NBC News Projects Trump Will Win Nebraska | NBC News

NBC News has projected that President Trump will win the state of Nebraska.
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NBC News Projects Trump Will Win Nebraska | NBC News


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44 thoughts on “NBC News Projects Trump Will Win Nebraska | NBC News

  1. About 10,000 absentee ballots left to count in Georgia's Fulton County

    From CNN's Nick Valencia

    Georgia’s largest county has about 10,000 absentee ballots left to count, Fulton County elections director Richard Barron told CNN early Thursday morning.  
    Update New

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  3. wake up Americans you have a president with balls if he wins biden wins the new world order !! save the world by voting trump

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  5. Its obvious democrats are cheating. No offense, but if Biden wins, our society is in for a ride. I vote Trump. If u seen some videos, Biden has bad communication and memory problems.

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  7. TRUMP 2020!!!

    Democrats have their election stealing strategy in place but it’s quite obvious they were not expecting having to try to pull it off from this far behind.
    Trump/aka the American people voiced their opinion… we are not controlled by the liberals, the media, these so called “celebrities”… we choose to live by the constitution/law and order/the American way.
    If you cannot handle that then contact a local Trump supporter near you today. They will gladly and respectfully help you move out the country like you promised the first time.

  8. Trump is full of neck and bluster. Yes he did better than expected. but he is worried. Biden won a key state Nebraska which is crucial. Trump has been bluffing for the last four years. We needed a change and clinton was a disaster. Trump has been divisive and internationally a disaster.

  9. Congrats, U. S. You just voted in a dictator, he can do whatever he wants, world Will think majority of you racists. If trumps gets involved in more serious issues, and gets a way with it, you are to blame, you have right to vote your way. But here come s facisism, communism, ok Putin ,China celebration
    Trump going to take more advantage of laws, power, he will arrest people, just you wait. Great day for American nazi,s too. Oh well, it's only 4 years, it will go fast. I sympathize with Biden voters one half America has sense. And that half is going to suffer from this election. Stay strong, America still great, b you will half to work harder on your government. Just because economic issues good for the billionaires, there may be less freedom America will have if Trump wins, looks like he will
    If he doesn't , don't mean to be harsh, but you have a huge amount of racists in your country. My god, these people, some of them will be in Military. I hope nothing bad happens, for you,wish you well, but it is scary
    I don't know, how healing process is going to start. But to be fair to Trump, media is to blame, constant coverage and criticism of Trump, made people think he never had a chance to run country from day one. Mr. Trump, if you win , try and heal country don't worry about numbers, forgive, and have a a positive policy for more under priveledged Americans, yes some are working, but minimum wage, barely enough to survive. Stop hobnobbing with only the rich. You held that bible in your hand, which really a book for the poor and downtrodden. Please make this term more generous and caring. I do believe that fake news too. If anybody destroys democracy will be American media, you want freedom of the press, you have it, but you overdid it. Despite everything, congrats to winner, I'm Canadian, and want to see healing for America, may be Trump will do just that. He has had his 4 year lesson. Good Luck.

  10. Prayers going up for the President to win again .Biden ain't able to run business for America , and Harris is such a smart mouth and her laughing all the time is rediculus . Vote Trump 2020 🙏🇺🇸

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