NASA scrubs 2nd Artemis I launch attempt

NASA called off Saturday’s launch after several liquid hydrogen leaks were detected.


Author: Rafael


23 thoughts on “NASA scrubs 2nd Artemis I launch attempt

  1. China and Russia have rockets you can use for about $40 million and they know how to launch them. In fact China is launching the final part of their space station this week. Give them a call for a front row seat so you can recall the 20,000 scientists who were forced to leave NASA when Obomba cut your budget by 70%. When you get to the moon watch for the giant sign Made in China.

  2. How do I know space missions are fake?

    Spacecraft on the way to the moon is constantly decelerating by earth gravity. It must keep burning fuel to maintain speed. It cannot coast in space. Limited fuel capacity makes travel to the moon impossible.

    Without air resistance a rocket launch straight up at 4 g will have 30 m/s acceleration. Burn 300 seconds will reach speed at 9 km/s. Reach a high of 1350 km.

    Then it will be decelerating by gravity and slowing down to zero speed below 2500 km high.

    Then it will fall back to earth within 17 minutes.

    Unless we can keep burning rocket fuel to counter balance earth gravity, travel to the moon is imaginary.

    Space travel is impossible using rocket mass ejection technology. The more fuel carried needs the more fuel to accelerate it

    NASA lied about they landed on the moon and Mars.

    All fake Scientists have no method and instrument to measure speed in space is fact.

    Otherwise they can use it to prove earth speed in space. Why need made up math calculations to show it?

    Spacecraft needs precisely speed to navigate. Does anyone know What kind of speedometer is onboard every spacecraft measuring speed? Are Voyager and ISS use the same speedometer? How it works?

    Is Space X rocket landing a monkey show? Rocket Fuel is used to send payload to orbit not recover rockets. Parachute is much cheaper and safer.

    Seen star link trains in the sky before? Are those drones in the atmosphere? Why can’t we see ISS which is in lower orbit and 10000 times bigger? Does star link dish work if star link trains went out sight?

    NSSA said ISS needs to reboost its orbit once a while. How the rest thousands of satellites reboost their orbits?

    Rockets max burn time:

    Saturn V first stage: ~ 168 seconds. Falcon 9 first stage: ~ 170 seconds. Space Shuttle deorbit burn: ~ 240 seconds. Friendship 7: ~ 300 seconds.

    Rockets can burn only few minutes. How far it can go? All space missions are fake. NSSA sent 90 fake telescope into space already as they lied?

    ​All rockets burn out fuel and fall to earth/ocean. Otherwise we can put weapons in orbit and attack anyone.

    Did they really landed on Mars? Fake footages?

    Seen many private rockets using GoPro on the way up and down? Can NASA afford GoPro?

    Questioning is the beginning of wisdom.

    Predict the future 30 years

    1. NASA, CERN, LIGO etc been sued for cheating and stealing.
    2. Leading theoretical physicists such as Tyson etc, been put in jail for misleading the people.
    3. All space missions are proven faked, no more space travel.
    4. No more theoretical physics in schools. Einstein's theories proven all wrong. QM,the standard model proven all wrong.
    5. People are smarter, understand earth is the only home, there is no God, time travel is a lie, global warming is a lie, simulation is a lie, moon landing is a lie, fusion is a lie, free energy is a lie. black hole is a lie, gravity wave is a lie, big bang is a lie.
    6. China becomes new America.
    7. Japan south part falls to sea.
    8. China took Taiwan.
    9. Cancer cure.
    10. World peace.h

  3. This is FRANKENSTEIN ROCKET cobbled together from the parts of the dead Space Shuttle. IT CANNOT EVEN LAND ON THE MOON !!!!! NASA expects Elon Musk to do the actual landing. A joke. A disgrace. A complete loss of face. AND FRANKENSTEIN ROCKET CANNOT EVEN LAUNCH. I WILL BET ANYTHING IT WILL BLOW UP. Whogets the money? 30 billion dollars goes to BLACK ROCK!!!

  4. Failure to launch all right, that's where we are in the world today. Especially if it's about the space program. We used to beat the Russians, in the great space race; back then in 1969.

  5. If I was NASA, I would not submit to any political pressure to launch that thing until it's right. There's something basically wrong with it if it keeps springing leaks like this, something is faulty with the design or manufacture of the fuel system on that ship. I would take it down and disassemble, inspect and test every part if it if necessary. Even though it's un-manned, we don't need another Challenger disaster like event to further embarrass the United States. The cause of the Challenger explosion was known unreliable rocket o-ring seals that couldn't take cold, failed causing a leak that led to the fuel/oxygen tank exploding.

  6. SLS is an abject failure. This is what happens when NASA is forced to make major decisions based on politics instead of relying on Science and Engineering. If it wasn't for the private space sector, America wouldn't have a Space Program.

  7. Gravity is a Witch. That many tons of a candle not getting lit squishes all of those feul seals. Hydrogen gas explodes 1,000 times faster than gasoline. I learned that online and studied and wrote about that topic, in college to get a grade of a 4.0.

  8. “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." Jesus Christ
    Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, you and your household…

  9. $4 billion worth of failure so far.
    Supposed to shoot for Mars in the next decade and can't even get off the ground to get to the moon?

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Those bozos still believe in this nonsense. They spend billions for nothing, while people on earth are being told to consume less for the climate.

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