Pentagon chief slams nuclear war talks as ‘dangerous’ I ABCNL

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Tuesday that any public statements by world leaders that the conflict in Ukraine could lead to a nuclear confrontation are “unhelpful and dangerous.”

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42 thoughts on “Pentagon chief slams nuclear war talks as ‘dangerous’ I ABCNL

  1. Disturbing there’s tons of news on Zelensky and Putin Dictatorship but. Zero on your news about the Horrific situation at Americans boarder and Biden and Democrats totally breaking the law Flying illegals into America biggest cities in the middle of the night 🤬. Cartels bringing fentanyl in with Democrats blessings. Killing Americans kids every single day and they are doing Nothing at all but he wants Americans to support his biolabs buddy zelensky

  2. GUNS from USA will make a difference, however not inside Ukraine, but inside
    USA and Europe: Once Russia would send a tactical nuclear strike against some
    of NATO countries(see this link what general Clark said: as a nuclear warning shot regarding arms supply to Ukraine, Than USA can decide whether they like more the prospect of expanding via new
    NATO members more than they like USA! If they decide, that Ukraine is more
    important to them than their big cities inside USA, they can retaliate with
    tactical NUKEs! As simple as that. Russia made a decision already. USA is
    reckless, since they corner Russia! One of them must step back or we are all
    gone !!! I as a citizen of Czech Republic believe, we must not do any gun
    deliveries to Ukraine. We can not help to a non NATO country, because we
    clearly realize, that we are threatening our very existence while doing so! We
    joined NATO to be safer, not to spark a nuclear war for non NATO country´s
    sake!!! (Everyone knows, this is USA´s stupid war with RUSSIA)

  3. I am from Czech Republic and I believe, we must not do any gun deliveries to Ukraine. We can not help to a non NATO country with guns, because we clearly realize, that we are threatening our very existence while doing so! We joined NATO to be safer, not to spark a nuclear war for non NATO country´s sake!!

  4. Hey buddy, It really is not my fault that i am ugly to most;) 😉 and that many girls,mostly Bosniak girls hurt my feelings by telling me how ugly i am,you know very well what was done to them in the Aggression on Bosnia…….btw(Kosovo Is Not Serbia ) …..✌️ My life is not fair,so,i will not be fair…………….

  5. aus people are u sure u people get the truth and correct news
    usa western media credibility no honor no moral cover up all western media can u really believe a single words for this idiots ukraine will falls dont worry how much usa and nato support ukraine will fall and the real truth will expose so disgusting really no conscience as human being only faked news cover up and lies u western people will get

  6. maybe aus do some real illegal and break international laws that why making a big fuss aus no need time will prove soloman doesnt belong to aus so aus keep your dirty mouth shut none of your fucking business
    dont try to be smart to interference aus u are incapable

  7. lies to public cover the truth with social media us uk and nato are the real war crime for 20 years destroy those country in ruins and the people are suffering do feel proud of what they really do now who give us uk and nato the rights to invasion iraq libya suria afgh these idiots all lies of womd democracy human rights and interference

  8. are u aus people know the turth about usa really do human rights democracy all this happen in usa racist and bais black people oficer kill black people pretex of no democracy invqsion iraq libya suria afgh killing hudreds of thousand civilian and childern

  9. There must be a huge kickback involved for all the money being sent to Ukraine when the USA Border, infrastructure, teachers, nurses, Police, Veterans, etc need fixing first…..I’m all for helping but this is getting out of hand…and who is going to pay to rebuild Ukraine……

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  24. Gas prices are high in this country but this administration is sending money and weapons worth billions to Ukraine. Gtfoh.

  25. Here we go again folks in April 26 2022 it now seems we have gone back in time again and were back in the 1930s
    Even news stations and articles around the world 🌎 said yesterday that are planet is on the verge of another world war as nations across the globe are in many conflicts and the biggest land war since WW2 with no end in sight and the threat of thermal nuclear annihilation getting closer everyday as the doomsday clock ⏰ ticks away to midnight and defcon 3 starts to change to defcon 2 and 1 the end of life as we know it.

  26. Why the United States can remain the world's most powerful for a long time–gentle. Respecting individual freedom rights. It is a land where human rights are alive and where people can enjoy abundance without ever suppressing dictatorship. Natural resources, food, land, everything is large. There are brilliant brains in the United States all over the world. From Mokpo,South.Korea

  27. NATO leaders want to see Nuclear war and Ukraine’s president is the real actor on this war. He is the real Jew who doesn’t care about nothing but his money. Feel bad for Ukraine. Most likely Russia gonna Nuke Ukraine soon! This needs to be stopped or we gonna see major cities gonna destroyed by Russia and NATO! World doesn’t want this! NATO needs to stop expanding and stop uncertain future for all of us.

  28. Zelensky’s stand is resulting in the destruction of Ukraine. The region of Ukraine is historically the S/W corner of Russia. Had Zelensky complied with Russia's requests that were not onerous, but were required to secure its own position, then life would have continued as usual, a bit boring, perhaps, but not disruptive and devastating with loss of life. Because of the position that Zelensky is taking, citizens will be rent/debt slaves for the remainder of their lives until Ukrainians are depleted from the land. Zelensky, a little dictator, himself, seems-to-be-seen to be defending Ukraine, but the consummate actor is manoeuvring to destroy it and eradicate this land off its own people. NATO nations bow down to the little con man.

    ¹ Assuming a successful outcome of the conflict for Ukraine. Canada served as a test market that proved the viability of this concept. A halt is deliberately placed on the use of land for housing causing home prices to skyrocket beyond reach. The nation is turned into a country of tenants paying maximum rent that is concentrated into a few hands. Ukrainians that realize that their children cannot become established do not raise families. Population is continually replaced by immigration. Tenancies replenished from a world wide pool. The country as a whole takes on the characteristics of an enterprise by which the lifetime earnings of residents are exacted through rent and shunted to the chosen few. An EU NATO protected Ukraine will continue in existence as a vassal state that will not be populated by Ukrainians. The courageous Ukrainians are fighting and dying in order to facilitate the transfer of their territory away from themselves to those who are not of their heritage. In order for Ukrainians to realize their vision of a land for themselves they should join up with mother Russia of which that region is an integral, ancestral, part.

  29. Double Standards Americans and West. Look at how they invaded, killing innocent Iraqi under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction. PUTIN SHALL NEVER GIVE UP AND FIGHT TILL END

  30. Pentagon chief slams nuclear war talks as 'dangerous' unless you are talking about nuking the Pentagon. or DC, then it would be for the betterment of humanity. That would put a fast end to us being threatened by the mockingbird media every day and we could all breathe a sigh of relief. How many times have you done that since 911? It's just been one potential world ending traumatic event after another, every day in every way. We need an independent press to report on nothing but corporate media shenanigans, that is how bad it has become.

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