NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 12th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

New body camera footage in deadly police shooting of Daunte Wright, George Floyd’s brother Philonise testifies in Chauvin trial, and at least 1 dead in Tennessee high school shooting.

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00:00 Intro
02:32 Police: Deadly Shooting Of Daunte Wright ‘Accidental’
02:56 Chief: Officer Mistakenly Fired Gun Instead Of Taser
03:33 Protesters And Police Clash After Daunte Wright Shooting
03:48 Officer On Administrative Leave After Fatal Shooting
04:15 State Of Emergency In Twin Cities After Violent Unrest
04:35 Judge Denies Request To Sequester Chauvin Trial Jury
05:07 Heart Doctor: Floyd’s Death ‘Absolutely Preventable’
05:32 Floyd’s Brother Brought To Tears On The Stand
05:56 Use Of Force Expert: Floyd Wasn’t A Threat While Restrained
06:10 Chauvin’s Attorney’s Prepare To Make Their Defense
07:09 Tennessee School Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, Officer Injured
08:31 Officer Fired After Pepper Spraying Black Army Officer
10:22 CDC Chief: Michigan Should ‘Shut Things Down’ To Stop Surge
11:13 U.S. Administering 3 Million Vaccinations A Day
11:31 Many States Report Rare ‘Breakthrough Infections’
12:20 EX-NFL Coach Charged In Crash That Severely Injured Girl
12:58 John Boehner On Trump Biden & The Future Of Politics
15:13 Prince William & Harry Pay Tribute To Prince Philip
15:56 Jon Stewart’s Fight For Iraq & Afghanistan War Veterans

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 12th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News


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46 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 12th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Literally most of the country sees through this BS narrative. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN all of you are like watching satire.

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  3. If you want to die just argue with a cop and ignore their orders.
    You'll be lucky if all you get is a billy club in the teeth.
    What's the alternative? Police say; Oh well, they're not complying. I guess we'll try later.
    Maybe offer them an ice cream and a pony?

  4. Virginia….. watch the "white nationalist" teach the younger how to be a rascist piece of crap.
    Million dollar n fine is not enough. Removal of the ability to serve in any public saftey what so ever. Career ender.

  5. The policeman knelt on the neck of Floyd who was treated like a butcher's pig on the floor should be sentenced to dead. The judge, please let other people try to kneel down on that policeman's neck like that and see if he can still breathe.

  6. The training of all U.S. law enforcement officers must be changed immediately, in order for these senseless acts of murder by police to stop. If your kitchen faucet drips constantly for years, you fix it by completely taking it apart and removing the faulty parts, replacing it with new parts. Drip is gone.
    Solution: All U.S. law enforcement must complete at least 75 hours of training in proper diversity training. That includes:
    1. The class trainer is African American and ONLY African American.
    2. The classes are taught by ONLY African Americans. The trainers and guests of trainers include; Law enforcement officers, community leaders, clergy, teachers, business owners, mayors, city council members, mothers, fathers and those who have experienced, first hand, police brutality.
    3. The law enforcement officers being trained, are assessed, scrutinized, and evaluated during said training, by the trainers, to detect if any officer being trained, shows signs of being racist or not. If racist. They are fired. Immediately.
    Fix the inherent issue. Incomplete and bad training.
    RIP Daunte Wright 💔💔💔

  7. I have compassion for veterans.but what about the ppl, innocent ppl, in the regions where the US waged an illegal war for two decades now. Talk about PTSD and all manner of suffering. That’s all on us in the US.

  8. So they also "temporarily" suspended the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I recall that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a “viral vector” vaccine, the same active ingredient as AstraZeneca, and therefore it is not surprising that it gave rise to the same thrombotic risk through the formation of clots.

    However, the "mRna" vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, certainly do not enjoy a better reputation, since some leading virologists, following serious adverse reactions occurring after their administration, have begun to suspect their safety, not collected by the press. Following these warnings, I decided to do a personal research and I found two interesting studies on the subject, which I published a few days ago, hoping that some independent virologist would analyze them to understand if the thesis contained in them had any foundation. It is true that the two studies predate the creation of anticovid vaccines, but it is also true that this is more in their favor than against, as they cannot be suspected of malicious bias towards these vaccines. In them is expressed the thesis according to which the substances introduced into the body in order to neutralize the spike protein, can cause an abnormal and disproportionate reaction of the antibodies, such as to create serious damage to the lungs, as their experiments on animals have shown . It is known that current mRna vaccines are based precisely on the principle of neutralization of the spike protein.

    I always hope that more serious checks will be carried out and without conflict of interest, but at the same time I fear that the vaccine machine will instead be pushed to an ever greater speed, without any regard for any risks that its run entails. On the other hand, in the last press conference, our Prime Minister Draghi told us in no uncertain terms that if we want to return to enjoy some minimum freedom, we will have to undergo perpetual vaccinations several times a year, against all viruses and possible variants, up to the complete implementation of the vaccination plan. In the same conference he added, with a strange expression on his face, that future contracts with pharmaceutical companies will be done a little better than those of the previous government. So I asked myself: better in what sense?

    I think this may also be of interest to American friends.

  9. R's took Whitmer's emergency powers away to shut things down. Its not her fault. She's doing what she can. We have a ton of anti mask and anti vax people here that continue to travel and spread the virus. We also have a ton of people who don't know how or refuse to wear a mask correctly. Whitmer knows she can only hope to get more of us vaccinated. I'm really no fan of hers after she lumped essential works in with the rest of the population, but I do understand her limits right now.

  10. Crazy spring break nonsense in Florida equals huge outbreaks in states where the youths return 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷🏽

  11. This tragedy could be avoided if police are properly trained. It is obvious that they are not. Money is also not employed to debrief officers after traumatic events. Not trying to make excuses but the truth is we are putting poorly trained people out there on the street to protect us?

  12. Why fight with the police, especially when you know you've done something wrong, and that's why you're being arrested. Also you must realize and know by now, after all that has happened over the past several years, that you may very well be killed. I don't see why many people like myself, if and when the police approaches you, just ask what is it that they want? There's no reason to have an attitude, raise your voice or be upset, or even mad. In fact that may very well be the type and kind of response some "unsavory police," (if you know the type and kind of police I'm referring to); wants to get out and from you.That way that certain type of police can have it to say, "you were being unruly, disorderly, hostile", etc. Especially now that there's bodycams; and it will give credibility to that certain type of police, "that all they did was to stop you and ask a few questions," and of course, "there was some type of crime that was committed in the area, and somehow you look like the description that was given to the police."
    I can't even begin to tell all of you how many times I've heard and had to deal with that in my life; and I'm over 60 years of age. We need our so called leaders and others who are on the higher rungs of the ladder of life; to run programs and shops in our communities to help and show the people who are not aware, of how to interact with the police. Everyone take care and be safe.

  13. I have a friend with medical conditions related to burn pits. He has been waiting for help for more than 5 years. A mess and tragedy to see for our wounded warrior.

  14. Why are we still talking about George Floyd, he's not on trial here, the evidence is shown to the whole world, what exactly happened, that this Police officer is definately wrong, in his actions, which resulted in death of Mr Floyd and stop the killing, and murders of black Americans

  15. It's a pure numbers game. It's a vaccine that's been rushed, what could we possibly expect?? I knew some of these vaccines would back fire on us. These vaccines can take up to 5 years to be approved by the FDA. They are trying to complete all the testing and get mainstream approval within a year. Totally insane!!

  16. Here we go again all these protests covid cases people wake up the end of time is very near get ready and repent

  17. How does a Hispanic Police Officer racially profile a Hispanic Army Officer ? I am not supporting this action but . "racially profiling" seems to be the wrong term to describe what has happened .

  18. You can't be trying to run bro. You got a scared white lady with a gun who has no problem shooting you. I feel like he wanted to get shot. We aren't there yet. Let us work for a few more years then we can get the equality we are looking for.

  19. We are where the few in power want us , fighting each other for scraps….Stop the blind ignorant hate….take part in bringing all Americans together and building our family’s and nation. By thinking and taking part in local politics and your community to help others move forward and do better in life. Love your Nieghbor’s and lend a helping hand , stop judging, open your mind empathy and love are what we need and that takes courageous people to act not watch when we need each other.

  20. For God's sake cops… Leave your gun in it's holster unless a suspect draws on you, or shoots at you! And get some DE-esculation training!!! Period.

  21. I see why people commit acts of what is perceived as terrorism because they are tired of the abuse from law enforcement and the government and feel utterly helpless when they continue to perpetuate violence and injustice. They always call for peace and calm after the fact . They should be telling that to those in law enforcement !

  22. No it was not a accident. She planned it. She has 26 years being a police officer so she knew what she had pointed at the young man listen how many times she said Taser and she knew to say oh!*****. So she can make us feel at home so it was an accident. But nope I got her number I can see all through that mess she trying to pull.

  23. we are living in wicked evil days……we are living in the LAST DAYS….things will get worse not better….the only escape is Jesus Christ the Son of THE LIVING GOD.

  24. Police Officers are trigger happy, this woman officer is crazy took her GUN out for a Teaser! and shoot him you must no the difference between both teaser don't has a clip to hold,what is going on in America!!! This is insane and out of hand. more madness in that city. Minneapolis! Just throw more gasoline into the fire!!! Hmmm.

  25. He resisted arrest and he put his own life in danger. Bottom line. Correction-this man was not unamarmed he was being detonated for a warrant on illegal weapon warrant you phonies. This has nothing to do with the fact he is colored, but the fact he is a CRIMINAL!

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