Mental health and the pandemic

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected our mental health and tips on how to be more resilient.


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24 thoughts on “Mental health and the pandemic

  1. i Lost So Many Things During 2020 is when the Crisis Happened
    and i Almost loose my Farther
    but THANKFULLY He is ALIVE. how i am THE LUCKIEST PERSON alive

  2. I think I would feel better if there was something to be optimistic about. But all we hear about from the experts now is "the variants".

  3. 💯🎯
    I never imagined this could happen
    This is so unreal to me
    How could this have happened !!???
    Why do we wear cloth/nurse masks for this worldwide deadly pandemic yet coal miners and fire fighters literally wear assisted breathing masks and filters and stuff!???
    Makes no sense

    I’m stressed out. Social isolation! I’m already a homebody but this is ridiculous! Money is fkd up! Can’t keep a job! Left my last job because we found out someone had Covid so I self quarantined with a drs note and still got laid off! I’m just trying to survive !

  4. All the folks that have never been told no are loosing their mind because of something simple as wash your hands and wear a face mask. Just wear the darn mask, wash your hands and stay away from crowds. Stomping like a toddler and fussing isn't going to make it go away, neither is pretending it doesn't exist. And what is the nefarious intent you assume exists? Why is it so hard to consider your 90 y/o neighborhood that just finished Chemo, or the family member with health issues. How is it going to make the world worse by washing your hands, wearing a mask and avoiding crowds? Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Avoid crowds.

  5. They are mental these people or sheep 🐑 believe everything the mainstream news tells them if they told them to eat a sh sandwich they would

  6. It is unbelievable what children are having to deal with today. As a through-Hiker in life, I have come to appreciate mother nature and her God to inalienable rights. We know that Jesus was a man but in thinking Back To the Virgin Mary I would like to think there are Jesus girls as well. Just what is nature having to deal with today both In human nature and the reality of mother nature Living in truth with the cross Jesus died on that human consciousness is on top of the food chain. All of life's innocence is being put to the cross….is existence under attack?

    I saw a troll being interviewed.

    The walking damned, do they really exists? We have already seen the beheadings of ISIS and people being set on fire in cages but is there so much hate for God that people exist that have no place in existence? Everybody has their opinion about the nature that surrounds them but until recently I never had to think that they are people living around me that have chosen not to have any place in existence for themselves. Having a soul with no purpose among the living trolls have to hope that death is going to make a better friend.… What do you think?

  7. That's because parents don't know how to be parents they send they send their children off to schools and other programs and then they run around and then yell at the other program people when something goes wrong with their own children now they have to see what's going on for their own selves instead of being a baby Factory they have to know what it's like do not have time on their own hands hey but I loved it when my family had dinner every night at 5:30 and we used to sit down and play board games and wait to watch Dallas and Dynasty every Friday night as a family go camping and do other sports and other things then you won't have mental illness problems because your brain and your families brain is all controlled by electronic gadgets and others

  8. Which government takes the Right 👈🗽⁉️👉 to lock MONEY and watch the country suffer and keep it under pressure give to the poor penniless unemployed Homeless people can get money to shop and lead a normal life that they have a flat, rent, food, clothing and energy costs, warm water, heating, that's the end of the pandemic and you can carry out further tests and further suspect criminal offenders from the circulation – in the end, the poor suffer 👈 WITHOUT MONEY and not the super rich. OPEN the country IMMEDIATELY! ⁉️ without a pandemic and at the same time the industry factories shops international trade and transport stock exchange open everything school with Keep your distance Security that everything is safe for the school School schedule and pupils

  9. It’s a tough time especially with all of the uncertainty and not knowing what tomorrow brings. We literally have no idea, coupled with being on lockdown or quarantined on and off, and of course all of the people we have lost it’s just a lot to handle. Praying for everyone’s physical and mental health ♥️

  10. Suicide is rampant. Overdoses. Domestic violence. Crime has all gone up. It's time to stop this nonsense. Stop the fear, get back to work, school, and holidays.

  11. I feel sorry for the children, if the adults would stop denying Covid and deal with it, we could help them get back to living their life’s.

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