Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – April 19 | NBC News NOW

Closing arguments get underway in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin, new details emerge from the mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, and protesters gather in Chicago after the fatal police shooting of a 13-year-old boy.
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Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – April 19 | NBC News NOW


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    Not guilty = fires

    My opinion

  2. This vaccine has nothing to do with covid….. so why r we getting this vaccine? Oh ok the government wants us to get this poison ☠️

  3. Marchelloe Brown was a Detroit Cop now he work for Warren Police and Dennis Smith they both work out of the 7th precinct Detroit Eastside.
    There motive was to convict me, regardless of whether or not I actually committed a crime. With a plea deal, if an officer lies, it is unlikely to be exposed:  I did not plea deal because they both lied on me and with their body camera, it will show that they lie on me.  Marchelloe Brown and Dennis Smith didn’t show up to court; officer’s new that they had lied.
    Their lying was to get me an innocent person lock up and sent to prison. If they had shown up in court the cases would have been dismissed when the lies would have been discovered when they would had to be on the witness stand under oath . (then they would, have to show the police body video)
    The prosecutors choose to believe the police report (and they didn’t need them with the polices Report)   and did not watch the police Body cameras (because the cops was not there to testify they went on with the case. Yes I got Fuzked  by the prosecutors and Marchelloe Brown and Dennis Smith.  Because it should have been dismissed if the prosecutors would have watched the police body camera ( it would have shown how the police lied.
    So the Juries got to hear what happen and they could not believe I was there or that they was there for this bshit . The outcome was why are the cop’s fuzk with this lady?  Well Dennis Smith and the lady he arrest me for and lied on their report know of each other.  They were doing a blue light special.
    The sad part of all of this is I was assaulted that day by that boy and then I was assaulted and made fun of by the Detroit polices, it’s all on the Police Body Cameras. And I cannot get Chief Craig to look at the Police Body Cameras.
    I know Dennis Smith and Marchelloe Brown have a Mother daughter sister aunt or a wife would they want Cops to lie (s) on them the way they lied on me.
    What they did to me, took me back to 1920s and 2020s where the Police can and do get away with lying. They didn’t care about what they put me thought they wanted to take my freedom and put me in prison with their lies. I ask why lord did these Cowarts  do this? Knowing that they were lying on an innocent person, how many innocent people have Dennis Smith and Marchelloe Brown sent to prison because they lied on them. Why Why.
    Dennis Smith, Marchelloe Brown, Kenneth Bolinger, Marlon Binion, Ernest Macy, Nathan Readous 3 other names wasn’t listed on report Detroit Eastside 7th pct.
    I ask my GOD to do what you did to me. You know Joyce Cauley was lying that day Joyce told you 4 different lies that day and u choose to falsely arrest me. I just want you to know until you said you know you falsely arrested me.(I have the body camera video u had on that day to show you all lie on me) until you do right by me everything you think about is going to crumble!  You said I was a loose screw, you made fun of my illness you said you’re black, you’re a old woman, you’re nothing at all! I want you all to know until you do right by me, everything you even think about going to FAIL! You try to lock me up with the lies you told on me in your police report.  The prison you planned for me is the one you going to rot in! Everything you done to me, you already under, you.

  4. Why will two juror's be dismissed they should have all fourteen vote that man guilty. Why would they have all fourteen sit through this whole court case just to discount two juror's in the end when their vote is needed. So are you telling us that two black juror's vote isn't needed. So the new Georgia law starts now. They are sending the two black juror's home so their vote wouldn't be counted in sending this racist cop to jail where he belongs!!!!!. This information is just being released now!!!!! How is this okay and fair. Looks like we should know what the outcome of this injustice now. This court proceeding was just a show. I feel so sorry for Mr. Floyd family and the black and brown race all over America. Every time we seek justice we always get the short end of the stick. This was the plot all along. No wonder this man sat and doodle throughout the whole proceedings and didn't appear to be paying attention to anything taking place. He knew all along what the plot was. Please remember the eyes of the lord is every where beholding the good and the evil.

  5. 'Would George Floyd have died if Police Officer Derek Chauvinist did not have Derek's foot and Derek's body weight on Floyd's neck?' …and without the other Police helping Derek hold Floyd* down the way THEY ALL DID?

    The answer is "No Floyd would not have died, if not for Derek's foot and body weight on Floyd's neck (with help from other police.") Point blank period; end of report:
    Juror's job is simple.

    IF other Police did not help hold Floyd down too; then maybe Floyd would have been able to move enough to breathe and go on living.

    Did Floyd repeatedly say "I can't breathe!", because carbon monoxide was STOPPING Floyd's BREATHING? No.

    Did Floyd repeatedly say "I can't breathe!", because a normal dosage level (not high dosage level) of drugs in Floyd's system was STOPPING Floyd's BREATHING? No.

    Did Floyd repeatedly say "I can't breathe!", because the other two Police Officers holding Floyd down all by themselves was STOPPING Floyd's BREATHING (if the other two held Floyd without Derek Chauvin's knee and body weight on Floyd's neck)? No.

    Did Floyd repeatedly say "I can't breathe!", because Police Officer Derek Chauvin's knee and body weight on Floyd's neck (along with other Police Officers holding Floyd down) was STOPPING Floyd's BREATHING? Yes.

    IF the other two Police Officers were not holding Floyd down while Police Officer Chauvin had his knee and body weigh pressing on Floyd's neck, would Chauvin alone using his knee and budy weight on Floyd's neck, have been able to STOP Floyd from MOVING and BREATHING? No.

  6. 0_o I've seen state & federal prosecutors argue a thousand times that a defendant had 'super-human strength' to justify an officer's use of force, even pull in expert medical witnesses to vouch for it's existence, yet in this one instance they clearly stated that it only exists in comic books!!!

  7. This sick, bigoted bully is clueless to what he has done, or what he might have unleashed! I hope people remember that when they over react they shift all attention from their cause, and make themselves look like nothing but trouble. Must stay focused.

  8. it's a tough decision for FOLKS! I get it….it was just a few decades ago that THIS SAME GOVERNMENT CONDUCTED EXPERIMENTS ON VARIOUS ETHNIC GROUPS!…. from injecting Men with syphilis……to STERILIZING WOMEN in Puerto Rico…… to the ANTHRAX of its OWN MILITARY……I mean, when DOES one begin to trust after that???😳😳😳


  9. looks like the little Toledo boy would have been a help with the police instead of running after shots being fired from the police…. its time segregation, regulation, & discrimination just look at Detroit in 1955 vs 2020 I mean statistics speak for themselves.
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!
    Stay White, Stay Chinese
    Vote Fascist Pornstar
    A new Party by Arkansas

  10. This racist crap makes me so angry. I live across the street from a woman whose white 30-year-old son is constantly threatening people, has been caught on video stealing from her neighbors, just burned her house down for the second time, and has tried to set the homes of people he doesn't like on fire and caught on video doing it and that mofo is still running free. Yet a black doctor moved into the area and had to threaten to sue the city because he got pulled over so many times and searched while driving his nice car.

  11. Phil thank you for this interview, glad this sista is happy and I'm happy that she escaped this country with her son to a better one.

  12. Those question are stupid. There it's a lot's of people leaving in the street or leaving under a bridge. So go a get them vaccinated We're all human we can all get contagious and or pass it on to others . if the government keep neglecting these people the country it's not straight up anytime soon . let's show some humanity sign to the rest of the world .

  13. Why is Congresswoman Maxine Waters in Brooklyn Center. She was not there as a mediator. She is there as a mentor for more eruption. US Elected Officials are not elected to incite violence.

  14. Liberals are so tolerant of criminals and they are all about giving them a second chance unless it is a white man who is accused of something. Then they suddenly turn into the most hateful blood thirsty people I have ever seen. I have lost all respect for them.

  15. None of them in Oklahoma town believes in wearing masks and social distancing… that's a shame because you would think that in a restaurant or public place they would be wearing a masks…

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