Oxford-AstraZeneca trial data revealed

AstraZeneca’s vaccine is 79% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 and 100% effective in preventing hospitalizations.


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30 thoughts on “Oxford-AstraZeneca trial data revealed

  1. After administering more than 50 million vaccines worlwide already, we needed this trial study on 32000 volunteers to ascertain the safety and efficiency of AZ.

  2. Just to give people the facts: as of today, March 23rd, 2021, in Germany we count 15 cases of severe brain hemmorraghes and Cerebral venous sinus thromboses (CVST) most in combination with a low level of blood platelets, all 4-16 days after vaccination with Astrazeneca. 4 of them deadly. 14 out of these were women aged 20-55. In most cases it has already been confirmed by doctors that this was caused by a strong immune response triggered by the vaccine. You can fact check this information on the site of Paul Ehrlich Institute and on diverse media outlets like FAZ or ZDF.

  3. 'Good news' People are waking up to the bigger agenda!! FACT: If we allow Big Pharma Multinational Corporations to make money on a negative outcome, we are inviting controlled deception and lies … i.e. they make more PROFIT when there are magically more VIRUSES/VARIANTS to kill (observe how this plays out). Put that corporation on the stock market and you are creating a disaster for the whole world !!!! Good luck.

  4. India and Cuba, once thought 3rd world banana republics created their own vaccines, highlighting US ineptitude.

    US Warp speed has only just caught up with Belgium, China, Russia, UK and India to be the 6th vaccine to market.

    Not wearing masks and not taking the vaccine puts American lives in danger. Patriots are pro-country not pro-self.

  5. China has exported vaccines to 69 countries, arranged exports to 43 others including vaccines for Tokyo and Beijing Olympians.

    Meanwhile the US Johnson & Johnson vaccine is offered at a hefty price to Americans only.

    Traitor Trump and Alex Azar only ordered vaccines for 10M of the US 326M population, leaving Biden with nothing.

    Traitor Trump and Melania took the vaccine in January behind the MAGATs' backs and now owns up two months later.

  6. Is YouTube fixing the like/dislike ratio on these vaccine videos? Or are people so dumb they don't know this vaccine causes blood clots? BLOOD CLOTS !!!

  7. This vaccine is just as effective as all the other vaccines that have been approved. The US and other countries are risking people's lives without vaccinating it's citizens as soon as possible by banning vaccines that have been tried and tested on thousands of people.

  8. How is it 100% effective against hospitalization when the side effects cause hospitalization…. AND how many countries have banned astrazenica vaccine…. 30+…????

  9. "symptomatic covid." what does that even mean? sounds like you still catch covid but don't get sick from it. that's not what a vaccine is. a vaccine stops you from contracting the disease. i am seriously confused.

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  11. The poor government knows nothing just ignore these misleading messages we all know that VACCINE KILLS EVEN IF MR MORRISON DOESNT CARE IF HE GETS A BLOOD CLOT!!!!!!!!!!

  12. what's in the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine:? Answer: A GMO ChAdOx1-S 5×10°x10 Viral Particles of replication of deficient Chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding specificity the SARS-COV-2 Spike Glycoprotein produced in a GMO Embryonic Kidney HEK 293 Cells.

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