Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene testifies at hearing to determine reelection run

A group of voters claim the Georgia lawmaker is ineligible for reelection following her role in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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20 thoughts on “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene testifies at hearing to determine reelection run

  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene calls out her followers for violence against Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi via her official government account on Twitter. With her call for violence as a senator through a government account, Marjorie Taylor Greene should be immediately and permanently removed from the Capitol and deposed as a senator. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a far-right National Socialist and disqualified in any way as a senator. It is now up to law enforcement authorities to act immediately before the criminal conduct of National Socialist Marjorie Taylor Greene leads to physical or health damage. She belongs in a prison or because of her pathological state of mind, in a forensic psychiatry.

  2. Wow and people are clapping for aa Qanon crazy woman do they even realize what they are inviting Shes about as nutty as they come but yet look how crazy and corrupt these republicans are no wonder people are saying no way they will vote republican again. She is a insurrectionist that was already certain before even going to court these republicans do everything publicly then try to act like us sane people didn't see or hear what we heard.

  3. When you can't figure out which show goes on which foot, you're probably don't have a lot of brain power left for a memory.

  4. Her voice is an ear worm. The dog goes woof The duck goes quack The cow goes Moo Marjorie Taylor Greene goes I do not recall.

    Can we just stop for a second and laugh for Marjorie Taylor Greenes continual bs go to rhetoric saying that Biden isn't competent enough to hold office due to a worsening memory but her favourite answer in this hearing was "I don't know" or "I don't remember" I do not recall.
    I'm sorry if someone can't remember what they tweet they have no right to complain about someone else's competency or be able to hold public office because if you hold a public office you shouldn't be allowed to just say I don't remember & expect to get off the hook.
    It seems Marjorie Taylor Greene has contracted a very acute case of Alzheimers & dementia at a very young age So it is for this reason being that of her cognitive decline and her poor memory loss she should be subject to a 5150 re a psychiatric assessment due to her chronic memory loss she is unfit to hold & be responsible for such a position of responsibility in public office.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene 5150

  5. ATTENTION 14th GEORGIA DISTRICT VOTERS! Of what value to you or your fellow Americans is Marjorie Taylor Greene when she can’t recall any of the vile things that took place in her first year on the job that happened during a pandemic and the insurrection against the government she works for? Vote her out and anyone who’d give her cover for being a useless place holder of a Congress person. Ask yourselves: what use do you have for a dress filled up with vomit? Would you elect Larry Nassar to run your Girl Scout chapter or elect Lee Harvey Oswald to be governor?

  6. Laserbeam Marjorie Greene, Donald Trumpet Virus and Kevin McFlip-flops are all master liars and perfect Drama Queens: all three! It's sick when the audience applauds lies but that is the modern Republican party. They make heros out of liars and vindictive people. Peace.

  7. Sorry folks but political speech on social media is not criminal even though you desperately wish it were when convenient.
    1. where is proof she met with jan 6th offenders who were charged with crimes????????
    2. where is proof she aided, planned with jan 6 offenders who were charged?????????
    Do you believe in rule of law still, or are you tyrants who believe your own notion of justice is all that is required to justify removing her from the ballot?
    The kind of proof you are looking is like when Kamal harris donated money to bail out BLM rioters. That would be good proof of material support.

  8. its a cheap effort to keep Jan 6 in the minds of dems and create that hate; " they destroyed YOUR capital" vote to defeat them. Well? dems I ask you other than the 30% of committed nut jobs from the left is it working with you supposed moderate blue collar " im a union man and vote democrat because my daddy and grandpa did" or are you more concerned with once in a generation inflation, worldwide grain shortages, potential nuclear war with a mad man, 20 Million new citizens coming in through the border for your community to absorb, your children being taught white guilt and how to join the hottest new trend of being transgender social warrior?

  9. Why dont quit wasting tax payers money and just have a vote in her district whether or not she stays on the ballot. Ask the voters what they want!

  10. MTG committed perjury for lying under oath. For this it should be prosecuted and prosecuted. James Bopp Jr. is also not the smartest head, for how can he say that no court in the world can override the will of the voters. while MTG, Gaetz, Trump and other scum wanted to overturn the 2020 election with brutal violence and still tell the lie that she was stolen from the 2002 election. It is these far-right terrorists who want to overcome the will of the electorate with lies and further calls for violence. The delusional Trump should finally realize that voters no longer wanted him because they realized he was the stupidest and most incapacitated president ever in American history.

  11. Pathetic. You guys will do anything to keep pushing your woke agendas. Disgraceful. You have Democrats boldly telling people to burn down cities and promoting rioting. What the Democrats are doing is wrong. Democrats are destroying our nation and the media is just as disgraceful.

  12. She shouldn't be in office at all she has lost her memory .She can't recall anything .If you can't remember you can't function to understand what your duties are for office.

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