Multiple people shot, killed at medical facility in Tulsa l GMA

Hours after President Biden spoke about gun control, at least four people were killed in another deadly shooting.

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27 thoughts on “Multiple people shot, killed at medical facility in Tulsa l GMA

  1. Where the gun lovers at!!!! Whoooo! You've got the right to bear arms!!! Yeah!!!,, protect yourself and family!!! Yeah!!! Guns keep you safe from the bad people!! Whooo! Yeah!!!…. …..gun lovers,your all so pathetically insecure like frightened boys….

  2. What is wrong everyday shooting??? People are getting crazy nobody is safe. I remember the old good days when there was no shooting.

  3. Sad situation…, with that said, medical buildings (hospitals) and schools are examples of “soft targets”, meaning they’re easy targets with little to no law enforcement interference before the damage stacks up. criminals know this already and they either stick around to go through the justice system and play with an “insanity” plea because america loves “mental health” as a defense now, or they die by suicide of their own doing or “suicide by cop” (intentionally being killed by cops) to avoid living with the damage they created. Leaving the families to suffer while hoping for some type of closure and law abiding citizens to suffer from laws that only hurt or impede them living lawfully. You can make any and all the laws you want, a criminal doesn’t and will not respect the law, which obviously makes them what they are. We pay for politicians’ kids to be protected in school so why aren’t ours protected by law enforcement?! Once you give up on our constitution and bill of rights, government will NOT give them back to us. So think about before you make it so we can’t even protect our families ourselves at all.

  4. ABC report on the black African-American shooter in New York City two of them one African-American 10 people shot the other African-American Muslim one person killed being a Latino American ABC also reported on the Baltimore African American shooters Milwaukee Atlanta at the shootings in Chicago so many African Americans shooters out there taking the lives of our American citizens thank you ABC for your inside that reporting on the mass shootings in America

  5. democrats dont really beleive in taking your guns..they are virtual signalling because midterm elections is around the corner…shootings happen everywhere but these school shooting u see if they really cared these kids they would put armed securities around the schools but they dont really care.They care more about sending billions of dollars to ukraine instead fixing simple things in america.

  6. Come on Americans, go for your nation “ referendum “ for gun control . No need count on the senators .. people , you have same nation power as British people .. “referendum “

  7. Come on !! Americans, go for “ referendum “ for gun control .. why all of you only able to count on senators ?? It has been Over 15 years since the Virginia tech shooting .. now find out Americans people even has less power than British …, at least British has the “ referendum .. “ to design their own nation issue

  8. Man…government is really busy with these shootings…..they want our guns. I think many of us are beginning to see actually who is committing these murders.

  9. A "PRIVATE PATRIMONIAL VIGILANT" undergoes rigorous professional training. A "good" Armed Security Training School provides highly qualified "teachers" from the unified Federal, Military, and Civil Police. It also has other teachers, such as the Fire Department, Self Defense, Criminal Rights, First Aid, Human Relations, etc. etc. . This idea is worth pondering. Because with a Uniformed Armed Security with full garrison circulating or fixed at the school gate the criminal will think twice before wanting to enter schools and hospitals. I am to help 👍🏼

  10. I read the patient killed his Dr. Philip, for ignoring his back pain. I also read Dr. Philip reviews and some former patients said he was what he sat on.

  11. Firearm related death rate per 100,000 population, Random selection… USA 12, Canada 2, Denmark 1.4, Australia 1.04, Spain 0.6, japan 0.06. USA 200X higher than Japan.

  12. Do you know how pathetic usa looks abroad.what a mad ridiculous country of bloated fat people runningaround shooting each other. Grow up and go on a diet.!!

  13. it was about pain pills. the shooter (a black, back injury patient) wanted more drugs, but couldn't get them from his doctor. he wrote a letter, got gun, and targeted his doctor and other people. the end. (nothing else- this was not about republicans, or guns, or power)

  14. Screw hun control.! What we need is to incorporate God in our schools like in the past. Now it’s all about “pronouns “ and “transgender” doctrine. I’m not against people learning of this but at 5 years old? Hmmm 🤔. I live in a State where criminals can come to my house and stab me and I still can’t shoot “with a gun permit” 🤣🤣 no thank you, we want more gun rights.

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