President Zelenskyy’s concerns over possible Russian use of chemical weapons l GMA

ABC News military analyst Steve Ganyard weighs in on the possible threat and how the U.S. could get involved without being drawn into a wider conflict.

Russia-Ukraine live updates:

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44 thoughts on “President Zelenskyy’s concerns over possible Russian use of chemical weapons l GMA

  1. I think total liquidation of Ukrainian state as inherently Nazi state is inevitable now. I just hope this war criminal Zelenskyy and his henchmen will face justice and won't be just eliminated by their CIA handlers or die from overdose. The way their Nazi units use civilians as human shield in cities like Mariupol and numerous summary executions across the country are absolutely despicable. Even Hitler’s Nazis found Ukrainian Nazis who worked for them too barbaric and cruel.

  2. There’s no way Russia used chemical weapons. That’s a blatant lie. This accusation is made by the Azov Battalion, Nazis! That’s who the USA has trained and supported and armed. That’s who is defending Mariupol.

  3. Russians are in a bubble about Ukraine.

    Americans are in a bubble about 1,012,756 American Covid deaths compared to China's 4,638.

    Stop this BORING PINKY WAR. After all, who can tell a Ukrainian from a Russian? Pinkies all look the same.

    A Ukrainian walks into Putin's bunker wearing a I love Moscow t shirt and…REALITY TV – PUTIN ASS KICKING !

  4. Pink countries beat their chests and send weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian soldiers while Putin stays safe in Russia.

    A wife doesn't need a tank and a husband doesn't need anti-aircraft weapons to stop an argument or prove a point.

    War never works. America lost 4 wars so have many examples of WHAT NOT TO DO.

    It is time for pinkies to grow up and BITCH SLAP Putin like an Oscar MC.

  5. chemical weapon is not an effective weapon. nobody uses it. But just the mention of it arouses repulsive feelings. It is an effective propaganda.

  6. The West plans to impose new very harsh sanctions if Russia is found to have used chemical weapons. Biden plans to place sanctions on Putin’s wife’s gardener by taking his hose away. His gardener might reply, “Oh, my my, isn’t that just the most terrible thing you have done you bad man!”

  7. Zelensky doesn't have to be concerned about Russia using chemical weapons. Putin has nothing to win and a lot to loose by using them. But who would have something to gain if chemical weapons were used. Remember when Biden said if Russia uses chemical weapons , the US and NATO would intervene. I hope if chemical weapons are used , a thorough investigation is made before irreversible actions are taken. It's easy to stumble into a war but hard to get out. Except for WW4 which the nation with the biggest clubs and stones will have weapon superiority .

  8. What Russian tanks are most afraid of are multi-point bomb-type stealth drones and precision elf bombs. Please support Ukraine and cheer for the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. Pray to God to protect Ukraine and its people.

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  10. Great so Russian (Putin) claims that the Ukraine has bioweapons factories but Russia use them,…it claims that the Ukraine is hiding Nazi but Russia acts like the Nazi. Putin claims fake news but you can't get any news in Russia . Just wonderful that half of Russia believe they are under attack by the Ukraine when Putin has killed tens of thousands of families in the Ukraine.

  11. The whole world underestimated Joe Biden. That's the thing about our current president. people assume he is old and weak, but he walks softly, but he carries a big stick.

  12. WTF? Media actually holding back and dismissing a chemical attack? Now we know you are hiding something in Mariupol! What could that be? The AZOV Battalion? Why not discuss the Ukraine military battalion that is a full on Neo-NAZI military unit?

  13. This is a positive trend when there is only one Youtube video about Zelenskyy, Russia or Ukraine in the Youtube roll page. Looks like Zelenskyy's thuggery of his former benefactors (US, EU and the UN etc.) has turned against him as megacorp Alphabet sharply erases his bullying reach to the american public.

    The best Ukraine war news is no news.

  14. На прошлой неделе окончился 7 дневный пост (26 марта – 2 апреля) большой группы христиан. На второй день после окончания этого поста, пришла новость что российские войска покинули Киевскую, Черниговскую, Житомирскую и Харьковскую область. Также в тот же день открылись дела в Буче. Могли скрыть и зарыть, но Господь попустил открытие этого злодеяния на весь мир, и теперь даже сомневающиеся раньше, уже никаких сомнений не испытывают, но сплотились вокруг Украины.

    Ссегоднешнего дня мы опять держим 7 дневный пост до понедельника кто желает присоединяйтесь. Каждый из дней совершаем молитву в 7 часов вечера, кто где находится, в понедельник 18 апреля будем молиться 7 раз в этот день, по примеру Иерехона, и в 7 часов вечера в понедельник завершающая молитва хвалы и славословия за победу и мир! Присоединяйтесь!!!

  15. It was President Biden of America that constantly use the word chemical and biological weapons the presence of United States use it over and over and over again that he was going to use chemical and biological weapons that's the president of the United States hopefully he can send now those ghost guns and if the ukrainians have the ghost guns they will win the war the president of United States is never wrong

  16. Propaganda at its best
    Now we will see somehow chemical weapons used with no evidence whatsoever
    I won’t be surprised if Ukrainians will use the chemical weapons developed in those bio labs against their own people and frame Russia for it

  17. You don't get to do the news anymore. Remind us how "everything" is Trump's fault losers! Russian Operative. You lost all credibility, and we are watching you FAIL. You would triple your viewership if you did real news like investigate lying cheating Hillary. Russian Operative. You didn't give the man a chance and said horrific and TRAITORIST lies. We won't just blow this off. Now Hunters Laptop$$$$$$$$$$$

  18. YES Putin WILL use chemical weapons in Mariupol. He will slowly ratchet it up, gauging world reaction each time. First phosphorous, then strong tear gas, then small amounts, hard to confirm, chemical weapons, then larger amounts, just barely enough to wipe out most of the remaining pockets of resistance. He needs the Russian troops in Mariupol to to march North. First sign to watch for is a "pull back" of Russian troops in that city. They will claim that they are no longer needed because they've accomplished their mission. But all of them? The world will do nothing more than issue strong words of condemnation and wag it finger furiously. IF it goes as I predict, then he will do the same in Odessa. Putin wants to retain the historical buildings in that beautiful city, to carpet bombing in not feasible. Remember, Chemical weapons destroy people not buildings. Putin MUST be stopped at phosphorus.

  19. Outside of America, no one cares for this Zelensky, instead we support Putin…and Russia.

    We can not imagine why AMERICANS, are supporting the Nazis…

  20. The false flag of chemical use, is being planted, so the NATO gets sucked in, and then it will be out of control…..all for a comedian…

    America is so reckless…

    Americans are to blame for starting this war, and worse, for prolonging it. Tell Zelensky to

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