Not ‘Naturally Anything’: The History Of The Latino Vote And How It Played Out In 2020 | NBC News

Trump gained support among Latino voters this election. Professor Geraldo Cadava breaks down the evolution of the Hispanic Republican vote.
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Not ‘Naturally Anything’: The History Of The Latino Vote And How It Played Out In 2020 | NBC News


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27 thoughts on “Not ‘Naturally Anything’: The History Of The Latino Vote And How It Played Out In 2020 | NBC News

  1. You have to realize Hispanic is not a race it only means you speak Spanish you have to understand there’s -White Hispanics-Black hispanics-Asian Hispanic-Native Hispanics— we don’t all think the same

  2. To understand the Hispanic voter divide in America you have to understand the history of Latin America. There were two classes of people in Latin America–land owners and the landless peasants who worked the land as sharecroppers. The revolutions ousted the land owners and the land owners fled to the United States. The Cuban Americans in Miami are the ousted land owners. We had a second waive that followed who were the Hispanics who came to the US to work. The dream, even to this day, for the land owning US Hispanic is for the Cuban government to collapse and for the United States to go into Cuban and restore their property rights. One reason we cannot have normal relations with Cuba is the argument over reparations for Cuban Americans who owned property in Cuba before the revolution. The political divide is the land owning immigrants are Republicans and the landless sharecroppers are Democrats. So it really isn't capitalism versus communism, it's peasants' land ownership.

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  4. This election drew the line…I will never associate myself as Latina! Chicana or Mexican-American! I will not be in the same group as the vendidos in TX and Florida…so dissapointed. It's alright we are still pulling ahead! #votelikeamadre

    This lady worked on 11/3 10:00 pm to 11/4 5:00 am in the voting center. She said whole night only counted 7,000 votes but after she arrived at home about 7:00 am. The votes were increase hundred thousand more. That is no way within such a short time period, the workers can count such a big volume of vote tickets. She also mentioned when she have questions about the unqualified vote, a group of people surrounding her.

  6. Latinos need to stop voting republicans in general. As a very highly educated Mexican US citizen I am telling you that most US born latinos have the wrong idea in politics. By nature all latinos are democrats. The latino religious beliefs pull them towards republicans because republicans tend to assimilate to their religious views but not over what is really important for them. You can be religious all you want 24/7 but you can't use that to friends with republicans because at the end of the day…the republicans will turn around and stab you in the back over and over and over…and you should not be like "stab me more, more, more, more" Then they complain…."ohh the government is unfair to us"…no not really….they decided to vote in huge numbers for their oppressors. Why? Because of lack of knowledge and just following what their friends are saying and not really getting informed on their own who really will help them and the same oppressors lying to them using their religion. The democratic party offers way more the benefits latinos are looking by far more than the republican party…and yes…there are religious democrats too. At first I thought I was republican but as time passed dude I am way too democratic to even start thinking about republicans and their insane hate for minorities. Democrats are racist asf too but most will be tolerant and willing to work things out. Republicans not so much they will turn into Karens in no time if they don't see you as an equal.

  7. Try to understand black voters too. We are not all the same. They keep allowing lighter skinned Hispanics through the boarder and they block the darker skinned Immigrants from entering the country. That's racism that needs to be exposed

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  9. Aaaah! Latinos! Nunca vamos aprender! Para los piliricos somos un grupo de gente que ellos puede " usar" para lograr sus propositos. Ellos _ los politiqueros) saben que los latinos podemos creer cyalqyier cosa que ellos digan: hasta que la tierra es plana y la luna es un gigante bombillo! Los cubanos y ahora los venezolanos, nos hacen ver a todos los latinos como " unos come mierda", sib cerebro para pensar ni personalidad para tener ideas propias y conciencia de que es loreal y correcto no solo para nosotros como comunidad, sino para el pais en general. La realidad: somos latinos, pero somo desunidos. Triste pero cierto.

  10. Talking about voter blocks has always been misleading. It may be interesting to talk about demographics after the fact, but it is just a research tool, not a prescription. If 60% of Latinos vote a certain way it does not mean that "Latinos vote for…" Or "blacks are like this…. " Etc. They are all just people, just like we all are.

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