Putin’s next move

The Russian president announced plans to stage a referendum in parts of Ukraine over whether to join Russia. ABC News’ Reena Roy reports on Putin’s other big move to escalate the war effort.

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Putin’s next move

  1. Mr Putin views Old Joe as a pimple on his ass, when Old Joe gives him the Don't just Don't baloney Mr Putin will ask who is this idiot and who let him in here go back to sleep old man your tough guy stare doesn't scare anybody..

  2. I encourage more whistle blowers, to come clean with this very sick, corrupt FBI. The country is just so sick of bent cops, corrupt judges and crooked politicians. We need these globalists in prison, PERIOD !!! Vote Republican, and we will fulfil our promise of cleaning up the US !!!!

  3. Its a Costly LOVE affair with Ukraine' !

    Why are large segments of British, German and EU public being sacrificed for Ukraine and USA. ??

    Than you have German Annalena Baerbock said on TV, I will put Ukraine first no matter what my German voters think or say or even demonstrate in our streets.

    Liz truss said on France 24 news. I love Ukraine -till death do us part !.

    I wish liz had the same love for my English brothers and sister !

  4. プーチン大統領とヘンリー王子は同じお顔の怪我をアノニマスというハッキングとイルミナティの脳波を奪って天才的な電子コントロール攻撃機材を作るTeamsに狙われて肉腫がおでこにできました。ホーキング博士は御立場を考えずに電子ストーキングに参加しています。

  5. Actions of a confident country was not going to the regions of Cambodia or Vietnam whilst the gas chamber island was there from German times. Btw, Russia inhabits that base there now… pls defend legit era of our , not water rationale. Let's get this right, by force or coercion…it's the same smooth outcome where violence was afar. JJ..the famous Jim Jones..having three sets as sidetracked issues, one named Williams, one instead of a wealth was welt, likeness there, the names of Tucson boys or us Intel.. Jones town…informing messenger, about to see when land there was wanted too.the old barn having said bacteria and the first reported aids HIV case I remember..yes we all have some contempt for humanitarian rationale. Now ,opposed to then ,it's just done much more monetarily..so as to just say hardship for some..

  6. American people need to look into the ukraine stuff…Putin isn’t lying there’s a giant neo nazi military unit in ukraine and top ukraine government officials are leaders of it…The azov neo nazi group has been attacking russia in crimea and donbask since 2014.. It grew massive and russia found out ukraine leaders were involved so they invaded to make sure we didn’t have a new nazi germany… It’s facts yall can watch ukraine neo nazi marches on youtube they grew massive and now they are part of the ukraine military….We are funding racist nazis.. 🤦🏽‍♂️🇷🇺

  7. "I went in yesterday and there was a television screen, and I said, ‘This is genius.’ Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine — of Ukraine — Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful. He used the word ‘independent’ and ‘we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna help keep peace.’ You gotta say that’s pretty savvy.”

    Disgraced Twice Impeached Former President.
    Donald J Trump
    February 22, 2022

  8. Trump supporter need to find out wha the hell is going on…. People burn American flags…… Putin switch sides and thinks like Xi Jinping. There's something fishy going out while doing normal work. Looking the news today …. something doesn't look right.

  9. Putin: I declare this is mine and that is mine, because I have a fake vote to prove it. If anyone disagrees they are attacking ruSSia.

  10. Seek Jesus he is and will be the only help. If America is Babylon of
    The Bible then america won’t
    Win the war the entire world will see America burn and cry. Seek Christ if you are in America leave the city if you are in the city go on top of your roof if you can’t, don’t go back to the city
    If you get out for anything don’t look back or return remember lots wife, don’t go down from your roof for anything neither. Jesus is the King of Kings and will return, in him we have victory. Don’t fear what’s to come, always know, the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy is understanding (proverbs 9:10)

  11. What did you expect?
    If the people of Donbas decide to be part of Russia, then Russia has every right to defend the people of Donbas as part of their country.
    It is not possible that the West wants to cover with a finger the atrocities that Ukraine had committed against Donbas.

  12. Poopten, when you attack, Nuke Chicago, LA,DC, ST Louis, New Jersey,Miami, New York,Houston,South Dallas,Birmingham,Ohio,Baltimore,Memphis, New Orleans, this is where we keep our secret weapons. Thanks.Neanderthals lives matter

  13. remember when Biden and Trump were debating and the media and Biden said if trump was reelected it would cause the economy to tank and possible start a world war ?? well as usual the democrats and the media lied, and it now appears Biden will cause ww3 . well done voters, well done. The democrats and the media going to get us all killed.

  14. Mr PUTIN you need to charge 10 times more FOR GAS !!! They will pay and they will stand DOWN and they have no other choice !!! Russia is been keeping THIS NATO TERRORIST group worm for YRS NOW they want to bite the hand that feeds THEM !!! Let them freeze to death !! Greetings from Serbia 🇷🇸

  15. Imagine a country invading another country and then saying it's a civil war 🙄. the Russian army is so disorganized and we've seen this through the start of the war, but the problem that Ukraine is going to have is that Russia is such a vast country we'll still have soldiers to the send to the perpetual meat grinder hold out this war for a long time.

  16. Great place to check in on the latest propaganda and read the AI bot comments about why American taxpayers should fund yet another idiotic proxy war.

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