Nancy Pelosi makes trip to Taiwan

China said the visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would cross a red line and Biden administration officials have warned against her visit.

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Author: Rafael


25 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi makes trip to Taiwan

  1. The first country to ever attack Taiwan with warship was the US in 1867. and the country that supported japan invading Taiwan during the mudan incident , was the US in 1874. the country that sold weapons to japan during the first Sino- Japanese war, 1894 1895 leading to china's defeat , forcing china to cede Taiwan to japan, was the US from 1894 to 1895. the country that actively pushes for Japanese containment of china, in Taiwanese containment of mainland china is the US from the 19th century until today . So can we really say that the US is our friend ? i mean we are being used to serve US imperialist interests . these recent events show us that so-called Taiwan separatism is not true independence , but it further embroils Taiwan into serving US imperialist interests . True independence means independence from this sort of hegemonic , unequal relationship where you don't even have dignity as a human being and I think this sort of independence can only be achieved through peaceful reunification with the rest of china .where each one are equal citizens with equal rights and have to our voices heard as equal citizens and not subjects of the empire.

  2. What a HOT MESS!
    No united front, No U.S. delegation, just one old Drunk BABBLING incoherently while Weak Knee'd Bumbling Brandon sits at home saying "Don't Do It!" ❤️🙏

  3. Come on US🇺🇸 and Japan 🇯🇵…

    It is US🇺🇸 and Japan 🇯🇵 responsibility to keep Taiwan 🇹🇼 free!!!

  4. Why now? Pelosi sets her own agenda any way she wants regardless the consequences. We saw what she did at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, going ahead of the impeachment not caring about what was to happen to the country and the world. She head-butted the President until she got her man installed. The writing has been on the wall all along. You remember her saying:”don’t mess with me” with a fist ???!!!

  5. As always EU country with no name, because America IS NOT their name, pretending to be #1, those times have gone, they can't fix their own internal problems and want to give other image.

  6. Thanks for Pelosi to lead a delegation to visit Taiwan. This is the right thing the US should do long overdue. During this ebb, indeed, the US is still dressed appropriately, while the CCP, I think, is wearing a Japanese-style thong this time.

  7. Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, should explain us the crimes of her husband Paul Pelosi for drive using drugs and for insider trading for anticipate ilegal buys of shares in the stock exhange mkt… Awful doble moral!!!

  8. There is no reason for this visit except to promote Nancy historically. No one can tell you why she is going there. It's just irresponsible to kick this ant bed when we have tons of issues over here that need fixing.

  9. Well people aren’t talking about her stock trades or her husband’s DUI charges or all the other problems here in America. Let’s focus on Taiwan now.

  10. There is a dark battle in the airspace of the Taiwan Strait…​​​​The specific situation is currently unknown.To what extent can China be considered a toothless bulldog in regards to Taiwan?What exactly would China do?Shoot Pelosi out of the Sky?That Sounds like a Hollywood .Imagine China had some that. US would have retaliated. Imposed Sanctions left right and center.
    If the perpetrators do not have to bear any consequences, the vice president of the United States will also visit Taiwan, and then the leaders of European countries… The "one China policy" is completely broken by the United States, which will greatly harm China's interests.

    Therefore, Pelosi must bear the consequences of her own willful actions.This is a most idiotic and Crazy (by Trump)house speaker ever??Instead time should be used to secure the betterment of China relationship(the largest creditor from 3 over trillion till today less the n a trillions ),Japan the top creditor nation for American,is facing a unfriendly gesture from Russia for it stupid sanction.It is also facing the greatest energy sanction from a new decree by Russia ,is facing a greatest energy crisis in human history,so those forcing abandoned nuclear facility.A trouble-plagued nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in northeastern Japan formally passed safety checks despite the questionable future of the government's decades-old nuclear fuel cycle policy based on uranium recycling

    why China so mad it is the communique The Joint Communique of the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, also known as the Shanghai Communique (1972), was a diplomatic document issued by the United States of America and the People's Republic of China on February 27, 1972, on the last evening of President Richard Nixon's visit to the one China policy that Taiwan and China are one …In order to sow discord between both communism with soviet union and China during when soviet at time the so powerful but following the trap of America through vast military expansionism that created biggest disintegration in human history!!

    One and to many stupid act of hostility all American by a few could create suffering of the if China start selling the treasury bond and from the greatest deprecation in value in the history as debt of American becoming unsustaiobale (with of 30 over trillions) more will follow credit cycle and more to come,economic recession is already happening in American (based two quarter of slow and declining negative growth),Next china will never agreed to cut tariff but instead should increase the tariff to make American Inflation unprecedented that it become so unbearable that this house speaker and senile Biden will be voted out!!

    If China and Russia combined to the screw American human grits via democrazy with support of BRICS member and emerging economy ,it will the greatest wealth transfer in human history, no genius required just use simple methodology assumption of among 193 country only 45 country believe an sanctioned Russia,thus becoming unfriendly nation (by Russia std)if all will force to choose do not need a genius to see the support .Eu was led by Germany but with an idiotic administration band ,but total gas shut off would be joblessness only consensus consequences would be every citizen will start riots and burn the house of representative with utter stupidity just like those in the soviet union time when Putin needed to moomlight like and become a taxi driver,while as a full-time KGB officers.Russia already give up hope of a reconciliation on current administration.Your last hope is China do not abandon u!!!

  11. Brave Pelosi… Bully listens only Bully language.. USA has to deploy and defend Taiwan for any of China’s aggression.. It is a test of it’s super power status … Let world grapple and accept collateral damage.. But China has to behave .. it’s bullying is not acceptable .. World is still a rule based society …USA is the only country has to defend it …

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