Moderna announces vaccine trials on children l GMA

The pharmaceutical company announced on Tuesday that it will start testing its COVID-19 vaccine on children as young as six months to 12 years old.

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45 thoughts on “Moderna announces vaccine trials on children l GMA

  1. This is where I draw the line. People wanna do whatever, but leave the children out of it. It is completely unethical, they are experimenting on children from 6 months. Are we all crazy? Children dont get sick. Vaccines dont stop infection. This is wrong!

  2. Has our society lost all common sense and logic. This is an experimental biological agent that you parents are allowing them to inject into your children, what is wrong with you. Children have incredibly strong natural immune systems. Covid is no worse than a common cold to a child. The at-risk age group is 50 + and the immune compromised. Covid-19 has a data proven 99.8% survival rate. More people died of heart disease and cancer in 2020 than covid. Do not intentionally place your children in harm's way. With all the horrific side effects and deaths occurring on adults why would you give this to your child.

  3. Possible risks

    My child may find the treatment unpleasant or there may be harmful side effects that can range from minimal to serious or life-threatening.

    Treatment may be ineffective.

    Treatment may involve a lot of time, including visits to the study site, more blood tests, more treatments, or hospital stays.

    My child may need to follow complex medicine dosing or procedures.

  4. this is an experimental vaccine – the adult phase 3 study is only in month 7 for the oldest participants why would they start testing already a vaccine tech thats never been used on humans before instead of just giving kids well tested vaccine technology thats been around tried and true for almost 100 years and proven safe part of the virus or dead virus like every other vaccine for kids ? it should be well tested on adults before even think about testing it on kids

  5. Y r you/this channel pushing an un-tested, new type of vaccine w recorded deaths (unknown future) on innocent children??? ESPECIALLY When children have an almost 0% chance of dying from covid…

  6. Remember about 9 months ago, they said infants and children had a rare resilience to COVID? 🤔

  7. In what country are these trials being conducted on kids? How is it legal to conduct vaccine trials on children? I cannot legally force my kids to become guinea pigs to be used for lab experiments.

    A child cannot enter into a contract so I child cannot legally be used in America to conduct these trials. These trials are being conducted in the poorest and most down trodden countries. These children have no rights and are literally being experimented with!?

  8. They push vaccinations for high risk medical conditions, elderly, and minorities…are these the groups they want eliminated? Population control. The ones who benefit are the ones making the product, and all the elites that have invested in stock for these companies! Greed is the reason they are pushing the vaccine. The rich already have everything they need, what more do they want? Our lives?

  9. All the adults in my house had covid-19 in November, my children never had any symptoms at all!! Testing on children is a terrible idea. We do not know the long term side effects. FYI I stopped watching mass media. The media is trying to scare us into taking the vaccine. I have MS and I survived Covid-19. It was more like a bad cold with aches, fatigue, and loss of taste/smell. With MS I am concerned about how the vaccine will react with my body. Who knows maybe getting vaccinated as a child is what led to me getting multiple sclerosis, because no one in my family has MS.

  10. How could you guys do this to children?? Omg I am so devastated!!! These children deserve better parents..thinking parents..protective parents. These kids should not be going through this b.s covid scam, end result was the vaccine I hope y'all get it by now. THE VIRUS DOESN'T AFFECT CHILDREN!!! The experimental genetic technology doesn't stop transmission or infection WHY THE HELL TAKE SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T HAVE A BENEFIT, BUT HAS A MAJOR RISK?!?!?Why??? Children have no obligation to protect anyone but themselves and this is an assault with a deadly weapon. Please leave the children alone. Please parents protect your kids the pharmaceutical companies and the CDC they are known liars they are massively corrupt. Pleeease let these children go back to normal with no masks.

  11. Replacing super strong natural immunity in children with vaccine immunity is Madness and quite frankly a crime against humanity! Am l wrong?

  12. Why the heck would any parent put their child in a clinical trial especially when EVERYONE has said a safe and effective vaccine takes 10-15 years to develop- this was made in less than a year, mass produced, mass distributed without having enough data behind them! Oh wait, thats right- they claim the benefit outweighs the risk- that is great as long as you are the one that does not have the adverse side effect in which the makers are protected under the EUA by the FDA. Think about that for a minute- you can NOT sue regardless what happens period!

  13. The Moderma vaccine made me very sick. The first one had me violently vomiting. The second one caused excruciating pain in my arm, all the way down to my hand and fingers, for many days. I would not want any child to have to go through what I went through. These shots are not kid ready and probably should not have been approved for adults so quickly.

  14. SERIOUSLY YOU SICK people. Its child abuse. I'll never force my children to wear a mask. CHILDREN DO NOT DIE FROM VID. They don't even spread it!

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  16. Old people don’t want to retire. They know the new generation will replace them. So now they want to inject a dangerous vaccine to the newer generation, to exterminate them, so they can still be in power. Old people should stop daydreaming, your time is up⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

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