NASA’s trailblazing female spacewalk duo

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir about their careers and the mission to return Americans to the moon.

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29 thoughts on “NASA’s trailblazing female spacewalk duo

  1. So NASA is "working on getting people BACK to the Moon." …hmmm…
    Why not just go back Now?!?
    …you mean to tell me the sh*tty technology that was around decades ago had taken them to the moon; yet, they haven't been able to go back in recent years?!?🤔
    Technology back then wasn't even close to an iPhone that's in your pocket… yet, they went to the moon back then..
    So, with how advance technology is nowadays, WHY haven't they managed to Go Back to the Moon in recent years!?!? 🤔
    Someone enlighten me plz?

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  3. why is world news lying about the virus we all know it was made in Canada by chinese and financed by Gates and Biden it does not come from bats that is total bullshit

  4. I can't wait until Men's History Month. 🙂 Wait until you hear my list of people I would nominate as men pioneers in their fields, especially space. Very good yes.

  5. Aren't we in debt ? Where'd they get the money for all 60 rockets going. Up with 50×2 ea. billion gallons of gas per boosters each satellite rocket, + cost of satellite, + , and this ? What up . .uhhhhhh howso ? all trillions in debt never did that for you and i.

    But why scar need to be formed before one get protection from vaccination? 
    Cos if you injured, blood only can be seen flowing out from the wound for a while before flooded by a clear substance even the wound yet to close…

    That because red blood cell have 3 function and one of it, were locking themselves as interlock, when wound were detected, so temporary wall could be formed to block each blood vessel that could reach damaged area unless white blood cells which much smaller, can reach wounded area for repairing work. 

    And why BCG vaccination area usual swell and leave a scar becos white blood cells have function too upon detected weak bacteria entering body as BCG. 
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