Remains identified as body of Memphis jogger, Eliza Fletcher

Authorities confirm found human remains are Eliza Fletcher, who was kidnapped on Friday.

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44 thoughts on “Remains identified as body of Memphis jogger, Eliza Fletcher

  1. How sad. Memphis is a city of crime. If only she had faced that fact. She had the financial means to move . But sweet loving naive individuals are blind. Now her children will have to live with her innocent belief in Memphis.

  2. It sucks that she was a teacher and trying to do good things in the world and the horrific criminal gets to keep living and most likely committing more evil in the world. Where is the Justice???!!!!!! 😫

  3. Eliza “Liza” Wellford Fletcher, 34, went home to her Savior on September 2, 2022. She was born on November 9, 1987 in Memphis, TN, to adoring parents, Adele Orgill Wellford and James Beasley Wellford. Following graduation from the Hutchison School in 2006, Liza played soccer for the University of Memphis and later completed her undergraduate education at Baylor University. She received a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Belmont University. She devoted her work and boundless childlike energy to her students at Promise Academy and later her Junior Kindergarten students at St. Mary’s Episcopal School. As with everything Liza took on, she nurtured and cared for her students with her whole heart. A strong believer in the importance of personal growth, she was not afraid to be vulnerable. To the contrary, she embraced it. A born athlete, Liza’s passion for sports extended from childhood teams to collegiate competition to excellence in marathons in adulthood. She found great joy in her morning runs with friends. She channeled her competitive nature into enthusiastic participation in all that she undertook. She truly walked and modeled the Christian life and trusted in her unwavering faith. Liza was a light to all who knew her. Her contagious smile and laughter could brighten any room. Liza was pure of heart and innocent in ways that made her see the very best in everyone she met. To know her was to love her and to be loved by her. Her impact is extraordinary, as is witnessed in the prayer groups, vigils held at the homes of friends and family, church and school gatherings, and memorial runs and walks held in her honor. The outpouring of love and grief would have surprised Liza, who never thought or acted as if she were something special – though she certainly was. Above all else, Liza’s most cherished role was that of wife and mother. After meeting at Second Presbyterian Church, she married her beloved husband, Richard James Fletcher III, on March 8, 2014, and they later welcomed their two rambunctious, joyful boys Richard James Fletcher IV and Harry Wellford Fletcher. She loved her family fiercely and unconditionally. Together as a family, they enjoyed outdoor adventures including boating, water sports, hiking, running, and biking. She was deeply admired by her family and friends for her passionate dedication to motherhood. In addition to her husband and children, she is survived by her parents, her brother, Gil Wellford, her grandmother, Irene Orgill, her father-in-law, Richard James Fletcher, Jr., and her sister-in-law, Annie Fletcher. She is predeceased by her grandparents, Katherine and Harry Wellford, her grandfather, Joe Orgill, and her mother-in-law, Diane Fletcher. Liza also leaves many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who love and miss her dearly. Funeral services will be held at Second Presbyterian Church at 10:00am on Saturday, September 10. The family requests that memorials be made to the Liza Wellford Fletcher Memorial Fund at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Christ Methodist Day School, and Second Presbyterian Church. “Restore to me the joy of your salvation and uphold in me a willing spirit.” Psalm 51:12

  4. Everyone is sad about this tragic story but how many of you voted for these liberal Democrat politicians that are responsible for maniacs like this being out on our streets.

  5. It looks like 20 years of "rehabilitation" did not work. This guy is out 2 years and he murders someone. Tennessee has the death penalty. I hope they expedite it.

  6. So sad to hear of this tragic loss. My prayers go out to her family. Too bad she was not carrying a gun to protect herself. If she had a gun, her attacker would be the one who died. A cell phone and the police aren't going to save you.

  7. This is absolutely disgusting. We let these animals out early when in prison, only to do the same crime again. How long are we going to allow criminals to go free? He should have spent his life in prison the FIRST time he did this, and this young mother would still be with her family 😡

  8. One hundred of THEM for one of US!!
    Hey…I'm pretty Liberal on most matters, and, in fact, I think we should use the Humane Norwegian prison system.
    But we need to save the Republic from these Animals!!

  9. It was only a matter of time that this worthless thug was going to commit another crime and hurt and kill someone. He should have never been released from prison before. We definitely need the death penalty in all 50 states and for these types of criminals to be quickly put to death, they don’t belong in the society. Also, everyone needs to be implanted with a tracking chip in their palms to help police quickly track down anyone abducted in a kidnapping.

  10. Keep letting violent criminals out to do more violent crimes. Bring back public hangings of violent criminals and see how people rethink before committing these violent acts. Hang them all.

  11. We need to bring public executions. If guilty that animal with a record of violence 100 miles long should be executed- and slowly.

  12. Black twitter is harassing the Husband, presumably because the killer is Black.
    They constantly dehumanize White victims and complain about the media coverage of their disappearances.🤮

  13. After a closer review of perpetrator’s background who committed this heinous crime, it’s clear that the criminal justice system in Memphis, Tennessee failed in the incarceration and reformation of this individual. Unfortunately, this plays out daily across our great nation and our citizens and leaders do little to change behaviors and outcomes. Wake up America! Wake up!

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