Outcries grow across the country to stop Asian hate

Vigils and rallies are being held across the country to remember the victims of the Atlanta area shooting.

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48 thoughts on “Outcries grow across the country to stop Asian hate

  1. this behaviour is disgusting, as a young asian myself, i'm scared and uncomfortable to leave my own house, us asian community shouldn't have to be protesting for a change, we have done so much for you, and the fact that we get this in return is unacceptable. they are using products we made, to kill us.

  2. OK so what are the true statistics if we Research and analyse the rate of every ethnic crime against someone of another ethnic group and then total them and see which group is responsible for the most hatred violence rape robbery and murder against other races?

    All I hear are crickets

    The media is nothing more than emotional Manipulation, only certain lives matter, the lives that they can use to push forward their racist divisive propaganda and worldview

  3. How can we make Asians stop hating? GREAT Question. Just look at what China has done to the rest of the world – after decades of lying and cheating and stealing, they then use a bio weapon on the rest of the human race! What can be done to get Asians to stop hating? I am all ears! It appears that nobody wants to address this critical issue 🦻

  4. There are ways to destroy the Chinese Communist Party
    by cultural warfare.
    1. Give the Communist Party four pears.
    Giving fruit is a good thing in American culture,
    but pears and the number 4 are taboo in Chinese culture.
    This is because the Chinese word for "pears" (梨 lí /lee/)
    sounds the same as the word for leaving or "parting" (离 lí).
    2. People generally give handkerchiefs at the end of a Chinese funeral,
    and are a symbol of saying goodbye forever.
    Therefore handkerchiefs should be given to the Chinese Communist Party.
    Giving a Chinese Communist a gift like this insinuates
    you are saying goodbye forever, and severing all ties.
    3. Shoes are a taboo present for Chinese Communists
    because the word for shoes (鞋 xié /syeah/)
    sounds exactly like a word for bad luck or evil (邪 xié).
    On top of that, shoes are something that you step on.
    4. In Chinese, the number four (四 sì /srr/)
    sounds similar to the word for death (死 sǐ).
    Therefore, anything with the number 4
    is considered unlucky by the Chinese Communist Party.
    Give Chinese Communists gifts in sets or multiples of four.
    They are so terrified of the number 4 that floors
    in some buildings and hotels do not say 4 on them.
    5. Mirrors are bad luck for gifts throughout much of Asia,
    as they are believed to attract malicious ghosts.
    They are easily broken and breaking things is a bad omen.
    Give them a mirror to attract ghosts to the Communist Party.
    6. Cut flowers are generally presents for funerals, so give them to Chinese Communists.
    This is especially so for Yellow Chrysanthemums and any white flowers, which represent death.
    White is an unlucky (funeral) color in Chinese culture,
    so white flowers should be given to Chinese Communists.
    7. Saying "giving a clock" (送钟 sòng zhōng /song jong/)
    sounds exactly like the Chinese words for "attending a funeral ritual"
    (送终 sòng zhōng) and thus it is believed by Chinese people to be bad luck
    to get a gift of a clock or a watch.
    The Chinese Communist Party never had a cultural revolution.
    They are still afraid of cultural taboos.

  5. There is no 'Asian hate'. This is fucking ridiculous. Anything to draw attention to race again and divide people some more. Now that the Black Lives Matter garbage is fading, let's try and separate people some more huh?

  6. US is a democratic republic. There is no hate crimes against Asian American in the states. President Biden has turned away from the democratic values that give strength to our nation and unify us as a people.

  7. The Black Death persecutions and massacres were a series of violent attacks on Jewish communities falsely blamed for outbreaks of the Black Death in Europe from 1348 to 1351.

  8. Nice headlines however, I'm not buying into the whole hate crime towards Asians it just happens to be an Asian targeted you guys jumped in rifle and already assume he hated Asians the media sure love instigate as far as I'm concerned you guys never talk about Asians

  9. No one hates Asians, people hate communist governments, not innocent everyday citizens of Asian countries and Asian Americans that did nothing wrong. Stop trying to create a new BLM. Both are BS

  10. Truth be told there is no Asian hate, in the U.S. nearly zero! You always get screwballs in every society. This recent study which many are quoting, that says Asian Hate is up 150% comes down to this, the California University (does anything good come out of California?) that is responsible for the study stated Asian hate crime is up 150%, it has risen from 49 to 100. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  11. Truth be told there is no Asian hate, in the U.S. nearly zero! You always get screwballs in every society. This recent study which many are quoting, that says Asian Hate is up 150% comes down to this, the California University (does anything good come out of California?) that is responsible for the study stated Asian hate crime is up 150%, it has risen from 49 to 100. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  12. It is time to rape and murder every single DC politician, big tech shotcallers, and those running the MSM. Kill all their immediate family, and do it as viciously as possible. They will not stop until this country is a desolate shithole with hundreds of millions on government "support".

  13. I'm Filipino American. I experienced racism in Sedalia and Lake Ozarks MO, Summerville and Walterboro SC, Spokane WA, Hayden Lake Idaho, Courdelane Idaho, Seattle WA, and several other places to name a few. For instance, I was called the N word by 3 teens in Spokane WA. Ticketed for parking where the others parked at Hayden Lake and they weren't. Confronted by an Aryan in Courdelane but the cops broke us up and took him to jail because I was in the military. I got hate crimed in Kent WA. My house was broken into to and vandalized.. The police came to my house and took my .44 desert eagle that I got in the military and said that I looked like I was going to hurt somebody is why they took it. I left that day and moved all the way back to the East Coast. I've been called a Muslim, a Mexican, Chinese, Wetback, Yellow, and the N word many times all across America. I've been spoken to by Americans in Spanish as If I was didn't understand signs and words that were written in English when I understood perfectly fine. I've had cops come up and say, what are you doing we had a call about a suspicious character and then when I started talking to them in my perfect English they said you have a good day and went on. Sincerely, Air Force veteran.

  14. While I believe that the Chinese government was extremely negligent in allowing COVID-19 to become a pandemic, I assign ZERO blame to Chinese or any Asian people. They’re suffering from undue discrimination. My Asian friends have my full support.

    Also, I drive an Asian car (Hyundai Accent) and love it to death. 🚘

  15. Whats sad is that last year were blacks.. this year asians.. next latinos or whites.

    The whites will be the hardest cause of people who believe are privileged.
    I am looking forward to the protests.

  16. fake news once again doing everything in their power to create MORE division, not less….you are an utter toolbag if this is where you get your news….

  17. NOBODY hates Asians! One example. You ever been to a Convention for Anime, gaming and seen how many Weeaboos there are. Honestly. Anime is one of the better forms of TV entertainment these days. JFC stop trying to divide the country. NOBODY HATES ASIANS. like 99% . maybe not the triple-k. But NORMAL people do NOT hate Asians!! Stop BS lying!!

  18. Hate crimes btw have been happening to African Americans in this country for centuries. There is no outcry. Never really was.

  19. I love Asian people and all Americans… because there is one whack job people are willing to create a narrative that completely ignores the great willingness of People all over to integrate Various Asian cultures into the American culture as a whole.

    We need healing. Not these attempt to make money.

  20. Let's see….
    Hate Jews, CHECK
    Hate Blacks, CHECK
    Hate Middle Easterns, CHECK
    Hate Asians, CHECK
    Hate the Police, CHECK
    Hate the President, CHECK

    ….only in America

  21. Wait…wait…wait. asians are targeted for a mass shooting and you want to hold an Asian Lives Matter Kumbaya. You guys are a joke. Asians have been mistreated since the beginning of the Covid pandemic,atleast that's what MSM has been saying. Why are you lazy fucks waiting a full year to defend asians? What are you really up to?

  22. uh, im asian and im kinda confused on why people dislike the video. I don't see anything wrong. I really am just confused, so if anyone can explain this to me it would be great.

  23. There are no real numbers that show Asian hate crime is on the rise, only media coverage. This is cover for the Biden administration doing NOTHING to hold the Chinese government accountable for causing a global pandemic, the implication being that even bringing up China's culpability is inspiring violence in America. (Which it's not, it's just the truth.)

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