New video shows final chase that ended manhunt for Casey White, Vicky White l GMA

Exclusive new images reveal the dramatic high-speed chase that led to the arrest of the capital murder suspect and the correction officer’s final moments.

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43 thoughts on “New video shows final chase that ended manhunt for Casey White, Vicky White l GMA

  1. That jailhouse mind manipulation is a mothafucka. I know men who aren't getting out of jail no time soon and have pen pals who they write and convince them to send them money and pay for appeal attorneys and these simple minded women oblige their request. Most females whom fall victim to the trickery are low self esteem females who have been shown little to no affection from a man. The slightest interest from a man can and will pollute their mind to defy logic.

  2. We betcha she got it beside the head by someone else….a typical throw down gun… sketchy…or escapey of setting him up…..proof she did not want to kill her self was..her comment let's just get out in run…..claiming her go on..

  3. I've been a bondsman for 19 yrs and I haven't kissed a man in almost 7. I'm very attractive and have been approached by the people I bond out of jail and their co-signer however I have great self-esteem and know my worth. have lived alone with my dogs for 17 yrs now with no man to really call my own or help me and I have no family either. So nope I'm sorry she has no excuse She had all the reasons to have great self-esteem too with her position she should have been proud to have accomplished what she did to get to where she was. I have no excuse for this woman, morally she was weak and had no integrity to do what she did. She shot herself because she couldn't face the people that believed in her and couldn't bear to see the disappointment on their faces. She was a coward and no I don't feel sorry for her at all. She lied and she cheated the system and she put the public and law enforcement in grave danger. She belonged in that prison as much as he did. If it wasn't for her planning they wouldn't have been on the run as long as they were putting the public in danger. I do however feel so sorry for her mother and the people she now has instilled mistrust in their soul to. She will continue to do her damage to each and every person that trusted her and loved her from her grave betrayal.

  4. Poor woman was probably very lonely and vulnerable. When you are in that position in life predators will manipulate you to get what they want. The devil shows up at the door disguised as everything you ever wanted.

  5. Grown people and just stupid as hell??? Wtf?? Are people really this ridiculous?? Where did they think they were going to go?? I mean seriously, did they actually think that they were not going to be apprehended??? People are stupid as hell these days? It’s actually unbelievable just how stupid these ridiculous people actually are. Ridiculous

  6. I like how the media had to make it clear that Casey and Vicky were not related. Not because both of their last names were White, but because both were from- Inbred Central, Alabama.🤣

  7. Crazy how she planned everything so perfectly months before, have a fake vehicule etc with a 6h headstart only to go 1h at a carwash and 6 days at a hotel in the same city. mindblogging
    If I was on the chase = you NEVER go to the hotel, they always have 500 cameras

  8. I initially felt a little sorry for her too, but why would any of you feel sorry for her now after what the sheriff in Indiana said? Vicky & Casey were prepared to die by having a shootout with law enforcement.

    They wanted to & would have wounded and/or killed cops/marshals if they didn’t cause them to wreck into the ditch. They are both disgusting effing pigs now! Good riddance to these lowlifes!

  9. THEY BETTER GIVE THE REWARD TO JAMES THAT GAVE THE COPS THE INFO OR THEY WILL LOSE ALL SUPPORT FROM THE PUBLIC! Law enforcement already has a bad reputation! They BETTER PAY OUT THE REWARD MONEY TO THE WORKER AT THE CAR WASH! Just use Vicky White’s money for god‘s sake don’t make law-enforcement look like crap!!!!

  10. Dam vicky wanted a peace of that wild life girl pushing that whip too shame tho she was lonley she wanted some of that 6,foot 9!! Like i said he never had anything to loose he was already gone in the beginning all that was, was a 11 day field trip for him to get out and have some fun he knew he was going to get caught eventually, trust me the man a celebrity in prison rn. Mans plugged in for sure in there, sad how things turn out

  11. I just love the female reporter screaming…DID YOU KILL CASEY. Really. WE ARE all watching. We know the out come….THIS STUPID REPORTER QUESTION is why i DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS TRASH….SHAME ON YOU STIRRING THE POT…..

  12. She must of been really desperate for a man, just like my female neighbor who she moved in but that's a whole other story!

  13. The amount of planning she put into it is crazy & had plenty time to come to her senses and not go through with it. Crazy what love or lust will have you doing.
    Would really have loved to her what she had to say but the full truth & planning and thoughts through the process. Doubt she would've said full truth though.
    Curious with amount of planning she seems to have put into it why they were in a place for so long and didn't last longer tbh with the knowledge she had of police. I'm not surprised she took her life the shame & embarrassment alone then facing up to it wow

  14. Loneliness is a horrible thing. A successful Career does not guarantee Happiness.
    In her short time with this Man, I hope she felt fulfilled.
    Nothing is promised. Whatever she decided, she was at peace with herself.
    Rest In Peace 🌹

  15. He's back in Alabama sitting in a cell. And he will not be ever be aloud to set foot outside again. When he was about to step foot in the Prison. A detective told him that he will never ever be breathing fresh air again. He will be treated poorly which mean's less meal's then other inmates at the prison receives. And he will not be aloud to receive any pic's of him or Vickie. And i was like he's lying when i seen the video of him saying help his wife. Wil yes they are married and detectives are figuring out how they was legally married. The judge had the marriage dismissed and terminated which mean's they are not legally married anymore. And Vickie White from which i heard she will be brought back to Alabama and her ash's will be in the Law Enforcement Department.

  16. Imagine throwing ur life away, pension you worked all ur life to get, and selling your home so you can run away with a 20 year old younger man thats a convicted murderer, animal abuser, robber, list goes on 🤯

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