Oklahoma moves to outlaw abortion completely l GMA

Overnight, the Oklahoma state legislature on Thursday passed a bill modeled after Texas’s restrictive abortion law that bans abortion as early as six weeks.
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44 thoughts on “Oklahoma moves to outlaw abortion completely l GMA

  1. Ok Governor! When babies are born adopt the babies and line up other law makers to adopt. This should be the criteria especially when you are denying women rights and abortion rights!

  2. If you think about it… this is another step closer to losing our freedom of choice and the republicans who want to have all the control. This proves republicans are not protecting your rights it shows they are pushing their own beliefs on to America.

  3. I was born in Oklahoma and had my manhood mutilated, so the American medical industry could make a buck at my expense. No one cared there about what I might want. I wish my mom had got an abortion so maybe my spirit could have went somewhere else where I could be free to choose what body parts I want cut off.

  4. Barren of Grey Matter – Barefoot and Pregnant

    Barren of a Right to a Choice

    Barren a child by a Rapist – And barren of protection by law

    Barren of freedom and ways to enjoy them

    Barren of law on the books – Barren of justice abused and beaten

    Barren of medicine when sick.

    I say come all ye faithful – Come steal half the world

    Cause half of you must be insane thanking god you’re not a man

    I say come all ye faithful – Come steal half the world

    Cause half of you must be crazy thinking god must be a man

    You are barren a curse by the father of Jesus

    And barren a curse by the father of Mohammad

    And barren a curse by the father of Abraham – all three!

    Barren of children that will ever do better

    Barren of a craft to survive

    Barren of Grey Matter – Barefoot and Pregnant

    Barring a curse for all time!


  5. You cannot force women to give birth for the state. That is communism and authoritarianism. So republicans are anti democracy. Women need to make the decision whether to continue pregnancy. These anti woman bills make women second class citizens. You’ll notice there are no laws forthcoming punishing the father. And do you intend to stalk women who have spontaneous abortions which occurs frequently? Miscarriages are going to. become suspect? How about giving rapists parental visitation? Are you going to lock women up for being pregnant to insure they give birth? The drop off for unwanted baby is the legislature? This is right out of the Handmaid’s Tale! This law is about punishing women for being sexual but not the men’s sexuality. Maybe castrate the men . Same level of intervention. Equality of the law is important.

  6. Women should have the right to choose what to do with their own bodies. Old white men should have NO say in this. I am so sick of these old men trying to control women. It is 2022 – not the 1950. Women need to have a say in what happens to the men that impregnate them. Castration sounds about right to me !

  7. So, the return to back-alley abortions, which will end up killing many women that are mothers? Why should MEN decide what a woman can or can't do to HER body? The man doesn't have to risk his life by carrying a fetus for 9 months. This is all about control of women, like the Handmaid's Tale.

  8. LMAO, Liberal Insane fight tooth and nail and help ILLEGAL alien children at the border, then run to the nearest SUBHUMAN act of pro abortion protest to murder/abort 700,000 beating heart AMERICAN fetuses EACH year. Same Liberal insane fight tooth and nail to indoctrinate YOUR children to transgender and LGBTQ…………These people are PURE EVIL

  9. The US all ready has enough problems now looking after your current population with food, water and housing stress . This law will only lead to more extreme poverty ,crime and much higher taxes to pay for it all.

  10. this is amazing news. Abortion is wrong and will always be. People matter, no matter who they are, how they look or at what stage of development they are at.

  11. The Governor of course won't raise an unwanted kid already in Children's Services just like pro lifers. He certainly won't raise a kid born of incest and rape. Nor will any pro lifer. Abortion seems to be fine with pro lifers if the fetus has a genetic problem or physical birth defect. Men don't seem to have a problem with abortion when they insist on it. We'll go back to back alley abortions. Dumpster babies. And how interesting the pro lifers who insist on the kid being born will NOT take that woman into their own home. Pay for medical care. Be there at birth. Help raise that kid. And the ones who proudly donate to help mothers who give birth who are alone? They won't even do that much unless they benefit with a tax deduction to charity. They won't do it free and clear. Abortion is going to still happen. Just more will die by back alley procedures and the pro lifers couldn't care less.

  12. The man who impregnated the woman should be legally required to have their d*ck cut off, and citizens empowered to do it.

  13. So what if birth control doesn't work and a woman still gets pregnant? Women aren't always in control and it's not always the question of responsibility. Also, you can't "teach" people to be more responsible by making them keep an unwanted child. It's a miserable experience on both ends. This should be a personal decision.

  14. What always confuses me is the distinction between consentual and non-consentual sex. I understand that a woman has a right to choose if she has been raped but what about those who chose to have sex with a man. If a woman chooses to have sex with many men, then can you say it is ok to abort a child. That is what confuses me because I could understand the many reasons as to why a woman would want to abort, but if she chooses the partners and keeps getting pregnant time and time again, does it really make it ok to abort an unborn child?

  15. I'm not defying women's rights or those who are against abortion but I wish people would look at the matter in this way: making the decision to abort is a sign of a woman (and a men)'s emotional maturity or immaturity.
    It shows that one has not yet achieved a responsible and mature emotional age. The decision to ignore the consequence of an act leads to that consequence. I am, however, against the ones who think they have the right to decide what a woman does to her body. They could propose to adopt all the unborn babies and give them the life they deserve. Deep their fight has more to do with the hate they have for women who they see as sinners.

    To all women, young or old, I leave my very personal message: make the decision to be responsible and respectful of your body and there won't be a decision to have to end a life. I believe that every time you have an abortion a part of you dies too. If not, you still have to do more soul search and see where you are failing yourself.
    Men don't get pregnant when they rape a woman or a girl. Men don't get pregnant when they are raped. In these cases you don't have a say on a woman's decision to end a pregnancy. Period.

  16. It is the same people who cry "our bodies our choice" about vaccinations and saving lives who want to control women's bodies. The party of go-die-for-the-economy, they are not pro-life. An embryo is not a person, just as an egg is not a bird

  17. God will help save these women since they did not kill their babies, and then except Jesus as there savior and then live a Christian way of life, that's the best gift of all.

  18. May💜 God💚 Be ❤With 🧡Everyone 💙Always ❤Much 🧡Love Blessings 💚Always ☺️ ✌️ 🙌 🙏 🌐 🌈 ☺️ 💚💚💙💙💜💜💙💙💙💚💚💚❤❤🎇💯❤❤❤

  19. Peace🧡 and 💚Blessings 💛Too💙 My💚 Brothers 💛May ❤God 💙Bless💚 Everyone💛 Always💙 May God💚 Bless 💛Everyone❤ Richly with💚 everything💛 they💙 need Always 💚Much 💛Love💙 Blessings 💜Always ☺️ ✌️ 🙌 🙏 🌐 🌈 ☺️ 💛💚💚🧡🧡💚💚💚💚💛💛💛❤🎇💯💛💛💛💛

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