Record number of women of color running for office | ABC News

ABC News’ Deborah Roberts speaks with eight Congressional candidates who are among a record number of women of color running for office in 2020.

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21 thoughts on “Record number of women of color running for office | ABC News

  1. It's Nov. 12th and I googled the results. Marilyn Strickland won. Georgette Gómez lost. Tamika Hamilton lost. Kimberly Nicole Klacik lost. Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee lost. Jaimy Blanco lost. Desiree Tims lost. Michelle De La Isla lost. Elected or not, it's the beginning of a new journey. Good luck!

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  3. They are missing Cory Bush, Marquita Bradshaw, and Nikema Williams. Also Laura Loomer and Marjorie Taylor-Greene if you want to hear insults about Ilhan Omar

  4. DT uses black people as props, he doesn't embrace them, he uses them to make himself look good like ornaments. He doesn't want a black woman in any position of power telling what to do

  5. „We’re not all the same“, this is the Most RIDICULOUS INTERVIEW. Mama’s teach every one of their children „you are guilty by association.“ THIS IS THE POINT. I am sorry but CHARACTER MATTERS. I don’t excuse behaviors. Why are the Republican women making excuses for Trump. Would they teach their sons to attack women, to degrade people, say completely inappropriate things?

  6. Trump is a very influential person to his supporters, so when he mocks the officials, tries to discredit Fauci and others who are experts in the field of epidemiology by deliberately taking them out of context, his hot box joyride during his infectious stage, as well as setting a precedent where he blatantly refuses to follow all aspects of CDC protocol from wearing masks to social distancing, etc, during his rallies to white house events, etc, then yes, he can be held responsible simply because of the perceived power the supporters who follow his example and have of him. Trump has deliberately flouted science, social distancing and made a mockery of masks, refusing to wear a mask in situations where it was deemed necessary by hospital authorities and medical consultants. We are on our second White-house outbreak, will this administration ever learn?
    During the onset of COVID-19 Trump repeatedly lied to the American people about the severity of the virus, repeatedly thumbing his nose in the face of science with ridiculous pseudoscience claims that could potentially endanger others, over 200,000 American citizens are now dead with the numbers climbing due to his inaction.
    Statistics were not on Trumps side as he openly encouraged people to attend rallies without social distancing and other protective measures in place. He's now tested positive with the all too real possibility that prior to diagnosis, of having spread the virus to countless others through his selfishness and willful ignorance of scientific evidence, he continues to behave in a way that encourages the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.
    Trump has brought this upon himself and he only has himself to blame due to his own arrogance and hubris. It's not the past lies that is the issue, but the fact is; in the future everything Trump states will be suspect and questioned just like the words of Conley, his supposed "Doctor", there is nothing transparent about that administration, the trust has long been destroyed and Pence helped drive the nail in the coffin of his Vice Presidential term.
    When the interim president continues ad nauseam with passive-aggressive misogynistic sentiments, ad hominem attacks, abject condescension, thinly veiled racism, the use of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and weak arguments based on unfounded assumptions catering to confirmation biases, this shows a desperate grasp to remain relevant while having nothing new to contribute to the nation as a whole. Is another four years of chaos, lies and deception from the TRUMP/PENCE Administration what we deserve as American Citizens?
    Please elect Biden and Harris to repair the damage done to our global reputation!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Criminal Indictments by Administration~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Jimmy Carter — ONE
    Bill Clinton — TWO
    George W. Bush — SIXTEEN
    Richard Nixon — SEVENTY-SIX
    Donald Trump (so far) — TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN
    The Barack Obama Administration — ZERO. . .

  7. How can I find the complete program? I was busy doing things, listened to the whole program; but would like to rewatch and focus on this. I found it very interesting.

  8. A number of these women believe what they believe but it is not necessarily So they believe that life Here is Equal and Just, Not True, FACTS!

  9. Where you parents coming from your discriminate calling your cell browned or through the latest golden sails black why why do you allowed other people's in yourself to do that you guys don't love yourself enough to respect yourself as women I don't get what you coming from you have to love yourselves and I despise when people start calling black Brown yellows white S stupid

  10. These women/ Republicans are very naive. Trump is racist and so are most of the Republicans. They're just using poc+Blacks to win races for them to maintain power bc they're scared and know that Democrats will beat them again, just like they did in 2018.

  11. My wife who is Thai just told me and showed me that the "World Health Organization" just asked Thailand how to achieve
    what they have with the coronavirus issues. I would like to applaud them. America has lost 687 people per million.
    Thailand has lost .8 per million. or America has lost 227,696 as of now and Thailand has lost 59. Who is taking care
    of who? America has 4 percent of the world’s population and 22 percent of the world’s confirmed Covid-19 deaths.
    IF YOU ARE WONDERING, See how we are doing compared to the rest of the world, it's sickening if you are from the U.S.
    The rest of the world is serious!

  12. Women of color are already running this country into the ground with their woman phycology. Feminist controlling men with the rod of iron and campaigning for transgender and gay rights over colored men's rights. As colored men are endangered species yet colored women March everywhere else…I HATE LIBERALS AND I HATE THESE WOMEN OF TODAY 🤮 being honest!

  13. More proof that there IS no oppression. Only the hard left liberals are creating that idea for VOTES. Congratulations ladies, much luck to you all. 💯

  14. Where is your coverage of traitor Hunter Biden lap top? Purposeful ignorance strongly implies guilt. If you have proof he didn’t do it why don’t you respond publicly? This is selective news posting not true journalism. Shame on you all.

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