Poisoned: America’s Fentanyl Crisis | ABCNL

In part one of a series, ABC News’ Bob Woodruff examines how the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl is devastating cities across America, and what one city is doing to respond to the epidemic.

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Author: Rafael


47 thoughts on “Poisoned: America’s Fentanyl Crisis | ABCNL

  1. You can thank our corrupted government. They will accept moneh and they will have the BIG dealers and their minions roam free while arresting the thousands of people under them. For them its all about qouta. Promise them 10 big busts they will let you sell 100 fold the amount they sieze and redistribute for their qouta. They do it to make their job easier . Speaking generally

  2. This has got to stop! My heart goes out to these families who have experienced the evils of drugs. Sending love in humanity to you from Oregon.🤔❤️🇺🇸

  3. I met a chick the other day who was doing this for "fun". She went on saying, "i dont think im gonna overdose, im good". Like wtf?? Is overdosing the new version of getting fucked up?

  4. This is my question 🙋‍♂️ How is that we have countries going to war over nothing yet these sleezy cartels are allowed to fully operate while distributing poison killing people 🤔 like look what our government did to basically destroy The Black Panthers of Self Defense, Sadaam Hussain, Bin Laden and other groups but yet won’t bust a grape against the cartels??

  5. Here is a idea… don’t do drugs and you won’t get laced not that hard. Fucking losers. I’m supposed to lose sleep over junkies ? They do it to them selfs. I feel bad for the families but not for the people who do drugs.

  6. I tell everyone out her in LA please don't take any of those type of drugs 5 years ago id say whatever party on put now stuff is being cut with anything now

  7. My mom & one of my older sisters passed away from this stuff. Both were unaware what was to come that evening when they did cocaine. It’s so sad how many people have lost their lives to this.

  8. Also if you do drugs, buy a tester. There’s a Fentanyl tester that would come in handy. I’m not saying to DO drugs but IF you choose to go to the store or Amazon and purchase one.

  9. This is bio-chemical warfare, a poison mainly coming from China and then further processed in Mexico before reaching the US.
    We need to intercept this somehow..

  10. People are taking these drugs sometimes knowingly & often times not but always to escape what feels like a grim reality the devil is real & uses this tool to gain souls please be wise if you or anyone you know is dealing with addiction get help don’t play with the idea you’ll be ok from narcan please get help this is a deadly crisis.

  11. I blame a lot of the parents one documentary I saw a parent allowed a doctor to give her 15 year old OxyContin for a broken leg I was like what???? I would never allow that as a parent my 16 year had her wisdom teeth removed and I would only allow her to get a prescribed advil but no opioids that’s so irresponsible as a parent

  12. I’m glad you guys covered this. I think the real issue or question we should have is, “Why are people taking counterfeit drugs?”

    Stress, depression, anxiety. Mental health issues.

    That is the root of the issue.

    Anywhere you are, show an act of kindness today. Everyone is struggling and spreading compassion and love can be a helpful tool or cure.

  13. Doesn't matter where ya get the drugs just don't consume them and blame the drug dealers stay off methamphetamines we are adults we know the difference between right and wrong.. It's a crisis when caucasian people are hooked!

  14. Why put fentanyl into coke? It's a totally different drug. I get adding it to opiates but coke makes no sense. I used to have a nasty drug addiction. I am so grateful I was able to get better. If you are messing with drugs these days you are way more likely to die than 10 years ago. They are putting this crap in everything. Scary. Be safe people. Get clean please.

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