New UN climate report issues stark warning

The new U.N. climate change report strongly recommends reducing carbon emissions as quickly as possible by phasing out and replacing all fossil fuel infrastructure with renewable energy.

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35 thoughts on “New UN climate report issues stark warning

  1. Dear Leaders of this world,

    I'm assuming that you recognize climate change is at the tipping point. Please understand that our immediate course of action is a governmental choice, and it is not

    a choice that should be decided by big business interests. Our behavior is the real problem. Technology is indirectly the cause of climate change. Think of technology as a gun.

    Guns don't kill. People kill. Behavior is the direct cause of climate change. Our behavior is guided by an incorrect definition of "Profit". Behavioral correction must come first, before any

    other efforts to rescue our Environment. If we allow our business infrastructure to replace fossil fuel with solar power before we correct our behavior, then our wrongful behavior

    will deliver the last bullet to our Environment.

    There is only one "first step" that will make every other step a workable method.

    Acknowledge that this world is dedicated to an erroneous definition of Profit, and then, correct the dictionary definition of Profit. Everything that we need to sustain our lives comes to us

    from the Environment. Isn't it odd that the word Environment is nowhere to be found in our current dictionary definition of Profit, in light of the fact that all of our sustenance, our actual gain, is provided by the Environment? "Profit = income – expenses" is the single cause of the extreme Environmental damages and it is the cause of most homelessness.

    The new definition of Profit must be clear about protecting our actual gain i.e., the Environment. I have tried a few definitions of Profit and the best I have come up with so far is this:

    Profit = our gratefulness and loving care, for the Environment, and the sustenance it provides to all of us.

    I understand that this definition of Profit will require an entirely new world economy and that such change will be a difficult task. It is a difficult thing to change one's own behavior

    so naturally it will be difficult to correct the behavior of about eight billion people. Do it! Profit is the written guideline of our behavior; ergo, it is of the utmost importance that we

    properly define Profit. "Profit = income – expenses" is our death knell. Sustenance is our real Profit and it needs the highest form of protection.

    P.S. I'm capitalizing Profit and Environment so that we are always reminded that they are inextricably connected, and they are our lifeline.

    P.S. Time is running out. Under the guidelines of this new definition of Profit, bankruptcy will be a thing of the past. Millions of new jobs will be created for our Environmental task force.

    Manufactured goods will a.) last a lifetime, and b.) be upgradeable. Everyone who can work will work. Imagine how much less damage will be done to the environment.

    Stop treating the environment as an expense and start treating it as our Profit. We gladly give our Profit the highest forms of protection.

  2. Renewable Energy ♻️🌎 Energy Revolution
    1 Wind energy 2 Hydropower
    3 Solar energy 4 Geothermal Energy
    5 Ocean tide energy (Tidal power/wave🌊)
    6 Gravitational “Potential energy”

    By the way
    “Geothermal energy” is “24 hours” Reliable energy

    Lower carbon / Lower Methane
    Lower pollution (Environmental Justice)

    transmission to Green Energy (Clean and Safe)

  3. Oil company's Lobbying and Green Washing are disgusting.
    Fossil fuels lobby (globally)
    Oil firms spending millions lobbying to block climate change policies.
    oil and gas companies spent at least €251m lobbying the European Union over climate policies. Lobbying was also influential in Canada and Australia during the 2010s.

  4. We had better get a move on with those nuclear power stations, the next mini ice age started a few years ago, is speeding up rapidly. Once large amounts of cold water flood out of Antartica, the ocean's circulation will stop. The ice age can then happen almost ovenight. No more Gulf Steam for Europe. Expect famine, war and disease. By 2030, or sooner, it will be here. Nothing we can do except try and survive, Get your weapons ready to protect your property and food. Grow you own as much as you can if possible. There will be no electricity as the grid will be fried by plasma bursts in a couple of years caused by the electromagnetic reversal of the planet.

  5. UN has been in bed with the WEF since 2019 and wants the great reset by 2030. Centralized government. Living in smart cities. Eating lab grown meat. No more rural communities. No more connection with nature. Take a crap on the face of a native Americans. Etc etc etc basically welcome to your authoritarian social credit system civilized evil hell. They probably won’t even let you go near a river to take a dip in it. Enjoy your cage kids. They have all the power and you have none. Plus the same people in charge of this have been withholding real energy solutions for you while they profited from oil and gas for generations. Those are your real leaders. Those are your masters. Don’t forget to read the fine print of the UN climate goals.
    The most they can do is scare the hell out of you and treat you like a farm animal to be herded up and brainwashed with lies.

  6. It is too late. We cannot convert quickly enough. To covert residential properties, businesses, and automobiles with would take an enormous increases in baseline electricity production and the only way to do that would be to build nuclear power plants and it would take a hundreds of those. The US alone would need to add 50,000 megawatt a year to get to all electric by 2035 and the grid would have to be greatly improved. We simply don't have the time. (The permafrost has already started to melt. Methane is five times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. A Russian scientist raised the alarm on this a decade ago, but he was ignored, and now we find that Alaska also has a lot of permafrost. There is just no way we can add the necessary capacity fast enough to avoid it. This is why the timeline has changed. Scientist finally started to take into account the rising methane levels as a result of the melting permafrost. If you have not had children, my advice is to not have any. I will be dead by the time we start to see the most serious results of climate change, but children alive today will live to see it.)

  7. If it hasn't happened by now it's never going to happen when You have Dictators running countries like the U.S., China, Russia, and North Korea doing whatever the Hell they want. Biden Letting more and more into the U.S. to contribute to more of the Pollution in the States. Putin Invaded the Ukraine and Seized Control of Chernobyl Kicking up more Radioactive Dust and Launching Missiles into space almost killing everyone on the International Space Station including 3 Russians. and The You got North Korea Launching more and more Missiles discharging more exhaust in the air from the Missiles. And then You got China conducting War game exercises in there Desert on Mock U.S. Naval Ships and conducting science experiments that unleashed Covid on the World and god knows what else there hiding. And then all these countries and others still depend on Nuclear capabilities for Power and Weapons. If the World Leaders were going to Concede to Global Warming they would have done it already. All they care about is Money and Political Aspirations no matter how many people on the Planet they Kill!

  8. So either we shut down most, or all of the petroleum-based world energy resources or we face worldwide doom. Let's do that and go back to burning wood and grass and living like 14th century Europe: serfdom. (sarcasm) Give me petroleum and prayer.😆

  9. How much are the white west paying to the global south to prevent the catastrophie? After all the major consumers in the world are white western people that has led to this situation. This is a racial war and the white west now realises the damage it has caused to the planet after centuries of exploitation, colonisation, imperialism and the domination of the global south and now wants to limit the development of people of color in the global south without contributing substantially towards combating climate change by continuing to dominate the world.

  10. punish criminal car industry, make small light very cheap electric cars, changeable batteries with few solar plates to load. THIS I wrote years ago , and everybody was criticising this, maybe now your listing, you stupid humans, >>>> virus is just first warning, brainless politicians 2050 CO2 neutral, what a crap, till this time this old fucks will be dead already and wash their hands in innocence. If no radical changes will come, in 2050 you can make the movie Mad Max reality, VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB (PERMAFROST) , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet
    Further to mention: rising water levels, more CO2 makes quality of food production less, climate refugees, war, extreme weather events, extinction of plants and animals (humans), oceans will change in chemical way, burning of our woods, drought, diseases, plagues, earth quakes, pressure in Earth's crust, maybe rotation of planet, human conflicts about food and water and so on ………….

  11. Good luck with that. We've been saying this for decades, but all that has happened (here in the U.S. at least, the world's largest polluter) is corporations have acquired an even greater stranglehold over our government than before. And when sh*t really starts to hit the fan, the naysayers will pretend that they were right all along and that the "end times" are here. 🤦‍♂️ There is no limit to human stupidity, and unfortunately that will more than likely be the cause of our demise.

  12. 🌎 net zero by 2030 not 2050! Cut all fossil fuel subsidies immediately n give them to geothermal tidal wind and solar. Green new deal! Also the trillion tree program especially in key regions. Lastly outlaw clearcutting and thin instead and switch alternative products like hemp n brick when possible 🌳 p.s. eat less red meat

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  14. So basically we put out our reserve instead of taking Friday m the ground what we have. The reserve will run out and if we end up in a war footing we will be S.O.L

  15. Protest outside Oil company CEO's houses and treat them and their family members as if they were US vote officials.

    Photos of Russian oligarchs and their yachts are shown in the media. Where are the photos of European and American Oil executives?

    Looks like the Russian oligarchs spent the Russian weapons money on yachts & holiday resorts.

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