New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to resist calls to resign l GMA

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand have joined the growing chorus of voices urging the governor to step down after accusations of sexual harassment.


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33 thoughts on “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to resist calls to resign l GMA

  1. Cuomo is a lightweight. He gave licenses to illegal Latinos, and a scrooge; more for Government, less for taxpayers, his angle. Imposing sales tax on online purchasers with the express intent of raising prices in an already fractured economy. This is handiwork you'd expect out of someone in power (The late Stan Gortikov R.I.A.A; a man who had the heart of a flea). BUT, there IS more than one. Andrew Cuomo is another soulless Centipede In Power.

  2. Yeah he needs to resign and needs to be punished after through investigation of the allegations made against him. This is horrible.

  3. Leave Governor alone! Democrats and others, let the investigation go forward first and get the results. All the things that the former President said and did, nothing was done really. I think all should stop calling for the NY Governor to resign !!!!!#

  4. Power are extremely addictive to dems. This also explains why they want to import more illegal immigrants who will turn into dems voters

  5. I think everyone needs to stay quiet….because this is a GOP'S stunts again…yes right that woman is lying ….she wants the man. .I am sure you men had done the same….judging..Democrats need to.. shut up and ask those damn GOP'S that roit the Capitol on January 6th…

  6. It's a conspiracy. Those women were paid to accuse him. TRUMP ??? That's what I think. Now I don't like the Democrats .. He has been doing a good job while New Yorkers have been in crisis ..

  7. Very true! Men including our sons and grandsons are in danger of faults accusations! My husband and I talk about it all the time, men can’t say a word, or touch a hand or anything normal as a human, they will be accused of sexual harassment! So now men are better to hire men then woman because a women can destroyed a man for nothing! Men are better off not talking to women, how can they date, what about our teens dating, that will end too, because of the me movement, if this keeps up we will all become isolated in our homes! The me movement is getting way out of control, destroying people from being human caring, loving people towards each other, fear! Human contact which is needed in most cases, will be gone because of fear of touching, or hugging someone that needs a hug!

  8. Firstly, since when are allegations a crime? To ask for Cuomo's resignation is to convict him of crimes which are allegations only. The U.S jurisprudence is based on Innocence until proven guilty. Secondly, men by nature are the "aggressors" when it involves heterosexual relationships – since the dawn of time. When "did purportedly sexual touching" warranted or amounted to a trial and sentence of Mr. Cuomo in a court of Public Opinion. Mostly this is football politicking. Those calling for his removal fear being on the wrong side of public scrutiny. Mr. Cuomo has done nothing close to what a former POTUS has admitted that he grabbed women "down there." Yet this man went on to become the POTUS. Thirdly, you have successfully accomplished twenty given tasks and have apparently botched ONE and you are now vehemently criticized for this "botched ONE". What a bloody shame!

  9. Governor from New York if me I don't have to go no where he need to take the test. And all that girl need to take a test too. and will see who tell to true becauset they don't have not thing to show. To true is hard to believe. Them only one thing right now need to take the test. Who tell the true. I am a woman. I don't trust a women too

  10. I don’t think he should Resign Trump did not so let this man fight to the end in court and if the so-call allegation is true let them prove it or if it’s just a flirt then why should he lost is job.
    What about everyone done a Lie detector test because as we aware that lots of you people full of double standards and quick to point fingers but one would shocked to see or find out about the house you play in.

  11. Cuomo is innocent until proven guilty there needs to be an investigation the timing of all these allegations are very suspect🤔 Cuomo may be being railroaded.. someone is out to get him out of office

  12. This is a bloody witch hunt, orchestrated by his political opponents. Cuomo is no more responsible for the deaths in the homes than any other official in other cities world wide. Every Country, state, province, city, town that has senior residences has lost too many lives and it is not the Governor's fault. He did more for the people during the pandemic than any other politician including the US president at the time. If you want to point a finger and take action against anyone, point at Trump who not only ignored the pandemic, he actually down played it and caused more deaths, not only in senior homes but in younger people as well and Trump was and is more of a sexual preditor than this esteemed governor.

  13. The best thing about " funeral face" getting what he deserves, is this station NOBODY! watches. Real American's are shutting off these commie networks, which means nobody's listening to their commercials and buying their products. We will win America.

  14. Cuomo had better not resign over this. Resign over his handling of Covid, okay, but not for trying to date a young woman. From what I've heard all he did was say he liked young women and he'd like to start dating. How is that a crime? Did he pull his junk out and expose himself? Did he tell them you better do this or you won't get the job? Did he grab some woman and force her to kiss him or cop a feel in his office? If he resigns over this silliness all he's doing is making it harder for the rest of us men. Correction, dating age men who want a relationship with a woman, of which I am not a member. If it is unacceptable to tell a woman she's pretty, or ask her out, or make your intentions known, American men should just turn their backs on American women and go overseas to find their partners. Over there, women actually like to be complimented and flirted with, and they don't take you to court if you're not their type.

  15. Cuomo deliberately seeded nursing homes with covid patients to bring up the death count and ramp up the fear and hysteria necessary to push his unconstitutional lockdown agenda. The media was complicit then and now is blowing up a sex scandal to distract from the Covid scam being unmasked. Pure evil. Time to bring back public execution for the people who have created this horror.

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