Merrick Garland gives statement on FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago

The DOJ has filed a motion to unseal the search warrant that led to the raid.

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40 thoughts on “Merrick Garland gives statement on FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago

  1. The National Archives and the former President were working together regarding documents President Trump retained. The President’s lawyer, who was attending the search, was not permitted inside the house. The FBI required that all surveillance equipment be turned off. The lawyer sat outside the home in 95 degree heat for 8 hours while the search proceeded. A safe cracking professional opened safes instead of allowing the family to do this or unlock keyed locks. Brothers and Sisters of America, do we live in the new “NAZI Germany” American style? WTF people! This is political BS, and is beyond the pale. This is an outrage!!!!!

  2. What precedent exists for such a raid on a former POTUS.
    The FBI was shown by Durham to have known about the illegitimacy of the Russia hoax before proceeding with the Mueller investigation.
    Both DOJ and FBI were weaponised by OBAMA!

  3. The DOJ and FBI are corrupted. Hunter Biden laptop; Russian dossier; Mueller recommendation for Trump impeachment. CORRUPTION. We probably need to disband the FBI. It is corrupt. The Biden Administration is using the DOJ/FBI as a state police force. Biden is becoming just like Xi and Putin.

  4. I'm sure Trump had nuclear codes written on a "post it" note. Then stored it in a home depot card board storage box collecting dust in the Mar-a-lago basement. These liberal woke clowns actually run our country.

  5. After 12 hours of 35 FBI agents searching Trumps estate, how many selfies of pigs on a gold bidet are out there? As the Judge eluded commenting, this search turned into a panty raid. I contend that aspect was orchestrated by the FBI to denote the rape of a presidents wife.

  6. So now a new standard has been set, where whoever is in power can search a former President's private home, including safes and panty drawers.
    This should make for awesomely entertaining public theater going forward. 🕙

  7. Garland, "I approved this and signed off on it"…."What Judge signed the Order?"…."Oh he's not a Judge, I found this Magistrate who is a Obama supporter that handles Traffic tickets and Child support cases to sign the Order, Why do you ask?"

  8. Garland is nothing but an evil and corrupt coward he should be convicted of malfeasance of office he's a pathetic human being and needs to be run out of Washington DC all they did was guarantee the Republicans will win in November and in 24

  9. ok, let fantasize assumes that Trump had some "classified information". Who on earth has the mind to keep those secret documents in the resort where they are lacked on security and he doesn't live there 24/7?

    Where're Marlago and FBI body cameras footage?
    are People stop thinking nowadays?

  10. Equal application of the law??? What a liar, this man like comey continues the destruction of an institution. Partisan hack and super resentful for being skipped over for the Supreme Court justice seat. Looks like it was appropriate he was not allowed into the sc, lacks judgment and character.

  11. If really top secret nuclear documents are found at his residence, why do he need that top secret documents unless he wants to sell to adversaries? If found HE IS REALLY IN TROUBLE. THOSE NONSENSE REPUBLICANS HAVE TO SHUT THEIR BIG MOUTH.Trump is always after money. He can sell his kids to get money.

  12. Obama has 5000 pages of so called classified documents he was supposed to deliver to the national archives five years ago. Guess what he never did it to this day!!! And no raid!!! This is treason 1000 time worst then water gate!!

  13. The feds let Trump keep America’s most closely guarded secrets on nukes at Mar-a-Largo for more than a year. Then 91 days before midterms and one day before DOJ internal policy calls for no raids, they raided Trump’s home for the secrets.

    That’s what they want you to believe.

  14. So Jonathan Carl says Trump was served a warrant before the raid and that the Trump Camp can’t be trusted, but it was his lawyers who received the warrant. Trump wasn’t in Florida and wasn’t served. Sounds like more lies from ABC…

  15. The title of this video is misleading and a lie. They executed a search warrant not a raid warrant. Probably why it's easy to question the media at every turn.

  16. Hey, have you heard the latest joke about a former President taking nuclear codes with him from the White House?

    Never trust an agency that is tasked with stopping terrorism but more often than not, they FAIL to FOIL the crime before it happens & the suspect(s) is/are able to carry out their plot(s) and as a result, many innocent people die all because the FBI & that's NOT a joke.

  17. Trump is acting like he's cooperating with FBI after he's eaten all the White House documents they're looking for

    There could be numerous reasons FBI was at Mara Lago.

    1. Trump is a bitch and he's gotten scared of the repercussions for his racist rhetetoric
    2. They're looking for missing children or persons.
    3. Theres been a sexual oriented complaint from a child or female adult
    4. Illegal immigrants working living or hiding there
    5. Looking for signs of illegal drug or prostitution activies
    6. Stolen documents from the White House
    7. Setting up surveilance equipment
    8. Getting Trumps physical whereabouts for his arrest
    9. Looking for dead bodies on his golf courses
    10. Tax fraud

  18. His another crook on Biden's payroll, that's all, they are scared of President Trump, they are so corrupt and don't want to go in jail. Let's go Brandon.

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