Pennsylvania Nurses Go On Strike As Covid Cases Surge | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Maura Barrett speaks to nurses in Pennsylvania who are on strike to bring awareness to low staffing levels in their hospitals amid a nationwide surge in coronavirus cases.
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Pennsylvania Nurses Go On Strike As Covid Cases Surge | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


46 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Nurses Go On Strike As Covid Cases Surge | NBC News NOW

  1. My fellow healthcare workers, I understand your stress and your pain. But, please keep in mind our oaths. We signed up for this…we can’t bail when it gets tough. No one else has the training to do what we do…we must press on, NOT protest.

  2. Safe patient ratios must be a federal issue. I don’t think myself or any of my co workers have ever been able to take a break, I stay late two hours everyday just to chart, and I hate having to rush through my patient care. I care about being a good nurse, but we are the ones who get blamed, shamed and lose our licenses if anything happens because of the insane patient ratios. Our patients suffer

  3. Prayer Book
    The Serenity Prayer Prayer
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next. Amen.

  4. For Healing Prayer
    There are many among us today with special needs in their own lives and need your special touch and reassurance right now. There are numerous physical problems and we don't understand why these things come in our lives and we're tempted to question you and our faith is tested, sometimes to the limit.

    We pray that their faith will not fail during these days. Some have family and relationship problems, they need special grace to see them through. Bring healing and reconciliation to them
    In the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen !!!

  5. cry babies -its the job u took and took a oath to do .sure everyone wants to be home on xmas and new yr BUT. sorry people to use this trump virus to get more money , just a repub – greedy.

  6. Something doesn't smell right. Here in NJ everyone is being super careful, wearing masks, distancing, and this thing keeps spreading? Even in midtown NYC everyone is wearing masks and keeping separated. Something is going on here.

  7. Having worked in the field for years, first…you don't strike & leave your patients!!
    Two, when this all started – across the country – they laid people off because they shut down lots of health services & just focused on in patient.
    Third, the last time they told us they were "at capacity" & had tents & the numbers were "up" – we found out that wasn't true!! Yes – elderly & compromised get sick but cases don't equate to severe cases and/or deaths!! I was in the hospital during the "height" last April & I've been in the hospital now – it is people who are sick w/heart disease, cancer, diabetes, other pulmonary issues, septacamia, pneumonia…that is a big one & yes some covid. But every one of these patients are labeled as covid w/these secondary because covid symptoms are all over the place!
    Not to mention, these hospitals have chosen to neglect patients regular care…like preventive care for ….just about everything else!
    Tunnel vision & now everything is labeled as covid.
    I have two family members that are in their 80's that got screwed by this!
    One is in the hospital now & they ignore what he needs to have done (which landed him there in the first place)- keep testing him for covid & he's lost his will to live.
    The other almost died because he has leukemia & they didn't treat him right away & now they have him going into the hospital once a week for blood tests but he doesn't see any doctors. He has every risk factor – heart disease, leukemia, diabetes, lung disease & he's 82 years old. Oh & btw – neither of them have tested positive for covid & they've both been in the hospital more than ….well a decent amount a the population & some of my friends who would like their job back in the medical field!!
    The CDC released the total numbers of deaths as of last month & compared them to the 2 previous years. There was a slight increase in the overall numbers but when broken down, apparently 70% or so has been put into the covid category & miraculously cancer, heart disease & other afflictions are slowly being cured.
    Even suicides, over doses & accidents ( car, motorcycle or other) – it's amazing!!
    When you have the power of the media, big tech & paid politicians – anything is possible!

  8. Ok, let them go the F home and hire more who are willing to work and not complain so much. If you Offer them more money and see how quickly they get back on the job. They all pretend to have integrity and are doing it to save lives but the bottom line is money.

  9. The pandemic is only this long because morons continue to prolong it by making people fear for their lives for no reason. Wake up you sheep
    Masks don’t help nothing.
    Covid only kills the sick

  10. Yes, this is flu season, hospital ICUs expect to reach capacity every flu season. Most nurses work hard. Media pushes fear. Nothing new here. Why not just encourage healthy people to catch it so they can develop antibodies and add to Herd Immunity as we have done for thousands of years. If media followed common-sense science instead of the Reset agenda, media would be counting the increasing cases as GOOD NEWS (b/c more with antibodies) and advising the immune-compromised how to protect themselves until we naturally reach Herd Immunity.

  11. Can I please ask in el Paso Texas when they showed it well it looked empty and why did they show pictures and not video kinda makes me think a little

  12. Our species has fallen victim to Gustave Le Bon’s horrific vision of unthinking crowds, divided against each other and incapable of thinking deeply. In this way we become so polarized that we are more inclined to accept global annihilation than to conceive of the possibility of changing the dominant systems of power. In this way, identity politics have rendered us incapable of perceiving objective reality, and so we deny apocalypse even as it rains down upon our heads. "Controlled opposition "

  13. Last year, I received horrible nursing care at the local medical center with adequate staff. I shudder to think how much more patients need to suffer now with Covid causing understaffing.

  14. Covid death units and our government is closed!? These people couldn't care less about us. God will sort them out.

  15. Just like any other business, the higher ups are all about the money. The frustration trickles down to the patient. Patients get treated much worse as a result.

  16. I wanted to become a nurse but ,aside from hospitals not wanting to pay their nurses, I also blame the toxic nursing culture for nurse shortages. Their educational programs are too competitive and they have a toxic "nurse eat their young" mentality. Its not a welcoming field and it turns away some of the most empathetic and capable people aside from myself. I respect most nurses and understand the need for the programs to be rigorous, but at the same time we need more nurses.

  17. Why everyone is using a mask?? What about gloves?? Ear protectors?? , what about public restrooms?? or the virus can only go into the body through the mouth?? C'mon !!
    I can see a lot of people without 6' apart. !
    Hilarious!! .
    Place your mine people this is all fake news.

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