Matthew Rushin released from prison

After being imprisoned for two years and later granted a partial pardon by the governor of Virginia. Matthew Rushin is free and discusses his plans for the future with ABC News’ Linsey Davis.

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50 thoughts on “Matthew Rushin released from prison

  1. So what about the person that became crippled by the negligence of this young man? Forgot about him already? Omg 😧 So the person that will spend the rest of his life on wheelchair is not as important as this guy coming out of jail, right 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄👏

  2. This is isad, but he should never drive. ever again. ever. Hed seems very clear and articulate for his condition. What about the victim he hurt?

  3. This punk has zero remorse for what he has done. I'm sure he'll get his license back in ten years and end up killing an entire family on the road.

  4. This is my worst fear for my autistic son. Its terrifying thinking about the bad things that could happen when they grow up.

  5. The individualS who licensed an individual with autism are the ones who need imprisonment, along with the judge who sentenced Mr. Rushin and the governor who waited so long to release him.

  6. Why the "H" was the bee swarm story given the lead in this snippet? It gave the impression that either the car owner or the beekeeper had gone to prison! Finally came the imprisonment-and-release story. Poorly played, ABC YouTube staff. Pathetic!

  7. Lawyers have probably told them not to make any public statements about the man who was crippled, for fear of possible future legal problems. They probably want to reach out to the crippled man but have been advised not to do anything.

  8. God bless mom and son. My niece has an autistic son and he is very talented like all autistic children globally.
    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ From AOTEAROA NZ NGA HAU E WHA. 🥝🥝🥝🥝🥝🥝🥝

  9. Rushin drove a car & crippled someone but they're all excited about mac & cheese & salmon? He may have problems but what is wrong with that woman? And the reporter ends with "in glad it all worked out for you". What about the guy who's life is totally changed? Where's his 7 minutes?

  10. Why should an autistic person be let out of jail? He knows right from wrong. That's a very bad precedent to set in law. So now autistic people can cripple people with their car.(notice they never mentioned the victim). Now autism can be used as a defense for murder, rape or anything for that matter. This is a very bad idea.

  11. The Bee keeper is doing the right taking the Bee home and ye can form a Bee hives that they can makes Honey.My Grand Grandma use to have her own Bee hives and I use to taste Honey that the Bee made,And suck on the Honey comb while living in the west Indies.Sometimes I see one special Bee the Queen Bee,Have a Bless day everyone Happy Easter.

  12. He should had never been allowed to drive period. I feel for the victims who have to live with what he caused. I am so sick of this race baiting bs

  13. What’s with the Bullshit 🐝 story in front of the real video. Something tells me it’s not an accident. SMDH

  14. Given his mental status/situation, why was Matthew given a drivers license? and
    why was Matthew allowed to drive in the first place? The situation was an accident, 
    but if Michael is going to use his mental status as a tool for his defense, he can not also
    have it both ways by receiving licenses and vehicles to drive as if he is a perfectly healthy individual.

    Someone got hurt in this accident so Matthew does have some responsibility to bear

  15. Bad idea to build a society that’s dependent on cars. Very dangerous activity that you’re basically requiring everyone to do, maNy people have different kinds of problems, plus elderly people, people who drink and their judgement is impaired etc… it’s just inviting all kinds of problems that we then blame on the individual, but the fact is it was a very poor decision by the American people to build a country so dependent on operating large metal vehicles at fast rates of speed just for anyone to go about their life.

  16. If a person is suicidal, I don't give two shits if they take themselves out of the equation, but do not take others with you, especially what Matthew nearly did. If this was myself or my family he did this to, I'd fight tooth & nail to keep him locked up. Autism/race does not play a role in this. He's fortunate to be free, he better act like it. I have a bad feeling though.

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  18. ABC should be ashamed for posting this interview and portraying him as a victim. He WAS NOT the victim in this situation.

  19. That’s messed up. If he was mentally challenged what was he doing behind the wheel of automobile? He had an episode? an episode and injured someone? What kind of relief did the family’s get that Matthew hurt? They get the short end of the stock? It could be said that alcoholics have mental health issues and episodes when they operate a vehicle and killed someone. Drunk drivers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and addiction is a mental health issue too but they aren’t getting out of jail. This kid should not have been behind a car at all if he has mental issues. If the authorities didn’t allow him to drive then he would not be in this situation. He should remain in jail for injuring someone for the rest of their lives. People who have mental health issues should not be given the same rights as a normal person and this guy got out of jail because he was autistic? Then the worst of worst law breakers could just act like they have mental issues and get out of jail for free! This kid should’ve stayed in jail. The only reason he didn’t stay in jail is because he has autism and he’s of color.

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  22. Matthew rushin should have never been put into jail he was feeling overwhelmed and returned back after a little bit of time passed so he could collect himself I'm am disappointed in my city for even allowing him to not only be jailed but also to put him in a hardened place were he was beat up

  23. I'm so glad that this young man is out of prison. Like wow our justice system is weak for sending him in the first place.

  24. What exactly does "having an emotional episode" mean? School shooters have emotional episodes, wife killers too, as do rapist cops…but they are still kept in prison. I don't buy this bs one bit.

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