Reward up to $10K offered for information on escaped Alabama inmate

An Alabama corrections deputy and murder suspect Casey White have been missing since Friday, after leaving the jail for a court appointment that did not exist, authorities said.


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39 thoughts on “Reward up to $10K offered for information on escaped Alabama inmate

  1. So he was an inmate not a prisoner. He wasn't convicted yet of the murder. So if he captured this will add nothing to his sentence really. She however is screwed for life now. Her entire life is over. She will retire to state prison or he will just kill her and try to skip out of town. He may have already killed her and fled. He has nothing to lose and she really doesn't understand what she has gotten herself into.

  2. Such a fine line between CO and Inmate …my uncle worked at the jail at the start of his career. He said many of the cops felt more trapped than inmates

  3. Any crimes he commits while on the loose is on her and her department is liable for any damages relative to the crimes.

  4. Rarely are these incidents a the work of just those directly involved. Most often what makes the escape possible if the complete lack of oversight and supervision on the part of the administration. Jails monitor phones calls. They record them. How does this slip through then cracks. When policy dictated that 2 CO’s are required to transport a prisoner why was only 1 taking him out? Why on what was known to be her last day before retirement was she taking a prisoner out alone? If anyone questioned even 1 of these things he’s still in jail. Inmates prey on the weak. While I know that in todays world it’s wrong to stereotype people why when you don’t closely supervise both the inmates and the staff these things happen. It’s not all that rare for staff to get involved with inmates. Sometimes it’s voluntary and sometimes the inmate is able to entrap the CO. But it’s a frequent occurrence. The only way to stop it is to rotate staff and inmates where they don’t get to close to one another. As a CO you can’t care about the individual only that they are a criminal inmate. What some call compassion inmates call weakness. People that have never dealt with inmates abs criminals have no idea what really happens and what it’s like. None. They shouldn’t be allowed to make any decisions for CO’s and law enforcement. None. It won’t surprise me if he hasn’t killed the former CO. She was simply a mule to him. Wont surprise me if he used her to get cash, sullies and to facilitate the escape. After that; she’s unnecessary baggage and dead weight to him. She will get him caught faster. If I was him I’d already took care of her.

  5. I believe they are inside a underground facility located under the house she sold so cheap. She could of built it in secret thus giving them a place to stay while living underneath the new unexpected tenets. Noone would think to look for them there this would make more sense to why she sold it so quick.

  6. I swear I seen a dude that looked just like that Guy driving down I90/94 West heading towards Minneapolis the other day

  7. All them cameras and they just let her walk out the door with a murderer after a previous attempt to escape.. Disgracful…

  8. Facial recognition should get them. They have to stay out of any public area with surveillance. Which I don't know how they can do . They have to eat. But they could've stocked up with enough food though. It will be a rough life unless the Walter white it but even that's rough.

  9. I always thought that she may have been minipulated and forced but once the news lady said that it was her last day on the job that just a dead give away that this was planned and that she don't care lol

  10. She's so screwed when she's arrested. Cause she will face life without parole for her actions. And he will be sent to another jail until he's transported to a federal prison. When they transport a inmate. They have to have a deputy who's going to drive. And a deputy who's sitting in the backseat with the inmate.

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