fraudulently allows from men who literally serve satan although many masquerade as Christian

    Bravo cali for correcting this abuse while other states and federal govt fail to deal with frauds so outrageous they make this child’s play – the poison of others hiding and protecting the abusers taking pot shots at you repetitively and you can’t even get this failure of a DOJ to deal with even identification of the devils our sick politicians protect until they soon find out they will be held personally liable for their frauds and each account Daily allowing the frauds to continue

    Guess TX and FL going to have some serious pain possible depending on what’s gone on and how things handled. Along with federal. May need Guinness world records to track the legal issues and prosecutions since they still don’t answer my questions and continue to provide bad faith response to my amicable offers. I still can’t reconcile their ongoing push for things which contradict their own teachings while they suggest they don’t have a role like others would suggest. I’ve never heard so many try to twist scripture to push sex while they have professionally drugged me I understand for others for that yet if someone told me exactly what the deal or issue is perhaps I could make my own decisions. These men are criminal psychotics dehumanizing people to literal full definition human trafficking.

    Now they suggest if I visit cali some cali split and killing for theft but these are proven liars so who knows this country is just as happy to murder someone’s mind then treat them like a human as to this approaching a decade of abuse along with starving of other balancing health needs forcing isolation. It’s pure evil from the devil from every angle and this govt is sick for not arresting these people for these crimes. Any psychologist or psychiatrist should be able to explain how the intent of this is to cause spiritual rape and murder so why are these people not being arrested instead they are protected where I can not even get law to prosecute them. What a joke of humanity this govt is. It’s like they keep driving by and shooting someone in the dark and then running away. Then the guy goes with the gunshot wound to police who say we can’t help you even though we know who shot you. Your like this is attempted murder. Police don’t care or help. So they continue shooting you and hiding and the govt is a failure and as they continue to try to murder you they are not held responsible because you are able to continue to heal. Then it turns biological and they dump lethal viral loads of Covid trying to kill your. Again not yet prosecuted when they knew it could have killed me so more attempted murder and then they used a second strain proving the intent. What a joke and what a sad pathetic statement of our country

  6. It may go through the legal system in the US, but God knows exactly what happened and they will make their ruling on judgement day. They know what happened

  7. There’s literal proof on the internet
    Normal everyday average joes can prove that nothing is Alleged it’s all true .
    What’s so frustrating is it shouldn’t take this long for the trial and for her to be a actual free human being.

  8. He needs a conservatorship. They keep showing those same pics of him from 15 years ago… he was old then and old as dirt now!! He has no reason or business controlling anything. I’m glad Britney’s free.

  9. I'm not a Brittany Fan but I'm honestly happy for her despite my self doubt of rather or not I should have an opinion on this matter since I'm not her target audience

  10. Those EVIL people took so much from us, I know its not about US, but about her! But imagine a whole where Britney was able to be free and herself? The music she would have dropped…

  11. Maybe one day she will be a mother again love your kids you got issues sweetheart I know you were used big time and you are still been used but remember you have 2 kids stop kissing women and sleeping around seek Jesus he will open doors of solitude and peace in your soul

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