Putin speaks at military parade marking anniversary of Soviet Union’s victory in WWII

ABC News Foreign Correspondent Tom Soufi Burridge discusses Putin’s Victory Day address in Red Square, and what the Russian leader is saying about his invasion of Ukraine.

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49 thoughts on “Putin speaks at military parade marking anniversary of Soviet Union’s victory in WWII

  1. Look at the morale of Russian soldiers. How clear and concise everything is. A healthy boon in a healthy body. These are not castrated deenders and buggers.))

  2. The Soviet Union sealed the exit for citizens of the Soviet Union. Russian people, particularly should take heed of this mentalities existence, as it may be intrinsically intertwined with the Russian war state, and plan accordingly, particularly with the risk of economic collapse and state seizures of assets, given the efforts to support the ruble’s value stressing the economy with very high interest rates.
    After the October revolution of 1917, the Soviets had no place for the educated or the upper class.

  3. The Ukranians were also part of the red army, they fought along side the russians in WW2. And now Putin is killing their children and grandchildren in Ukraine!

  4. Why are people fighting in Ukraine when Putin is in Russia? STOP THE WAR.

    Why do Americans shoot 44 other Americans each day? PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

    Why are Trump's trials taking so long? JAIL TRUMP.

    Why does America ignore 1,024,736 Covid deaths? WEAR MASKS & VACCINATE.

  5. Many pages were written in the heroic chronicle of the Great Patriotic War by the Ukrainians, who in June 1941 stood up for the defense of the united Fatherland and made a huge and invaluable contribution to the defeat of the fascist aggressors, the Victory over them, while demonstrating steadfastness, courage and mass heroism, both at the fronts, as well as in the rear. And now the filthy Rusnya has replaced Hitler with Putin, and is killing his "supposedly brothers." This parade is a disgraceful display of resurgent fascism only much worse. And the old 100-year-old fools stand, look and open their mouths, not fully realizing that the fascist Russia is thrusting into them lies covered with blood and cruelty, under the leadership of the New Nazi Dictator Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who will go down in the history of mankind as the most insidious, cruel, cynical deceiver, thief, murderer and the last creature of all pre-existing Soviet creatures. HAPPY DAY OF SHAME, COMRADES!

  6. Putin is looking like death warmed over just like his predecessors Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, and Yeltsin before they were buried.

  7. And besides this celebration have been happening for year I dunno why the obvious dumb western media by the order of their masters (the government) is trying to centralize what's happening in Ukraine towards the victory celebration that liberated Europe and I know many uniformed citizens may have forgotten one of the great pride of history

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣is this the same man MSM said was sick and was going to hand over power to another person, he looks like Putin even Putin unchanged really and his speak was something else a kind of speak Biden can't make because of his brain dead condition like waw the lies was just too much

  9. Why we cannot hear Putin to speak.. Title of video is deceiving..
    I found :

    Translation of part of Putin's speech:

    We are proud of the unconquered, valiant generation of victors, that we are their
    heirs, and it is our duty to keep the memory of those who crushed Nazism, who
    bequeathed us to be vigilant and do everything so that the horror of a global
    war does not happen again.

    Andtherefore, despite all the disagreements in international relations, Russia has
    always advocated the creation of a system of equal and indivisible security, a
    system that is vital for the entire world community.

    In December last year, we proposed to conclude an agreement on security guarantees.
    Russia called on the West to an honest dialogue, to search for reasonable, compromise
    solutions, to take into account each other's interests. All in vain. The NATO
    countries did not want to hear us, which means that in fact they had completely
    different plans. And we saw it.

    Openly, preparations were underway for another punitive operation in the Donbass, for
    an invasion of our historical lands, including Crimea. In Kyiv, they announced
    the possible acquisition of nuclear weapons. The NATO alliance has begun active
    military development of the territories adjacent to us.

    Thus, a threat that is absolutely unacceptable to us was systematically created,
    moreover, directly at our borders. Everything indicated that a clash with
    neo-Nazis, Bandera followers, on whom the United States and their younger partners
    staked, would be inevitable.

    I repeat, we have seen how the military infrastructure is unfolding, how hundreds of
    advisers from foreign countries began to work, there were regular deliveries of the most
    modern weapons from NATO countries. The danger grew every day.

    Russia gave a preemptive rebuff to aggression. It was a forced, timely and only right
    decision. The decision of a sovereign, strong, independent country.

    The United States of America, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, started
    talking about its exclusivity, thereby humiliating not only the whole world,
    but also its satellites, who have to pretend that they do not notice anything
    and meekly swallow it all.

    But we are a different country. Russia has a different character. We will never give up
    love for the Motherland, faith and traditional values, the customs of our
    ancestors, respect for all peoples and cultures.

    And in the West, they apparently have decided to cancel these thousand-year-old values. Such
    moral degradation became the basis for cynical falsifications of the history of
    the Second World War, inciting Russophobia, praising traitors, mocking the
    memory of their victims, erasing the courage of those who won and suffered the

    We know that American veterans who wanted to come to the parade in Moscow were
    effectively banned from doing so. But I want them to know that we are proud of
    your exploits, your contribution to the common Victory.

    We honor all the soldiers of the allied armies – the Americans, the British, the French
    – the participants in the Resistance, the brave soldiers and partisans of China, everyone who defeated Nazism and militarism.

  10. American hegemony over worlds is coming to end. US dollar dominance is no longer revelance & Asia is rising.Zelensky is certainly good at making speech and making comedies not fit for diplomacy. While ukraine ppl are dying American arms manufactures are profiting while inflation crypling the world.Ukraine can join NATO after half of Ukrainians are dead with Poland taking over western Ukraine and Russia taking over eastern Ukraine. There will be only in history we will see Ukraine as country existed somewhere in 20th century destroyed by it's own leader the clown Zelensky.American wants to fight Russia until last men alive in Ukraine. Once war ends zelensky will be roaming in American cities eating in mcdonalds and will be geting cheered up welcome in American bars at cost of death of Ukraine ppl

  11. We haven't had a First Lady involved in ANYTHING more "significant" than decorating the White House for "Christmas In The Addams Family Mansion" since Michelle Obama. Quite a courageous breath of fresh air, Dr. Biden! (Not a very high bar? That's your opinion? I really don't care. Do you?)

  12. you have said putin will declare war and you r wrong then you have said putin will escalate the war again you r wrong you try to dictate putin word again you failed …you cant guess the man he is difficult.

  13. you have said putin will declare war and you r wrong then you have said putin will escalate the war again you r wrong you try to dictate putin word again you failed …you cant guess the man he is difficult.

  14. Biden: Hunter how much money can we steal from USA treasury
    Hunter: 33 Billion, let's say is aid for Ukraine.
    Biden: That's a good point let me inform our puppet (Zelensky).
    Zelensky: what's up sleepy Joe how much for 50000 lives of Ukrainians army?
    Biden: 33 Billion Dollars
    Zelensky: wow, that's really huge, you know what let's cheer led them to their early grave
    Biden: Alright Zele, my share is 3 Billion so I can compete with Trump in the billionaire Class
    Zelensky: Definitely Joe.
    (Ukrainians we have two Victory day)
    Ordinary Ukrainians: Cheering and Saying Hurray not knowing their Existence is at stake by Comedian Zelensky and Sleepy dementia Joe Biden.

    Unfortunately that's the Sad reality there is now.

  15. Many analysts/gossipers expected what? Hahaha. No one can predict Putin.
    Putin gave a great speech 🤗❤🇷🇺🖐

  16. Meanwhile, In almost all ukrainistan eastern cities people are joining the immortal regiment March in thousands. A**sholes what's the bloody point of hiding this from peoples attention ? Your Ukrainian project is done.

  17. Amazing that this evil can be so cool while he is at the same time slaughtering Animals and humans in Ukraine and the WIMP SPINELESS FOOLS in the whole world watch and do nothing.

  18. It tells you that your so-called analysts don't use their brains to think but allow the weapons manufacturers who make billions of profit to think for them.
    ABC news is also one of the propaganda news outlets. We know you.

  19. America might as well get involved hell we’re paying the price literally bc of all this nonsense! Thousands of businesses and many families are struggling just to survive . Be blessed my brothers and sisters !

  20. If only the west and the United states wasn't expanding its influence to russias borders none of this wouldn't happen 🤷🏾‍♂️

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