Pelosi leads congressional delegation to Kyiv

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a surprise congressional delegation to war-torn Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.


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40 thoughts on “Pelosi leads congressional delegation to Kyiv

  1. Boris johnson or zelensky❤️❤️❤️ must be ready to send ( offer) your best doctors to Moscow to treat Putin ,, sometimes surgery may not be needed or medicine will do that job 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    I hope and expect Moscow will stop war in may 9 a second world war victory day for Russia 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. We are living in a time called the great '' Awakening''. Many American people, can see what is happening.. We all are about to witness a new paradigm, that will emerge, as the old one dies. If it means cutting ties with Britain, so be it.

  3. when the sixes rotate to the nine the false leaders, and their obedient
    media, who steered the people away from neutrality, steered them away
    from self responsibility, to polarize them into a selfish, entitled
    mindlessness hell bent on attacking so called political opponents, all
    the while ignoring the greater environmental suffering, ignoring the
    monstrous overpopulation consuming beyond planetary capacity, and
    ignoring the decline of humanity, to only enrich their own personal
    wealth, and attain greater heights of power, will have their arms, legs
    and heads butchered from their conniving torsos and fed to the starving

  4. A scumbags you don't speak for me… Why the f*** are you even over there?? You're talking like we're fighting them you stupid bastards this is your plan all along wasn't it f**** Democrats… Shame on you.. you f**** stupid ass liberals f*** you democrat

  5. Funny that fir people that champion the “climate change” and “carbon footprint” they sure burn lots of kerosene jet setting around the works. Pelosi is out of her jurisdiction anyway that’s not her job

  6. We are all responsible for this war as we all live under the capitalism and market economy! If UK stayed within EU and if campaign of "America First" & "Make America Great Again" had failed and USA’s and NATO’s troops stayed in Afghanistan, this war could have been avoided. Recent evacuation of USA and NATO troops from Afghanistan exposed USA’s and NATO’s weakness, which gave Putin to make a date for this invasion. Brexit is a major blow for EU’s stability and security. Brexit has delayed global peace by 200 years. The campaign of "America First" & "Make America Great Again" have strengthened the right wing nationalism around the world. The campaign of "America First" & "Make America Great Again" have delayed global peace by another 200 years. The war between Russia and Ukraine has delayed global peace by another 300 years. All together, the capitalism and market economy will remain number ONE threat to global peace for many hundred of years. Brexit, "America First", and "Make America Great Again" are all successful campaigns, which institutionalised the right wing politics across the world with the capitalism and market economy for another thousands years at least!

    Several months ago, well before the invasion, USA and NATO know that Russia is going to invade Ukraine. NATO could have moved some of their troops with their hi-tech equipment to Ukraine when Russia was positioning their troops by the border of Ukraine. If Russia sees NATO troops in Ukraine, there was no way Russia would have invaded Ukraine. USA was waiting for this war for their economic and political gain.

    If President of Ukraine declared neutrality when President of Russia was requesting numerous times well before the invasion. President of Ukraine could not declare neutrality because Ukraine was mislead by the USA and NATO with a “resisting strategy” for their own economic and political gain at global stage. USA is the only winner from this war. When I USA, I mean USA government, politicians, billionaires, millionaires, and shareholders. USA government wants this war much more than Russia wants this war. Capitalism and market economy will not exist in USA without on going wars and on going regime changes elsewhere.

    Putin will not go home with empty handed when he already lost significant amount of soldiers and economic sanctions! There is no point isolating Putin further and further. Putin would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons as a final resort if Putin thinks its game over for him without a significant win. USA and NATO will need to come up with something that Putin can feel a victory. If USA and NATO cannot come up with something substantial for Putin's victory, the war will last several months or years!, which means more lives, buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, shopping centres, and other infrastructures will be under threat. And, more refugee crisis and mental health issues are inevitable. USA and NATO must play major part to find a solution in order to stop this war and rebuild the Ukraine. So far Ukraine will need between $2 to $3 trillions dollars to rebuild the country but cost can go further if the war last for years. All funds will be provided by USA, NATO and Russia. It is their war in Ukraine's land. It is not a war from Ukraine! USA will contribute more than others because USA is the only winner from this war!

    USA and its NATO expansions are a collective institutional progression. We will not see tanks or hear gun shots in the beginning of NATO’s expansions. NATO’s economic and political expansions take place every seconds through their Market Economy's core structure of elements such as education, training, employment, language, media, music, film, streaming, TV, information technologies, search engines, social media networks, banks, dollar, swift, shares, stock markets, IMF, foreign policies, trading, contracts, exploitation, drilling & digging earth, emitting C02, greed, organised corruptions, treaties, summits, conferences, sanctions, UN, G7, G20, spying, military basses, threats, warnings, creating demand and supplying war machines, arms sales, nuclear system sales, consultations, manipulations and cunning negotiations for the required resources and market their products and services to feed their billionaires, millionaires, shareholders, directors, managers and politicians. Capitalism and market economy will not survive without wars and regime changes for resources and marketing their products and services. Sadly, we will see more wars in the future on any part of the world as long as the capitalism and market economy exist on this tiny planet! I am not making up a conspiracy! You can look it up by yourself about the NATO’s membership requirements!

    NATO was formed especially against Soviet Union (Russia) in 1949 by USA. Seventy two years of USA's NATO expansion and relentless intimidation triggered this war. Russia is aggressively resisting against USA's NATO’s expansion in order to strengthen their capitalism and market economy and keeping rest of Russian Federation together with their resources for their billionaires and millionaires. USA has 788 billionaires and over 20 millions millionaires. Russia has 117 billionaires and 268 thousands millionaires. Ukraine is resisting Russia’s expansion with an expectation of strengthening their capitalism and market economy with NATO & EU for their billionaires and millionaires. China is strengthening their capitalism and market economy with many other nations without firing a single shot so far for their billionaires and millionaires. China has 626 billionaires and over 5 millions millionaires. This is a war between Billionaires Vs Billionaires from USA, NATO, EU, China, Russia and Ukraine under their national flags.

    The solution is calling for an "International Referendum" for a non-trade borderless "One World and One Planned Production & Services" for all humans around the globe. We are sure majority of global people overwhelmingly will vote for a united "One World" for everyone around the world in order to protect the mankind from the capitalism and market economy.

  7. SOMEONE: Is "Getting Fired!" Who Let Pelosi OUT? We Can't have TWO "Hospice Patients" Running LOOSE On their Own! We had to FIRE the "Easter Bunny!" He found Biden's "Percocets", and with his "Drinking problem" ended up "Naked" at the Zoo, next to a "Chimpanzee", he thought was "Joe." REALLY "Bad" Look. working for "Kamala", Now!

  8. number 1, What JOKE do we really believe she went to the middle of this war? number 2 what does Zelensky think of USA when we send over a 80 year old BAT who is borderline senile.

  9. I guess anyone can pretend they are president or Secretary of State these days. That's what happens when you have a vacuum tube in the actual office.

  10. I didn't know the geriatric witch believes she is president (I was wondering who is truly behind Brandon guess she is). By the way how much high priced airplane fuel did we pay for her worthless trip? If she is for green energy couldn't she have taken her broom there? By the way Nazi, if you are concerned about the Ukraine border how about a trip to your own state's southern border? Much closer and should be a higher priority but guess if you ignore it there is really no problem. Back home in San Francisco watch your step so you don't get human poop on your shoes

  11. The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour. (Acts 16:17-18)

  12. Pelosi for President in 2024? How obvious is this? The Speaker's visit to Kyiv serves no real purpose, but it is a marvelous photo-op similar to that of Boris Johnson's earlier visit. NATO leaders are eager to use Ukraine to advance its leaders' political purposes, but such visits have yet to produce the tactical weapons, especially aircraft, that Ukraine needs to win the war.

  13. Why aren't these Americans wearing cammo gear? after all they are in a war that THEY started so at least act the part like Zelensky does.

  14. CALL Your States Representative

    Motion To vacate chair or expelled from the house!!!!

    Nancy  Has wasted enough time and resources!!!!

  15. Baba Yaga flies around on a broom stick
    Baba Yaga lives in a house that spins on KFC Chicken Legs
    Baba Yaga seduces young men and turn them into Frogs dawgs.

  16. Most of the United States problems are caused by a congress in which the congressman, no matter who they are, have a tape player playing in their head, that says "MY PARTY MUST WIN! MY PARTY MUST WIN! All or Nothing my party must win!!" We, who elected her, have chosen a political extremist to rule Congress! They had us looking outward for Islamic extremists and the whole time Democratic and Republican extremists were taking over the entire Congress and the government of the United States of America!! It is said that they have stated, it doesn't matter what the people say or think or even if they die of starvation because we can always open the borders and in 10 minutes the country will be full again and those people will not be worried about their rights and therefore we can take away even more of their freedoms and finally rule as an oligarchy just like Russia!

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