Pope Francis’ visit to Canada l WNT

The Pope apologized for the church’s role in what was done to indigenous families in the 19th and 20th centuries.




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  1. [5:59
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  3. Catholic olic Frank shouldn't be in Canada at all. When outed for colluding with the Canadian government to commit genocide against indigenous people he should have quietly backed away; instead, he's moving to solidify his vile repugnant genocidal colonial pedophilia.

  4. blame white canadians not christianity, thats who stole the land. a catholic from philipines or lebanon had nothing to do with this.

  5. Everybody is same, all life matter. We are taxes payers and we have to be agree or not with hypocrites visitors like the Pope. He is not humble and every country has to spend millions on his visit

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  7. So, the Pope could not visit Congo, but could go to Canada, in a wheel chair?.. The same health reasons, given for his inability to fulfil his Congolese trip?.. Who says the Vatican does not do RACIAL PROFILING?…. You ain't my Pope!..Hurry up and be gone!… Figures! 🙄

  8. The Pope came to Canada to apologize for the genocide perpetrated against children of the first immigrants to present Canada; that mostly occurred in Roman Catholic white supremacist indoctrination camps. F-an apology; give back the land and wealth the Catholic aquired during the imperialist colonization of present day Canada.

    The Catholic Church owned slaves and traded in slaves. The Catholic Church is the NUMBER ONE group of pedophiles and child rapists in world history. The Catholic Church has amassed it's enormous wealth off the blood, sweet and lives of millions of people of color around the world. The Catholic Bible and Christian Bible read like an operational manual with instructions and guidelines for the enslavement of humans, including innocent children and babies…Old and New Testaments.

    This pope's apology is synonymous with someone breaking into someone's home; stealing all the money and valuable items; and murdering most of the family. Then after getting rich off the genocide and theft, says to the descendants of the victims; "Oh I'm sorry for what happened, here is a charitable donation that shows you how much we and Jesus/God/HolySpirit really loves you. BUT!, we are keeping your home and not compensating you with the millions of dollars (in the Catholic Churches case billions/ trillions/zillions etc… of dollars) we accumulated from stealing your ancestors home and money.

    Excerpt from sourced article: https://upstanderproject.org/learn/guides-and-resources/first-light/doctrine-of-discovery

    The Doctrine of Discovery established a spiritual, political, and legal justification for colonization and seizure of land not inhabited by Christians. Foundational elements of the Doctrine of Discovery can be found in a series of papal bulls, or decrees, beginning in the 1100s, which included sanctions, enforcements, authorizations, explusions, admonishments, excommunications, denunciations, and expressions of territorial sovereignty for Christian monarchs supported by the Catholic Church. Two papal bulls, in particular, stand out: (1) Pope Nicholas V issued "Romanus Pontifex" in 1455, granting the Portuguese a monopoly of trade with Africa and authorizing the enslavement of local people; (2) Pope Alexander VI issued the Papal Bull “Inter Caetera” in 1493 to justify Christian European explorers’ claims on land and waterways they allegedly discovered, and promote Christian domination and superiority, and has been applied in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas.

    End of excerpt from sourced article:

    The Catholic Church through it's sanctioning and participation has brought nothing but genocide and destruction to the world…worse than Hitler and the Nazis ever did. The biggest difference is Hitler and the Nazis were stopped, while the Catholic Church and its European imperialist colonizing war criminal associates, got away with it…AND CONTINUE TO GET AWAY AND BENEFIT FINANCIALLY FROM IT.

  9. The pope mentioned how many children suffered physical, psychological , spiritual , and verbal abuse , BUT HE DID NOT MENTION THE SEXUAL ABUSE , WHY?

  10. He should visit Artur Pawlowski the oppressed Christian Pastor who just won his religious freedom case against the current Canadian government.

  11. I hope no one is expecting the pope to do the "Canadian" thing and hand out blank cheques for "intergenerational suffering". He is no pushover (sic Harper….Trudeau). Beyond an apology, people will need to show that financial aid, (from the RC church) is aiding the cause of the indigenous. The recent billions of Canadian govt.$$ (largely unaudited…due to indigenous leaders wanting no strings attached lol) have done absolutely nothing for the lowest of indigenous people. This pope is no fool (Harper….Trudeau etc)

  12. The America Indians have to be monitored and studied culturally, 24/7 to really understand their psyche..and why they seem to be slow in adopting to contemporary society..

  13. Apollo-gize?

    Where's the Reparations: Active Reparative Amends for the wrongs done, funded by the hundreds of trillions owned and made from Roman Catholic Church from 1492 to modern times?

  14. Lets see what will be his final say about their so called “Doctrine of Discovery” and the papal bull “Unam Sanctam” …
    the CHURCH gave the Neanderthalers the full right to invade, kill, loot / steel, rape and colonize all foreign lands in order to spread their false plagiarized version of their so called Christianity, you can call it a military operation!

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