Netflix shares tumble after company reports losing 200K subscribers l GMA

The streaming service’s stock was down 25% in after-hours trading after announcing its first quarterly subscriber loss in over a decade.

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30 thoughts on “Netflix shares tumble after company reports losing 200K subscribers l GMA

  1. Every other streaming platform charges an annual fee… But the monthly fee is where it stings. I quit Netflix 10 months ago, although it has some great shows but I don't find them worth spending money on. Plus, payment methods are limited in India with Debit Cards still not being included

  2. Se están viendo muy avorazados aparte su contenido es repetitivo, y muy barato especialmente le hacen mucho publicidad a los narcotraficantes a mí no me gusta los narcotraficantes hablan muchos de drogas breaking Bad was a good show but enough is enough we need some more new ideas more

  3. Clowns claiming they canceled Netflix for being woke are straight up liars. Netflix were woke for over a decade now, and all sudden you’re canceling now? If it’s get woke go broke then how come they hit 700 per share? Stick to the economics, it’s better for your bottom line instead of focusing on useless politics. The facts of the matter is this, Netflix need the next big hit. Squid Game and old shows like Stranger Things have played out and new quality content like The Witcher are too few in between. Netflix need their own Game of Thrones.

  4. Everything I like gets canceled after 3 seasons or less. I stopped investing my time into watching any of their original series because of this and moved on to HBO Max or Amazon cause it's stuff you know you'll be able to follow past a few seasons. They also got rid of most of the documentaries they used to have. At some point it turned into a zombie and vampire media streaming service and most of those you know are going to get canceled too. What's the point?

  5. They’re content is getting very bad now. Disappointed in what they have to offer in the last couple months. And then still got a price increase. If they start ads >> I’m out

  6. It's because we see you groomers and we will not support you. You have been outed. Either go back to quality entertainment without your woke nonsense in everything or fail. America is not with you and you are learning that in lost revenue. Congrats!

  7. I'm not paying for ads. None of the other services are mentioning password sharing. Who would password share you only get a couple streams. None of the other services are as expensive and so limited. They need to get on board with the rest or they will be history.

  8. LMAO
    Good for them! 👏 !! Netflix is a cheap wanna be movie quality alternative ! a pathetic joke with an over flooding of crap quality production garbage low budget series . same can also be said about other streaming crap companies :HBO and Disney and Amazon! Who wants to go backwards in Video entertainment ?? and watch sheeety video quality streams , washed out colors, terrible banding , and stream adjusting at certain times , compression, prioritization and worst of all low budget series after series !

    The only thing good was the Marco Polo series that had a massive budget Kobra Kai is great since it is nostalgic . But other than that a blu-ray disc and a movie theatre experience can never be matched by this garbage streaming ! Why ? because data bandwidth is not free and it is never ever consistent ! now more than ever!!
    Streaming is going backwards ! and is still going backwards! All to make tons off of subscribers!

    Sorry but people are going back to Movie theatre’s and I just got the Spider-man Blu-ray and it is 5 star quality.
    Fk your subscriptions crap series model taken right out of the online gamers /losers book!

  9. I just canceled my Netflix subscription. They rarely have have movies I want to watch. I will not a support a company that hates me.

  10. I left Netflix about 2 years ago cause they didn't have many videos that I wanted to watch, I now play subscription musical chairs. I'll subscribe to one service for a month then switch to another and so on, YouTube also has a lot of content and there are many free subscriptions available as well.

  11. Netflix lost 200K net subscribers in first quarter; lost 700K members when it suspended service in Russia after it invaded Ukraine. Competition has increased also. Netflix was what cord cutters went with. Now one who does not use cable or DTV has numerous choices for streaming services.

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