Republican Poll Challengers Crowd Detroit Ballot Facility Calling To ‘Stop The Count’ | NBC News NOW

Republican poll challengers in Detroit, Mich., gathered to demand counting of absentee and military ballots be stopped. The crowd was angered to not be admitted inside, due to capacity issues.
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Republican Poll Challengers Crowd Detroit Ballot Facility Calling To ‘Stop The Count’ | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


44 thoughts on “Republican Poll Challengers Crowd Detroit Ballot Facility Calling To ‘Stop The Count’ | NBC News NOW

  1. Wasn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen? Tellers have to count all of the ballots until there are no more ballots to count … regardless of how long it takes. They won't stop counting ballots just because your candidate is losing.

  2. It is ILLEGAL to count votes behind closed doors. It must be a open process that allows observers from both political parties. This count behind glass and across the room is clearly illegal.

  3. Any volunteer/poll worker that prevented other poll watchers to enter; should be identified, arrested, and charged with treason. There are multiple cases of election tampering in this election; in a communist state these people would be executed without trial. Why are the FEDS not doing anything? If civil war comes all the elite will be hunted down.

  4. They all sound like self entitled babies OK oh no that’s not fair mommy OK he took the ball from me I lost I want to do over

  5. Don't get ahead of yourselves lefties and disgustingly biased so called news media, not only President Trump will resume presidency but prepare yourselves to reap what you've sown bahahaha massive exposure of the corrupt is almost upon y'all with prosecution and persecution to follow and must we say rightly so…
    Good luck don't hold your breath for sleepy joe to come save ya,

  6. Detroit anyone who is honest and not hiding anything has no problem being upfront and transparent you are proving your guilt you will be exposed along with all the other lies and cover-ups of the bidens and many many others and hopefully these individuals along with the criminals of the election counting will be prosecuted and put in prison where they belong very soon you will see those numbers reversed as the truth comes out and the one God has chosen will be our next president TRUMP you may think you've pulled off the perfect crime and that your outcome will stand but hear my words clearly in a few weeks God takes over and puts a stop to this nonsense glory to God

  7. Trump supporters are simply conduits for their fuhrer's voice. Whatever zany crap he comes out with they immediately parrot. I don't think they have any critical faculties what-so-ever.

  8. Trump had such a big lead in all of these states late into election night, only to see the leads miraculously disappear as the days went by. Perhaps these leads will return as our legal proceedings move forward!

  9. If theyre not doing anything illegal. Why hide themselves cover the windows etc? Someone explain this to me… Democrats? Dont worry ill wait.

  10. Has anybody explained how Detroit was able to count a half a million votes in an hour? but cant finish the rest of the votes in the same fashion?

  11. God Jesus accepted defeat n punishment 4 our sins forgave all sins n won victory over death by He rose again on 3rd day is greatest historical Truth.If u choose 2 trust Him n Bible u r sure in heaven. c easter n Bible in google,

  12. U thought Detroit riots were Bad I was there.,What You Detroit Residence Hv coming for allowing Democracy To die in yr State You all must pay Stand for Truth or suffer.

  13. From retirement, former GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, said, " “No Republican should be okay with the President’s statements just now. Unacceptable. Period

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